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Quilted Christmas Stocking

Variety of Quilted Christmas Stockings

Quilted Christmas stockings, while having a unique look in most cases (where you can easily identify it's quilting), on the other hand, can also offer some interesting patterns which are great designs, but which look different than what most of us would consider traditional quilting designs.

So while I included traditional-looking quilting below with the Christmas stockings, I added some that are a little different. But for you more experienced quilters it probably won't be that different to you.

Either way, they're here to enjoy and hopefully give you some new ideas and inspiration as to designs and patterns for quilted Christmas stockings.

You have everything from the crazy quilt look, to a more traditional look, and again, some that are a little bit off the beaten path.

  • Plush Christmas Stockings
    Plush Christmas stockings have a great look and feel, and are among my favorites when deciding on a new Christmas stocking for others or myself. Although most plush Christmas stockings look good to me, velvet is probably my favorite material used...
  • Pet Christmas Stocking
    More than likely the only more compelling Christmas stocking than a baby's are those we get for our pets, which can be expressed in a variety of ways. I've seen some people have images of their favorite dog embedded on the Christmas stocking,...

Flamingo and Palm Tree Island Quilted Christmas Stockings

For many who live in the northern climate of the United States, it's difficult sometimes to think of tropical or island types of themes for Christmas, but they're actually very popular among a lot of people, and the flamingo quilted Christmas stocking below with the palm tree background is a very popular Christmas scene and theme for those living in those regions.

Flamingo Quilted Christmas Stocking

  • Handmade Christmas Stockings
    Handmade Christmas stockings remain some of the more popular Christmas items people love to make, and there's no lack of designs and styles you can choose from whether you create your own blueprints for them or not. Even with some of the very...
  • Personalized Christmas Stocking
    Personalized Christmas stockings are a wonderful way to create great Christmas joy, delight and memories, as whether it's for a newborn, pet, or your wonderful children and grandchildren, everyone loves to see their name on their stocking,...

Traditional Quilting Stocking Look

As experienced quilters know, this is a very traditional Christmas look which includes Christmas colors and designs to celebrate the season. For those who love the quilting look, this style always works.

Traditional Quilted Stocking

  • Christmas Stocking Kits
    What's great about finding some fun Christmas stocking kits is the many things of value connected to them. You could get together with a group of friends and enjoy using a kit for making Christmas stockings as a good excuse to spend time together. ..
  • Snowman Christmas Stocking
    The snowman has been a part of Christmas seemingly as much as he's been a part of winter, and children and adults alike continue to be delighted by this plump, jolly character who invades our thoughts and imaginations during the winter and Christmas.

Crazy Quilt Stocking

This crazy quilt Christmas stocking is very fun, and would be a hoot to make and hang up. I really like the fantastic themes of each quilt piece, with every individual piece representing a part of the Christmas season. They are all relevant to the wonderful time of year. Great quilted stocking.

Crazy Quilt Christmas Stocking

  • Knit Christmas Stockings
    I remember the Christmas stockings my mother knitted for us long ago, and it isn't hard, as they were passed on to me and bring back great and fond memories of when she was alive, and the way she always gave in numerous little ways like this. She...
  • Bucilla Christmas Stockings
    I don't know if there's anything more satisfying and fun than making a Bucilla Christmas stocking or other type of design, but even if you don't really enjoy that type of activity, the Bucilla Christmas stockings themselves are so great looking that.

Green, Red and Blue Quilted Christmas Stockings

Although a quick glance at these Christmas stockings seems to convey the idea they are all the same, in reality they're completely different when you look at the images, symbols and colors. It does show how you can take a certain theme or design and transform it into a variety of stockings.

Variety of Quilted Christmas Stockings

  • Christmas Stocking Hangers and Holders
    Christmas stocking holders can range anywhere from very simple pieces made only to hold a Christmas stocking, to pieces that can complement the stocking through having a similar element of color, to being a major part of your Christmas décor. No...
  • Quilted Christmas Stocking
    Quilted Christmas stockings, while having a unique look in most cases (where you can easily identify it's quilting), on the other hand, can also offer some interesting patterns which are great designs, but which look different than what most of us...

Jeweled Quilted Christmas Stockings

Aren't these gorgeous? These are of course jeweled quilted Christmas stockings, and they're probably my favorite among all the quilted Christmas stockings shown here. The neutral colors make them a great addition to your Christmas decor as well. Great look!

Quilted Jeweled Stockings

  • Embroidered Christmas Stockings
    Embroidered Christmas stockings can be absolutely stunning, and while many are done by machines, a large number of women still prefer the challenge and enjoyment of embroidering their own Christmas stocking designs, as well as Christmas designs on...
  • Needlepoint Christmas Stocking
    A handmade Christmas gift, after all is said and done, has the most lasting memories of any Christmas gift, and one of those that are fantastic is a needlepoint Christmas stocking. Very few things capture the heart of a loved one than the loving...

Wonderful Variety of Quilted Christmas Stockings

Here's another great batch of quilted Christmas stockings to inspire you to your own creations. My favorite among them is the bottom row, the second from the right. I think the reason why is the unique colors, as I've always liked how yellow and dark blue go together. All of them are nice though.


Ideas for Quilted Christmas Stockings

Well, there are about 20 quilted Christmas stocking ideas here to get your creative juices flowing. Many have a traditional look, while some add something a little different to surprise and delight those you're making them for.

Quilters, like all people, need to occasionally have a change in order to break things up, and some of these various quilt patterns are just the thing to do it.


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You are using my copyrighted photo of my Crazy Quilt Christmas Stocking Pattern( on the brick background) without my permission. Please add my web address

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Carolyn Blacknall from Houston, Texas on November 07, 2009:

Amazing Christmas Stockings photos! Thanks for posting this! - Carol