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Patience Brewster Reindeer Christmas Ornaments

Dash Away Donna From Patience Brewster

Dash Away Donna From Patience Brewster

The Reindeer Ornaments And Figures From Patience Brewster Will Cheer Up Your Holidays

Patience Brewster "Krinkles" ornaments and Christmas figures are whimsical, charming, beautiful and unique. Did I mention that these Christmas collectibles are also FUN? You will find her Reindeer ornaments and her Reindeer figures on this page, all of them I could find.

Patience calls her Reindeer collection "Dash Away" and anyone who collects Reindeer will want to add these beautiful statues to their collection. Take a look at the holiday decorations on this page and put a smile on your face, it's almost impossible not to smile when you browse through this holiday collection. It makes me want to "Dash" out and get them!

Krinkles 8 Uniquely Styled Reindeer

The Most Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Patience Brewster's 8 uniquely styled Reindeer are based on the characters we know and love from the poem "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clark. The Reindeer of the Dash Away collection are cherished pieces for many collectors of Christmas statues and decorations. You will probably recognize these names as soon as you hear them, they are part of the Krinkles collection and consists of:

  • Blitzen
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Dancer
  • Dasher
  • Prancer
  • Vixen

What Do You Mean I Left One Of The Reindeer Out?

I did. I left out Donner and that's because this set of Reindeer doesn't have one named Donner. Patience Brewster turned Donner into Donna and she is something to see! Donna is the 8th Reindeer in this set. I know you will enjoy these Christmas decorations, and perhaps you will begin a collection of your own.

Which Reindeer Is Your Favorite?

The Patience Brewster Reindeer collection is one of the best looking Christmas collections there is, but which of these imaginative Reindeer designs is your favorite?

Which Krinkles Dash Away Reindeer Figures From Patience Brewster Is Your Favorite?

Krinkles Dash Away Blitzen Figure

Patience Brewster's Blitzen is decked out in white fleece with red polka dots. With Christmas trees on his antlers, a green hat for warmth and some very cute and funky green boots trimmed in more white fleece. He's ready for the big night with Santa!

Meet beautiful Blitzen

Meet beautiful Blitzen

This delightful Reindeer will make a great addition to any Christmas figure collection, or it will make a fabulous first! Blitzen stands about 11.5 inches tall and is made from a stone resin.

Krinkles Dash Away Comet Figure

Comet looks like he's ready to fly through the night sky in his dark blue, star covered jacket. The gold of the stars and the blue of the jacket reverse themselves in Comet's boots, they are gold with blue stars. This Reindeer has a celestial look and wings to fly just like Mercury, he even has a star dangling from his antlers.

Hello Comet!

Hello Comet!

Comet is just a bit shorter than Blitzen, he stands just 11 inches tall and is made out of the same stone resin material. The entire Dash Away collection is made from the resin.

Krinkles Dash Away Cupid Figure

You will recognize Cupid right away from the hearts on her antlers. Hearts decorations are also covering her harness right around her neck to the golden wings on the back. You've got to love her with that pretty in pink jacket and those matching pink shoes. This will double as a Valentine's Day decoration with all those hearts!

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Cupid is another one of the Krinkles collection by Patience Brewster and she is made from stone resin and a bit of cloth. She stands 11.5 inches tall and will be a delightful addition to your holiday decorations. You might just have a Krinkle collector on your Christmas gift list!

Krinkles Dash Away Dancer Figure

Dancer is on her toes ready to dance through the night sky dressed in her green tutu and her beautiful red ballet toe slippers. On her head she wears a wreath of flowers, and on her neck there's a decorated wreath of pine branches trimmed in Christmas colored ribbons and bows. Her antlers hold candles and it look to me as if there are the two partridges from the 12 Days of Christmas are there too. Dancer looks like she could dance the night away!

Dancer is 12.5 inches tall and will look like she is ready to dance across your holiday decorated mantle with the other Reindeer from the Krinkles collection.

