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Color Pink Theme Party and Decorating Ideas

I love being creative with a theme or visual subject. I focus on it and then search for matching or enhancing partners on the internet.


Celebrating the color Pink in Party Ideas & Products

The theme here is all things pink!

Are you searching for ideas in celebration of a new baby girl? Maybe for a young girl celebrating a birthday who loves pink? Maybe to celebrate Spring or Summer?

Pink is a wonderful base color for so many things in life. It has always had the tendency to be seen as a feminine shade. If you talked to the color pink directly, they might want otherwise. But history has predicted that pink still tends to be seen as feminine color on the wheel of shades. I wonder if it's because of the pink for girl, blue for boy thing that seems to be a big part of so many western world customs.

I searched the net and found all things pink that I like and that build on the color theme of Pink.

Included also are links to buy items that are pink, pink pink!!

Here's my very own Pink Party that I created and styled for my Mum's 60th Birthday.


Was a lot of fun to do - quite exhausting, but fun!!

Months in the making this dessert table was full with home made decorative accents and accessories, vintage treasure finds and lots of chocolate and sweet delights!

Seeing it all come together on the table was such a buzz... I enjoyed every second creating this luscious, pretty in pink dessert table!!

Here's some details of what I did in preparation for the party.

  • I made marshmallow pops. I sourced extra large marshmallows from the USA and attached them to straws to make them into pops! I then dipped each marshmallow in melted nestle chocolate and arranged them into a bouquet of marshmallow pops! Quite delicious if I do say so and they seemed to get the most feedback from party guests.
  • Inside small cupcake wrappers I placed pink coconut ice sweets and then onto larger platters to create a pretty patterned effect.
  • I filled large glass tubes/vases with chocolate buds both milk chocolate and white chocolate.
  • I had a friend make vanilla cupcakes and we iced them with pink buttercream swirled into ice cream shape tops as well as pink fondant tops. For display they were both put on platters but I also attached them to sticks to create a floral like bouquet of cupcakes instead of flowers to match the marshmallow pop bouquet.
  • I purchased fairy floss in bags and filled some glasses with them which created a beautiful decorative effect. IMPORTANT TIP - Only put the fairy floss out just before the event starts so it looks it's most fluffy. Fairy floss turns to crystals when subjected to open air too long.
  • I filled jars with butterscotch pop corn.
  • With the extra pink and white marshmallows I had left over, I filled them into large glass jars.
  • I hand made all the decorations you see that are made of paper.
  • The hanging balls are a mixture of purchased decoration, as well as my own home made creations.
  • The blue circle/ball decorations are from Spotlight/Lincraft by Martha Stewart.The large white lantern type balls were also purchased from Spotlight/Lincraft. All the other hanging ball decorations I made myself. They are a base of polystyrene balls covered in patchwork fabric, buttons and cupcake wrappers.
  • I found candles in a local gift shop that were pink ice creams and they added to the decorative effect.

Gorgeous Pink Party Inspiration Photo's by others around the world.

Click on this link to go to Kara's Party Blog to see awesome party photo's from Ladies all over the world!

Click on this link to go to Kara's Party Blog to see awesome party photo's from Ladies all over the world!

Look at this fun glitter and glam pink & gold party by Megan of 'Forget me Not' - I just love this... I bet teenage girls would too!

Courtesy of Forget me Not . com

Courtesy of Forget me Not . com

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Pink Party Games & Food Ideas especially for the youth!

I've tried to think of everything I've learned that I hope would work for a young audience


  • Have a pink fashion parade. Get an old chest or suitcase and put pink ribbon around it. Maybe make a little "getting dressed area" (with a privacy screen or sheet) Buy some pink feather boas from the local craft shop and then go to your local charity store and find as much pink ladies fun girly clothing as you can. And don't forget hats, gloves and especially HEELS!! Then hold a little fashion parade to music if the girls feel like it. This fashion parade in itself could be enough to fill at least an hour of party time I'm sure!
  • Have lots of pink nail polish and get all the girls to do their nails and toenails. Even get pink hairspray and do a little hair show!
  • Make a pink version of pin the tail on the donkey. Try to find a poster (that's predominantly pink) to buy on the internet (or print something out) and then use large pink stickers just like you would a tail in the traditional donkey game. Mark a spot somewhere on the poster (or even on the wall) and whoever gets the pink stickers closest to the mark are the winners (and hopefully gets a prize - which is of course is up to the party host)
  • Pink Pass the Parcel. Wrap each layer in pink wrapping paper.
  • Have an arts table with pink paints or pink markers and or pencils and ask the girls to think of something pink to draw or paint. (good chance for them to use their imaginations).
  • If you've got pink bedsheets then make a little teepee for the girls to play in (just by gathering at one spot and hanging from the ceiling or up high). Or create a little cubby with the sheets for them to hide and play in. (I do it with furniture... for instance take 4 or more dining chairs and place them in a square/rectangle like shape evenly spaced apart... then drape the sheets over to create a little cubby they can crawl into (you'd be amazed at what a hit this would be with toddlers and pre-scoolers... or even early middle/primary school aged girls.)
  • Egg and spoon race - dye the eggs all pink.


