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Patience Brewster Reindeer Collection

Santa of the Patience Brewster Reindeer collection

Santa of the Patience Brewster Reindeer collection

Welcome to the 8 Dashaway Reindeer and Their Pal Santa Claus

Summer is a good time to buy the Christmas decorations you want for yourself. By the time the Holidays come around your budget might be tied up with gifts and other constraints.

These 8 Reindeer and Santa Claus are a delightful Christmas tradition. Here is Patience Brewster's version with snow boots and candles sitting atop the reindeer's antlers. I have added a photo gallery of my own Santa to this information page. Closeups will show you all the pretty details.

Ms. Brewster took the traditional Night Before Christmas and designed quirky reindeer for Holiday smiles.

Color and whimsy is the central theme. Start your collection and enjoy the Holidays with a little fun. Each figure will be a surprise when it arrives in the mail.

You will find many offerings for the Patience Brewster Reindeer collection on There are four sets that were not available last year. One set includes Santa and Sleigh, another is just the reindeer. If you like the mini's there is a reindeer mini set. The big surprise for me was the Reindeer Elf. Each elf matches the reindeer in color.

Staring in the 2015 year Patience Brewster Inc. sells exclusively through her Official website. The collectibles you may find on eBay, Amazon, Neiman Marcus,etc.previously sold to the retailer. Be sure you are getting new in the box collectibles or in the case of Ebay Like New.



1. Vixen: Reindeer in Green

Dashaway with Vixen in pretty tights, fluff at the knees, pretty shoes and green ornaments on each tip of his antler.

One Word About This Showcase

Patience Brewster is an artist that for many years illustrated books. So many fans like her work that she started an ornament and figure collection with Department 56.

In 2008 she decided, with her family, to end the ties with Dept. 56 and be in total control of her designs and production.

The reindeer collection was produced by Dept. 56, before 2009 and have slight differences from the newly issued figures. If this is of concern for you, please be advised that I could not label the difference with the Amazon offerings, because the sellers themselves lack the proper labeling

This shopping list is an introduction and showcase for your enjoyment.The offerings on Amazon are models marked 08 and 09. The new Patience Brewster Reindeer Ornaments should have a 2009 stamp.

Do You Own Patience Brewster?

2. Dancer: Ballet Reindeer

Reindeer by Patience Brewster

Reindeer by Patience Brewster

3. Cupid: Reindeer with A Heart

A heart at her breast and little red hearts atop each antler point. Gold wings to make flying even easier than it is.



4. Blitzen Reindeer in Fur

Soft white fur keeps Blitzen warm, green boots do the same and do not forget the cute little knit cap tied under a reindeer chin.

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5. Dashaway Dasher

Dasher may be the dashingest dresser of all. Light blue is his snowsuit with pretty saddle back trim, boots to match and a cap and sash. Don't forget the white candles to light the way. He is cute Christmas decor.

6. Comet: Reindeer in Blue

Comet is dazzling in sparkling dark blue and white star trim. Feet made of gold with gold wings and more stars all around. How handsome is he?

Comet is dazzling in sparkling dark blue and white star trim. Feet made of gold with gold wings and more stars all around. How handsome is he?



7. Prancer: Mischievous and Energic

Beware of Prancer, he looks mischievous dressed up in his green striped tights and snappy dance slippers. He has trouble keeping his hat on straight. The other reindeer need him for the extra push that needs to happen.


8. Donna: Reindeer in Dark Pink

Each ornament is ready to hang, about 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches tall. Look for the model number that begins with 09 (09-xxxxx) for the newest issue.

Also available is the Reindeer Figures that are almost 12 inches high and stand on their own. These different sizes are almost identical in looks, and using the model number is the best when ordering.

Reindeer Elves


Of course the reindeer need their elf keepers. Santa is too busy to take care of 8 reindeer all on his own.

Reindeer Set


Reindeer Set Is in Three Sizes

Another word of caution. The reindeer come in several sizes: in figure sizes, ornament, and mini sizes. One set the figures are 11" high. In my opinion, the sellers are doing a disservice not posting the model numbers. I would definitely ask for model number if purchasing separately.This practice is on Amazon. I would ask about model number especially of you are trying to complete a started collection.

© 2011 Sherry Venegas

Do you like Patience Brewster Reindeer and Santa Team? - Happy holidays!

CruiseReady from East Central Florida on November 27, 2012:

Very cute! I want all of them!

Evelyn Saenz from Royalton on May 31, 2012:

Squid Angel Blessed!

Evelyn Saenz from Royalton on May 31, 2012:

Beautiful reindeer!

WindyWintersHubs from Vancouver Island, BC on December 11, 2011:

Her Christmas Ornaments are quite unique and exquisitely detailed. Each of her ornaments seem so alive and ready to tell a story.

anonymous on December 10, 2011:

These Reindeer are so cute. Patience Brewster rings a bell, I need to check out her books I am pretty sure i must have come across some of them.

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