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Recycle your Mylar Party Balloons


Don't throw out your Mylar Balloons - Reuse them

Being a Party Planner I see so many Mylar Balloons bought and tossed out into the garbage way too much. I have been asked on more than one occasion if there is any use for them when the party is over.

The answer - YES there is.

There are so many creative uses for these and I am going to share some with you. For now on wait before you toss out your Mylar Balloons - Reuse and Recycle them and help save our environment. And by doing so you may even save yourself some money in the long run.


There are many ways you can Reuse your Mylar Balloons

When I say Reuse I mean many things. Use some creativity and turn those deflated Balloons into something special and useful.

When the party is over and you are ready to clean up - carefully cut the bottom of the balloon to deflate them and remove the helium. You can even use a pin to release it as well.

You can get creative right away or store them by folding them neatly and putting them in a storage bin to use later.

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Reuse your Mylar Balloon as a Gift Bag

This is one that I have done

This is one thing I have done. I have taken some used Mylar Balloons and reused them as gift bags or wrap for gifts. Take your balloon and make a small slice in the top and insert your gift - you can tie it with some pretty ribbons - cut the top and make fringe and so on. You can have all different looks depending on what the Mylar Balloon design is and it saves you from having to buy a gift bag.

This photo was not from me, but another crafty Mylar Balloon Reuser who also blogged about some creative ways to reuse.

Here are some more Ideas for Reusing your Mylar Balloons

  • Cut Them up into Strips - Cut them up and use them in gifts Baskets, Easter Baskets and even for packing materials for shipping.
  • Cut them into pieces - Use these pieces for scrapbooking, making crafts, decorate a frame, collages and many other crafts.
  • Use for wrapping paper - These are great for wrapping smaller gifts and pretty too.
  • Re-Inflate them at the next Party - If you carefully cut the bottom you can bring them to your party store and they will re-inflate them - so you can use them over again next year.
  • Wall Décor - Deflate your Balloon all the way and tape onto your child's wall in their room or a playroom for some fun décor.
  • Make Balloon Weights - Use your Mylar Balloons at your next party to cover rocks to be used for Balloon Weights.

My Favorite Mylar Balloons - Airwalkers

Airwalkers are very large Mylar Balloons that have special weights to allow them to be free and as they float around they look as though they are walking across the floor. When these deflate you can reuse them by releasing the helium and using them as a great decoration by taping to your child's wall.

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Mylar Balloon Flowers

Mylar Balloon Flowers

Mylar Balloon Flowers

Fun Mylar Animal Balloons

Here are some of my favorite Mylar Animal Balloons - there are so many styles available. You can find a Mylar Balloon in any shape.

Helium Tank for Home Use


Some Education: What is Mylar?

Just some good technical information

According to Wikipedia it is :

Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (boPET) polyester film that is used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties and electrical insulation.

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A variety of companies manufacture boPET and other polyester films under different trade names. In the US and Britain, the most well-known trade names are Mylar and Melinex.

Metallized nylon (or "foil") balloons used for floral arrangements and parties are often mistakenly called "Mylar", one of the trade names for boPET film.

I think we will stick with calling them Mylar Balloons vs. boPET Balloons.


Did you know the Mylar Balloon may become banned?

Senate Bill 1499 - California

It seems that Mylar Balloons contain Metal and when released outside they can hit power lines and cause outages. This has happened on numerous occasions. California is the only state I know of at the moment trying to pass this bill.

You can read more at the The Daily Journal

Balloon Weights

To help secure your balloons from flying away use weights to hold them down. You can buy pretty Balloon weights or make your own.


Big Question: Will My Recycling Garbage Company Take Mylar Balloons?

Even if you Reuse your Mylar Balloons eventually they will end up in the garbage

I just called my garbage company Waste Management and I was surprised to find out that Mylar Balloons are not on the list, because Mylar Balloons are not made of recyclable material.

They did give me a really great website I have to share that can be very useful in finding Local Recycling Centers that are near you. You can plug in what you are looking to recycle and your location and it will give you where you can bring that item:

Earth 911

In my research I have read that there are some companies that will recycle Mylar Balloons - the best way to know is to contact your local company and see if they are one of them.

Foil balloons are made of synthetic material and are difficult to break down. Mylar Balloons will end up in landfills and can take many years to break down.

I am still doing research on the Recycling of Mylar Balloons and as soon as I have it it will be here. I am amazed that it is not clear and there is so much conflicting advice on this subject.

Do you have a Picture of a way you reused a Mylar Balloon?