  • Buy pink sprinkles to make pink fairy bread.
  • Use jam for pinkish sandwiches.
  • Make a meringue but use pink food coloring to make them pink instead of white.
  • Add pink food coloring to cream and whip it up. Use on scones or mini pikelets for cute little treats.
  • You can VERY easily make your own pink chocolate. Just add pink food coloring to melted white chocolate to make any kind of chocolatey treats, like...

~ Buy chocolate moulds and easily fill them with pink white chocolate.

~ Dip strawberries in pink white chocolate.

~ Insert white candy sticks into white marshmallows and then partially dip the top in pink chocolate.

~ Make custard filled eclairs and use pink/white chocolate instead of brown chocolate on top.

~ Buy plain honeycomb and partially dip in pink colored white chocolate.

~ Drizzle white/pink chocolate over cookies or fruit... or whatever takes your fancy that you think will taste good with pink chocolate drizzled over it.. ;)


  • The pre-packaged pink food I can think of that you may find to purchase...

~ Pink fairy floss!

~ Pink Macaroons

~ Pink iced donuts.

~ Pink Wafers

~ Iced Vovo's.

~ Pink Lollypops.

~ Pink Strawberry Ice Cream.

~ Coconut Ice.

~ Pink Marshmallows.

~ Pink Musk Sticks can look great standing up in a glass cup on the party table.

~ Pink Jelly

~ Pink lollipops (or strawberry Chupa Chups)


  • Add pink coloring to water and make pink ice cubes for the drinks. For drinks get pink lemonade, raspberry lemonade or strawberry flavoured milk.

Here's a cute and easy treat idea.


Use Chocolate Molds to make stunning pink chocolate table desserts

  • Melt white chocolate with the old steam way or in the microwave...
  • add some pink coloring to the white chocolate and stir... spoon or pipe the melted chocolate into the trays... tap a few times to settle the chocolate and take out air bubbles.
  • put in the fridge to set... 20 minutes later.. you have adorable, hand made pink chocolates for your party!
  • To take out of molds, put down a tea towel on benchspace. Turn the molds upside down over the tea towel and gently tap or slightly twist until they fall out.

Use Pink Washi tape to decorate candles in jars...


I have pink themed invitations and cards available in my online stationery store

Check out my Pip Pip Hooray Store for lots of Pink invitations and stationery that can be personalized!!

Check out my Pip Pip Hooray Store for lots of Pink invitations and stationery that can be personalized!!

Here's a video showing how these stunning pink ruffle cakes are made - Video Tutorial by Sweet and Saucy Shop


Yummy Sugar Sweet Pink Pops!!

Pink Tea Party Decorations Inspiration


Another version of marshmallow pops sprinkled with pink sugar.


Here's my list of things I can think of that you can do with pink paper


- the presents

- pass the parcel

- boxes (for display on tables and to give height to things on the sweets buffet).


- Cone Holders! Perhaps add stickers or stamps to the paper to add a little bling... then roll the square pieces into cylindrical cone shapes and tape together. Use them to hold pop-corn or some other sweets.

- Use paper for the craft table. Attach the pink paper to an easel in the centre of the play room. Write a big birthday message to start the party off and then let the kids have fun painting on it later if they wish.

- Make a homemade card with it.

- Use it to wrap around water or drink bottles

- Use the paper to make favor bags.

- Make your own cupcake wrappers & toppers with it.

- Use a few metres worth to make a lovely home made Birthday Banner!

- Make pink masks. (cut out eye holes and staple elastic or string to tie it round their heads then let the kids decorate them however they want)

- Make origami or paper fans. (you can find instructions all over the internet)

- Use a hole punch to make your own home made confetti

- Make pretty pinwheels with it.

- Make homemade party crackers. Fill them with treats and have one for each guest on the party table.

- Make a pinwheel pink wreath for the front door - cover in lots of glitter for that added sparkle. ( {Instructions on how to make a pinwheel wreath} )

- Make paper flowers to decorate things. (easily make gorgeous flowers!)

- Make a mobile

- Make paper kites for unique party decorations (and the kids could have fun giving them a go)

- Use as temporary wallpaper (especially behind the pink sweets buffet table to really make that area as pink as can be!)

- Use double sided tape to make disposable tablecloth (add a jar of pencils to the table so kids can draw on the table).

- Make gift tags or jar and food tags out of it. (just need a single hole punch to any shape then string or ribbon for attaching to things)

- Make cute homemade cone party hats! (decorate with stickers, pearls, stamps, whatever you like. Could be a party game).

- Make pink paper crown party hats. (again have decorating them part of the party fun)

- You could even have temporary pink blinds!! (which the kids can paint and draw on - see picture for better idea of what I mean!)


Bulk Pink Candy for Sale! Use them to fill up jars and glass bowls for the party table.