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Printable Halloween Coloring & Crafts

When I am bored I enjoy creating graphics just for the fun of it. I use them sometimes for projects and offer them for free public use.

On this page I have provided free Halloween coloring pages and stencils. I created these pages so you are welcome to use these images free of charge.

You will cats & bats cut, color and paste images. These are great for kids arts and craft projects.

Simply scroll through down and when you find an image you want to use, right click and save it. That's it! A share with your friends on Facebook & Twitter would be appreciated :)

I will be adding to this collection periodically so make sure you bookmark this page for future use.

Happy Halloween!

Black Cat in Full Moon Halloween Craft


Project Steps

The images for this project are below these directions.

  1. Print the cat, the tree branches and the moon, then cut them out. Cardstock is the best for this but you can use regular printer paper.
  2. Using white chalk trace 4 or more of the tree branches and one cat onto black construction paper, then cut them out.
  3. Cut out the moon.
  4. Assemble all of the pieces onto a piece of grey construction paper and glue into place. It is beast to use a glue stick as it dries faster and not as wet.

You can also color the images with crayons or markers if you don't have any construction paper.

Printable Cat Stencil


Printable Tree Branch Stencil

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Full Moon Stencil


Jack-o-Lantern Coloring Page


Haunted Graveyard Coloring Page


Vampire Bats for Coloring


Thanks for visiting!

skasmiskie on October 24, 2012:

Thank you. I copied the ghosts. I am cutting them out to decorate our Halloween tree. I live in a senior apartment building.

Donnette Davis from South Africa on October 19, 2012:

Dear Michelle, thank you so much for the wonderful resources and sharing your immense talent with us.

mouse1996 lm on August 25, 2012:

Great color images. These would be great for kids or for school teachers to print off.

Adam Turner on August 22, 2012:

thanks :)

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