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Printable Christmas Poop Poems


Use These Fun Christmas "Poop" Poems to Make Edible Gag Gifts

Need an easy and inexpensive gift for a coworker or a neighbor? Want a quick holiday project for the kids? Then these printable "Christmas poop" poems can help you out. Add one of these poems to a bag, box, tin or mug filled with the specified candy or edible treats, and you'll transform these gifts into something magically strange from the North Pole. Both kids and adults will love these silly Christmas poop poems! Just click any picture to get a printable version of the images shown here.

(Image of printable Snowman Poop poem used with permission of Free Santa

You'll find the printable reindeer poop poem shown at right at Add it to a bag or tin of unwrapped chocolate candies such as Milk Duds or malted milk balls and you've got instant "reindeer poop."

The printable pdf file has four copies of the following poem, signed by Santa:

You've been naughty this year,

So, listen, here's the scoop.

You're getting nothing from me

But this bag of reindeer poop!

Another option for reindeer poop

While most "recipes" for reindeer poop call for malted milk balls, Milk Duds, or any other type of unwrapped chocolate candy that you can pour into a bag, Santa's North Pole actually has a simple no-bake recipe for chocolate treats you can give instead. The free printable reindeer poop pdf file looks like the image shown at right and features this poem:

Santa's got a special gift

He's bringing just for you.

Just a little something extra,

And it comes from Rudolph, too!

He knows that you've been naughty

Instead of being nice.

Once again you're on the bad list

And he's checked it over twice.

Santa hopes this little poem

Doesn't throw you for a loop.

All you're getting this year

Is a bunch of reindeer poop!

(Images copyright Printable Santa and Santa's North Pole and used with permission)

Reindeer Poop Song - Kids love this tune

If your kids love making, giving or receiving reindeer poop, they'll get a kick out of Reindeer Poop!, a comedy rap song for kids that you can download from Amazon.

Printable Snowman Poop Poems

Turn marshmallows into snowman poop

Like reindeer poop, snowman poop is merely an edible with a funny poem that turns an ordinary food into something wacky and fun. To make snowman poop, simply fill a plastic bag, mug or gift tin with something white and edible, such as mini marshmallows, popcorn, or some little white mints.

Then add one of these poems.

You'll find the printable snowman poop poem shown at the right on Free Santa Letters The two-sided design is meant to be folded over the top of a plastic bag. The free pdf download file has two designs on each page and features the following poem:

Santa looked at his list and then checked it twice

And discovered that you haven't been very nice.

But coal's quite expensive, so here's the scoop -

You're getting nothing from Santa but snowman poop.

Another Snowman Poop Poem

The printable poem shown here is from Free Santa and comes from a page that also offers a free printable snowman soup poem. The snowman poop poem comes with four printable designs on the pdf download.

You've been naughty this year,

So, listen, here's the scoop.

You're getting nothing from me

But this bag of snowman poop!

(Images copyright and Free Santa Letters and used with permission)

printable elf poop poem

printable elf poop poem

Christmas Elf Poop Poem

Make it with red and green M&Ms

Another magical inhabitant of the North Pole are all of Santa's elves. Like reindeer and snowmen, they don't leave the usual droppings. Elf poop is quite colorful and look amazingly like red and green holiday M&Ms. So to make a gift of Elf Poop, simply pour some of those Christmas-colored candies into a bag, tin or jelly jar and add the poem shown at right. You can download it for free from Christmas Letter Each pdf page has four copies of the poem on it. Here's the text:

Santa's budget was tight this year

And he couldn't afford the coal.

Since you've been naughty, not nice, my dear,

He's brought you elf poop from the Pole

(Image of printable Elf Poop poem copy right Christmas Letter and used with permission)

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Creative Christmas Letter Ideas
Need an easy and inexpensive gift for a coworker or a neighbor? Want a quick holiday project for the kids? Then these printable "Christmas poop" poems can help you out.

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