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A Collection of Great Poems on Sister in Law for Birthdays and Other Events

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A Card for Your Sister-in-Law

A Card for Your Sister-in-Law

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The poems here are specially composed for the Sister-in-Laws. If you have a sister-in-law who is dear to you, who is like a sister to you, these poems are for you. If you are a wife who want to keep good relationship with your husband's sister then you shall really like these poem. If you are a husband who want to make your wife's sister pleased then this poems also fit in your criteria.

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Perfume for Sister-in-Law

Want to give some impressive gifts to your Sister-in-Law without spending a truckload of money? Then why don't you try some perfumes? There is no woman in the world (if she does not by chance have some rat's gene) who does not love good perfumes. You can check these high quality perfumes listed below:

My Sister-in-Law is Awesome

My sister-in-law is awesome,

She is more than my sister to me,

Nobody has a purer heart than she,

She is the beautiful lady

With the kindest soul

That I ever met.

She is so Sweet

My sister-in-law is sweet,

She is the girl on whom

I can always depend,

She is much more than

A sister-in-law but

Is a very good friend.

I Can't Help but Think

I cannot help but think of you

On this special day,

You are so sweet

And I’ll so always say.

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My Dear Sister-in-Law

My dear sister in law

I am sending this poem

For you with love

On your name,

I wish all the happiness

And hope you’ll get

All the success

In your life.

A Funny Sister-in-Law Quote

"Why are you congratulating me for my Sister-in-Law's pregnancy. I had nothing to do with it!" - Md. Uju

Poem for My Sister-in-Law

What touches me most about you

That you seem always fresh,

Lively, charming and new,

You got the qualities

Only can be seen in a few,

You are so intelligent

And fair like a dew.

Funny Birthday Poem for Sister-in-Law on a Card

Funny sister-in-law poem

Funny sister-in-law poem

I Think of You

I think of you not as an “in law”

But what I know that

You are better be called a sister

Without the prefix

Which cannot be affixed

With the woman,

Who is so dear to me.

A Sister-in-Law Quote

"A Sister-in-Law is like a sister but not a sister and she is like a friend but not a friend" - Unknown

The Sister Which I Never Had

A sister shared the childhood

But a sister-in-law not,

There is no reason other than that

You cannot be called

The sister which I never had.

I Was Impressed

I was impressed from the first day

When we first met,

Now I am going to say

That I knew we shall be friends,

That connection will stay

Alive for years to come.

Funny Poem for Sister-in-law

Oh my sister-in-law dear,

I am happy that you’re not near,

I am now making it clear,

That you’re the worst I ever saw,

I know you do not like me,

And my fall will be your glee,

What you love is only cash,

Go away with your sorry a$$.

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Marietta Peace on May 22, 2015:

Thanks for having cards for me

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