Krinkles Dash Away Dasher Figure

Dasher is a fine looking Reindeer dressed up in an aqua blue travel suit trimmed in candy cane red and white. His head is covered with a matching hat that has a big white and red bow at the neck. Around his neck there is a holidays green pine wreath with a big red trimmed bow and his antlers hold candles and birds. He is absolutely dashing!



This playful Reindeer, part of the Krinkles collection, is 12 inches tall. Dasher is a dashing addition to your holiday decorations.

Krinkles Dash Away Donna Figure

Let's meet Dash Away's Donna Reindeer figure! Donna is the only Reindeer in the Patience Brewster collection not in Clement Clark's "The Night Before Christmas", but we are happy to meet her acquaintance anyway. Donna is dressed up in a fancy holiday outfit from her candle topped antlers to the high heeled high top red boots on her feet. Her dress is Christmas red with ruffles, her neck and tail each have a green wreath covered in red roses. White bows have been placed on each shoe, at her chest, her tail and under her chin at the strap of her red cap. With her antlers full of candles she can light up the night as she flies Santa in his sled. Welcome Donna to this beloved collection of fantasy inspired Reindeer collection.



Krinkles Donna is 12.25 inches and she is a fanciful piece any Patience Brewster collector will treasure.

Kringles Dash Away Prancer Figure

Prancer looks like wings in motion. Dapper is the best word to describe his imaginative look. Dressed in his best green tap shoes, his yellow and green winged jacket and decorated with a green wreath hanging around his neck, Prancer is ready to go. He wears a top hat, and displays flaunts bells, birds and candles on his antlers.


Here's another 12.5 inch Reindeer for your Christmas decoration collection. Can't you just imagine Prancer's gait? Prancing in his finery, ready to fly with Santa on Christmas Eve, what a wonderful decoration for your home at Christmas time.

Krinkles Dash Away Vixen Figure

When you see Vixen from the Krinkles collection you can only think one thing, Christmas. Vixen spreads some Holly Jolly Christmas sentiments dressed up in her holly covered outfit, finished nicely with caribou trimmed stockings. Holly decorated high heels complete this holiday Diva Reindeer's ensemble. Her outfit has a lovely ruffled collar and she complimented her look with a matching holly covered hat, a holiday bell and green and white topped antlers.



Vixen is 12 inches tall and will look festive when placed along with the other Reindeer in this holiday collection.

These Reindeer Ornaments Are Part Of The Patience Brewster Krinkles Dash Away Collection.

These Reindeer Ornaments Are Part Of The Patience Brewster Krinkles Dash Away Collection.

The Krinkles Dash Away Reindeer Ornament Collection

They are all here, Blizten to Vixen with Donna instead of Donner, the Patience Brewster Reindeer Ornaments we reindeer collectors have all been waiting for. Each of these ornaments is dressed just like the larger Reindeer figures from Krinkles and they are all a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree ornaments. Decorate your tree with these fanciful reindeer dressed in their very best finery for their fantastic ride with Santa on Christmas Eve. Add a bit of whimsy and magic to your holiday tree.

These ornaments are smaller versions of the Reindeer figures and they are the perfect size to stand out on your Christmas tree so everyone can see them. There are so many wonderful collections from Patience Brewster and these reindeer are just the beginning.

Patience Brewster The Process of Creating Hand Made and Hand Painted Ornaments and Gifts

This interesting video will show you how the Patience Brewster works of art are made and it's quite a surprise to see just how much work goes into this ornament and figure making process.

The Patience Brewster Glass Ornaments - Learn The Detailed Process Of Making These Polish Glass Ornaments

Go Visit My Patience Brewster Glass Ornaments and find all these wonderful handmade glass ornaments to decorate your home or to give as a Christmas gift to someone special in your life. These unique ornaments will become part of your Christmas tradition during the holiday season for years to come.

My Favorite Patience Brewster Reindeer Is ...

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