You can share it here - here is how:

If you have a photo of a creative way you reused a Mylar Balloon we want to see it. All you need to do is send me a photo and a description of how you did it and I will post it here. If you have a blog - I will add the link as well. Email me @ The Party Animal


This lens is another RocketMom assignment that has been so much fun. Thanks RocketMoms I would not have done this without all of you!!!

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anonymous on June 14, 2013:

Thanks for the info I HATE throwing anything away.

birthdaybluepri on March 10, 2013:

I love the idea of using the material from those mylar balloons as gift wrapping. Why not? We need more innovative and informative bits like this on the web. Great lens!

anonymous on September 28, 2012:

Some people that I know make pinatasThey cut the Mylar balloon in half and paste it on a star pinata as the face and theme of the pinata. It a good way to reuse!!

anonymous on July 16, 2012:

Thank you for all the info. Quite useful.

Sher Ritchie on May 11, 2012:

Fantastic lens - congratulations on being featured on the May Monsterboard "50 Creative Upcycling/Recycling Lenses"! I love mylar party balloons, I never thought of recycling them because I never throw them away! When I was a girl, I had a mylar/foil party balloon decorated with Kermit the Frog and I kept it as a room decoration for years+. This is a great lens - I've featured it on mine: Thanks for sharing!

WaynesWorld LM on November 01, 2011:

Nice lens.

razmatazcelebrations on September 17, 2011:

great lens

pimbels lm on June 24, 2011:

The ideas are great. Thank you.

FunkyJewelleryUK on May 15, 2011:

Great green lens! Nice work :)

DecoratingEvents on October 19, 2010:

Love these green ideas! *Blessed

poutine on March 06, 2010:

Some great ideas here and helpful in staying green.

anonymous on November 02, 2009:

1: Halloween masks were made w/deflated round yellow Smiley Face & red Heart Smiley Face mylars by cutting off stem, slitting bottom seam on each side of stem hole to snuggly fit over heads. Cut out Smileys eyes & make holes for nostrils, slits for mouths, air holes at ears. Not recommended for kids. Once on heads, stuff bubble wrap on the sides & backs of heads to force the face openings against faces. Masks had front & back faces so we wore shirts & ties backwards too. Walking forward, we appeared to walk backward too. 2: Cut stems off deflated mylars, lightly stuff with packing peanuts/bubble wrap, tape closed, tape ribbon,/string /yarn on top & hang at parties. 3: Pinata's can be made from deflated mylars by cutting off stems, lightly filling with candy & small toys. Don't over stuff or tape won't hole prizes inside. Lightly tape stem hole shut so it breaks open easy when batted. Securely tape ribbon/yar/string at top to hang

Mickie Gee on July 27, 2009:

Love your ideas! Lensrolled you to my Celebrate Your Favorite Candy lens, too.I never knew what mylar was before visiting here! Thanks.

CherylsArt on June 26, 2009:

Interesting lens. My daughter works at a party store; I will pass this info along to her.

capriliz lm on June 23, 2009:

I really like your gift bag idea.Carmen

Ruth Coffee from Zionsville, Indiana on June 22, 2009:

Great ideas, I especially like the thought of using them for gift wrapping,

Treasures By Brenda from Canada on June 19, 2009:

Great ideas; nicely done & blessed by Brenda!

Gil Hildebrand from New Orleans, LA on June 19, 2009:

This is so creative. Now I need to find an excuse to buy some balloons!

Mihaela Vrban from Croatia on June 18, 2009:

You should add this lens to Reuse it all! group! :) Love it!

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on June 16, 2009:

Great idea on recycled balloons. 5^

Jan T Urquhart Baillie from Australia on June 16, 2009:

Good info about a subject I know nothing of. Could you sew on the old ballons? Mylar is used in quilts, so why not these/ 5*

motorpurrr on June 16, 2009:

I never thought about recycling these baloons. Neat ideas! I like the gift bag idea.

anonymous on June 16, 2009:

Never thought about recycling mylar balloons until now! Great ideas!

Mary from Chicago area on June 16, 2009:

Wow--I had no clue you could reuse these. Great ideas! 5*****

Holley Web on June 16, 2009:

I love the fact that you can be a "Party Animal" and still be socially and environmentally responsible. Perfect 5*s!

EpicFarms on June 16, 2009:

What a bunch of great ideas ~ I'm making a mental note in case I ever get a mylar balloon :o) Nice lens!

bdkz on June 15, 2009:

This is so creative!

Bambi Watson on June 15, 2009:

Wonderful lens with lots of great tips :-)

Annette Geiger on June 15, 2009:

Great ideas here! I haven't used Mylar Balloons for awhile, but I have heard that you can also use old ones to make the zig zag chains like we did when I was a kid....

anonymous on June 15, 2009:

Fantastic ideas!

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