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How to Dress like Princess Peach for a Super Mario Themed Costume Party

All the Best Princess Peach Costume Ideas for Children and Adults

If you are looking for the perfect Princess Peach costume, whether its for solo fancy dress partying, a light and cheery Halloween do or a Super Mario themed event, you've come to the right place. To celebrate one of my favorite gaming series of all time, I've collected all of my favorite Princess Peach costumes for children and adults, along with some cute accessories to finish off the look, right here in one place for you to take a look at.

Princess Peach has been one of the most iconic female characters in gaming since her debut in Super Mario Bros in 1985, making her a fantastic costume idea for Halloween or any game themed party. Princess Peach's iconic look consists of her beautiful pink ball gown dress with jeweled adornment, long white ball gloves, a mop of long blond hair and a golden crown to top it off. There's lots of stuff you can pick up to look the same! Let's get started putting together a costume...

DIY Princess Peach Costumes

To start us off, for an inexpensive, completely unique-to-you look, why not make the costume yourself? Above is an amazing tutorial which will teach you how to make your own easy Princess Peach dress, as an added bonus, a Mario costume you can drag your significant other around in. After all, what if you end up getting kidnapped?


It's even possible to put together a great looking costume from things you have lying around the house from your last prom. If you have a pink dress, some pink or white tights and a tiara, you are pretty much there! Blue jewellery is available on the cheap from many shops like Claire's, so you can make a wonderful looking costume for under $10 if you are savvy.

Get the Dress

The first part of any Princess Peach costume is obviously going to be her signature pink ball gown with it's lovely puffy pink skirt. Replicas of these for those of use who don't live in the video game world are common and come in all sorts of different styles and skirt lengths.

Looking for a cute but conservative Princess Peach look that shows off your curves? The cute costume above might be just what you need. Its one of my favorites and by the far the most popular costume on this page! It's a little shorter than the dress Peach wears, but that doesn't detract from it's beautiful and feminine mystique. In fact, I think it adds to it.

Every set comes with a gorgeous fitted top with a flowing skirt and uplifting petticoat and an adorable crown to top it all off. If you don't have blond hair then don't forget to pick up a matching blond wig below.


If money is no object, I highly recommend skipping the mass-produced costumes and getting a costume that is tailor made for your. Most cosplay sites will make costumes to your exact measurements, giving you a perfect fit and often looking much more flattering that the shop-bought outfits. One of my favorite Princess Peach cosplays is the beautiful Princess Toadstool costume above. You can't quite see in the picture, but the satin used for this dress actually sparkles in the light! It's such a fairy-tale little piece.

If you are handy with a sowing machine, the seller also sells custom sized patterns for the costume, so if you want to make it yourself, then you should go ahead and buy it!

Princess Peach Earrings

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An often missed detail of Princess Peach's outfit in many cosplays is her shiny bold blue earrings. If you pride yourself on attention to detail, then a pair of blue studs is an essential, and you can even get large round stone earrings just like Peach's on Etsy above.

Petticoats and Hoops for a Princess Peach Costume

On their own the Princess Peach dresses can be a bit flat and lifeless - if you really want a standout look you'll need something to give your dress some royal volume. This is where petticoats and dress hoops come in handy, plus they can be used over and over in plenty of other costumes. Most are one-size fits all.

For the long Princess Peach dresses, I highly recommend picking up a long dress hoop like the one on the right in order to give the dress a proper princess-like volume. You can also get hoopless dress petticoats of the same length if you aren't a fan of hoops. I personally prefer the petticoats as I'm always tripping over my hoop and getting it caught in doors!

If you are feeling a little crafty, you can also save a fair bit of money by making your own petticoat. Above is a great tutorial that will teach you how! If you want a cheap solution but don't feel confident with arts and crafts, bear in mind that another solution is to just wear a shorter skirt underneath the dress skirt. You can use multiple skirts to get the desired poof. The down side of this is that it can get a bit warm, but if you are heading out into the cold that shouldn't matter too much.

Princess Peach Costume Wigs

If your dress doesn't come with a wig or you don't like the one it did come with, you'll need a pretty blond wig to wear to complete your Princess Peach look. On the right is a cute blond wig styled around Princess Peach's iconic hair style.This wig should suit children just as well as adults.

Other styles of crown and tiara will look just as nice with the costume as the more 'official' look, and one thing you might want to try out is making your own tiara. If you already have blond hair and so don't need to buy a wig, this is a great way to save money on costume accessories by just making a crown out of bits and bobs you have about the house. Above is a great tutorial on how to great a beautiful lace crown which looks quite similar to Princess Peach's. Give it a look!

Princess Peach Parasols

If you are partying like Princess Peach in the summer, then don't forget to pick up a parasol just like hers to keep the sun off of your face. The white one above is just like the one you see Peach using in games like Smash Brothers, so it's a great choice for any Princess Peach cosplay!

Last but not least, finish off the costume with some makeup that will give you the same demure and feminine look as the princess herself. Above is a wonderful tutorial that will teach you all of the basics to get the perfect look. Enjoy!

Happy Cosplaying!

So there you have it! That is my guide to dressing up as Princess Peach for a convention or Halloween event. I hope you found a costume that is perfect for your and have a ton of fun dressing up. If you enjoyed this page and would like to see more, be sure to check out my blog for all of the best costume ideas for women on the net.

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Oh wow this is great lens for fans of peach always thought she was cool from playing super mario world on the nintendo Snes you really do have everything here you need i never thought of a petticoat and if you don't have the hair wigs are available and umbrellas are also sorted you really can't go wrong.

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