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Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt

Quilted Christmas tree skirts may be the most interesting because they're made primarily by private individuals, and so the patterns can be endless, and probably are.

You can of course buy pre-made quilt patterns for a tree skirt, but many also make there own, making quilted tree skirts so fun to make and discover, as far as unique designs go and personal expression.

So with that in mind, the number of photos I could show you are as endless as the creativity of those making them, and I had to choose from so many just to give you a few that you could enjoy, as well as inspire and generate some of your own ideas with.

I wish I could have included dozens, if not hundreds of great quilt tree skirts, but this will just give you the desire to search out some on your own, and if you want to buy one for your own Christmas tree, you'll have a general idea of what quilted tree skirts offer and look like.

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    The deep red associated with red Christmas tree skirts really gives off a nice color and nicely accentuates any holiday décor for your home. It's also a major color, along with green, of the Christmas holiday season. Below are a number of solid...
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Quilted Tree Skirt

Probably the majority of quilted tree skirts I've seen enjoy something of the star pattern seen below. For those enjoying gold Christmas décor, along with more traditional colors, this is a nice tree skirt.

This definitely has an old fashioned Christmas skirt design look.

  • Felt Christmas Tree Skirt
    Felt as a desirable material for buying or making a Christmas tree skirt is always popular, and it's especially popular among the crafts crowd, who love felt as a medium for many craft projects, and that definitely applies to making a Christmas tree.
  • Velvet Christmas Tree Skirts
    Maybe more than any other fabric, the look and feel of velvet is fantastic (satin is another), and add that to a Christmas tree as a tree skirt, and you have a gorgeous and appealing piece of holiday décor to delight your Christmas guests, while...

Star of Bethlehem Quilt Tree Skirt

This Star of Bethlehem quilt tree skirt below is a wonderful, traditional Christmas symbol everyone loves, and the addition of traditional colors in the great lines and shape make this a fun quilt tree to see and have.

Tree Skirt

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  • White Christmas Tree Skirts
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Hawaiian Tree Skirt

This is a unique Hawaiian quilted tree skirt design with the great red and green colors with the white background in the middle.

I really like the way the Christmas tree skirt has different design elements on each portion of the skirt. There are the outer lines with the wavy edges; the middle circle with what appears to be poinsettias, and of course the unique design of the inner portion of the skirt. Fantastic Christmas tree skirt.

  • Snowman Tree Skirts
    Snowmen have always been a major part of the Christmas holiday, and Frosty, more than any other snowman, assuredly has made that the reason for being the case. So it's no surprise that many people enjoy using a snowman theme when putting tree skirt..
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    When I started looking for a few nativity Christmas tree skirts for you to enjoy, I was astounded and delighted at the variety and quality of the tree skirts there are to enjoy. Below you'll find some photos of this nativity Christmas tree skirts...
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Christmas Song Quilted Tree Skirt

This is a stunning quilted tree skirt to me, with a Christmas song theme. I continue to be amazed at how similar colors, lines and designs can be made and yet remain so unique.

The fabric on this one looks gorgeous.

Quilted Tree Skirt

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Embroidered Quilted Tree Skirt

Again we have those spokes moving from the center and going out, and this quilt tree skirt there is the additional embroidery that makes it so beautifully done. What a great looking tree skirt.

It would be fun to make because of the diverse characters portrayed on every other white segment.

Tree Skirt Embroidered

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Ornament Quilt Tree Skirt

With ornaments being such a large part of most people's Christmas décor, it should come as no surprise that an ornamental quilted tree skirt includes that theme.

I like the one below because of its colors which are unusual and in certain homes would work fabulous with their existing décor.

Christmas Tree Skirt with Ornament Designs

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Quilted Christmas Tree Skirts

As I said earlier, the themes and designs of quilted tree skirts are unique and diverse - probably more than any other type of tree skirt out there.

This is why so many people enjoy customizing and making their own, while others enjoy buying them for themselves.

Whatever way you choose to go, quilted Christmas tree skirts are an awesome addition to your Christmas decor.


krista.zamora1980 from New York, New York on February 11, 2010:

nice patterns on the skirts!!

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