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Purple Christmas Lights

Beauty of Purple Christmas Lights

Purple Christmas lights are an amazing alternative to other light options, and really give off a unique look when included in the overall Christmas décor you employ both inside and outside the house.

A great benefit of purple Christmas lights is how they can reflect off the snow or other shiny things you may include with them, like tinsel or other decorative items you include as part of your holiday plans.

Sometimes you can put purple Christmas lights on one tree or object - whether fake or real or inside or outside - and they set each other off nicely. Blue and white Christmas lights really go well with purple lights when you set them up in a way that they enhance each other.

Of course you may have your own purple Christmas light ideas, and purple is a color that you can work in with almost anything else to create a great looking Christmas design and theme.

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Purple Christmas lights on the streets of London

These purple Christmas lights were on the streets of London, and I included them here because they are great looking, but also to give you some idea how it contrast with the color white, which was worked in together with them here.

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Variety of Christmas lights with purple lights

Isn't the photo below a fantastic Christmas yard decorations scene with purple lights, and of course the rest of the colors that blend in so well with it. This time around I wanted you to see how blues and reds worked together with purple lights, along with the white lights mixed in with them. As you can see, it's extraordinary.

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Beautiful outdoor Christmas lights display

Again we have a great photo of purple Christmas lights being used with others to create a compelling outdoor scene and design. I love the softness of these lights which give it such a great look.

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It's interesting to see how purple lights look when they're used as a border, as in the Christmas yard decoration design below.

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Purple Christmas lights in trees

Isn't that gorgeous how the lighted purple and white tree lights reflect off of the water or ice? Even the red lights in the back get some reflective representation. But the purple lights are what make this particular outdoor Christmas decoration scene work so compellingly.

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How Purple Christmas Lights Look Alone

This last photo of purple Christmas lights underscores how they can be such a powerful lighting tool for your Christmas yard decorations. The purple by itself stands out in a terrific manner, and the way it colors the entire area in purple is amazing.

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Amazing Purple Christmas Lights

Purple Christmas lights are something that need to be experimented with, and the way they can be used together with other colored lights works as a softening effect, and they can also stand out on their own, as you can see above.


Kimberly Vaughn from Midwest on November 18, 2012:

I never thought about purple christmas lights before but these are gorgeous!

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