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Patience Brewster Nativity Scene Figurines


Introducion and Gift Guide for The Patience Brewster Nativity Set

Starting in the 2015 year Patience Brewster Inc. no longer sells to retailers. All her creations are available now at the official website only. First and foremost, all your questions can be answered there.

The Patience Brewster Nativity was introduced in 2009. The Shepard, Lamb and Ewe are new for 2011. For 2012 the Shepardess with little Corgi and Collie were new for the set.

Each grouping is stamped with her style. The Magi figures are long, pointed and have colorful lines. Gold accent and pastel hues punctuate medieval clothes, with mustaches, beards and turned out footwear. Festive and whimsical. The Magi's conveyances, an elephant, horse and camel, have the same playful motif.

Patience Brewster is a children's book writer, illustrator and greeting card maker. She now features a line of journals, notepads, note cards, home decor figures, and books. She has a large line of Christmas ornaments.

All pictures for this page are credited to Patience Brewster and the family run company. Please enjoy the Patience Brewster nativity sets that follow and her line of figurines for creating a whimsical Christmas nativity scene for your home.

Patience Brewster Nativity

Includes the new drummer boy and greyhound dog.

Includes the new drummer boy and greyhound dog.

Nativity Assortment Set

The set is an easy way to have the whole tableaux. You will see a few changes from past sets, two angels are in this new set. Also included is a table runner to bring the grouping together. You also get the 2012 Shepherdess and 2 dogs. Each year the set gets a little bigger. This set does not include this year's Drummer boy and dog.

Any sets you may find on Amazon, eBay or retailers are past produced sets. Of course, you will be getting her exacting designs and items made with her specs, but keep in mind they are previously bought.

The Nativity Scene Holy Family

Patience Brewster Manager Set

Patience Brewster Manager Set

The Holy Family is pretty with color throughout. The manger has straw accents and the Mother and Father, their heads covered with lovely drapes, are kneeling beside. The infant is wrapped in white swaddling clothes. The infant can be placed in the parent's outstretched hands.

Ms. Brewster's figures are Made in the Philippines with care to hand painted details.

Patience Brewster Shepard and Ewe - New in April, 2011

PB Shepherd and Two Lambs

PB Shepherd and Two Lambs


Christmas Nativity Set Magi Animals by Patience Brewster

Magi by Patience Brewster

Magi by Patience Brewster

The Set Is So Charming

This is charming. A very good way to illustrate the playfulness the world can offer. The linear style matches the heights of feelings the season brings. This could be a family treasured keepsake collectible. I would like to see very little birds and a rooster and hen. Not a turkey like my Italian set has. Not true to the time period.

The Homey Cow


Auction for Krinkles and the Nativity Scene

Compare the offerings. I shop ebay and Amazon to get the best price. If you are collecting by individual piece ebay may be your best option.

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If you are a very avid collector take note if the model numbers are 08- or 09-. The 08- lead-in number are those products that were produced for Department 56. 09- indicate products from PB new company.

Newly issued musical piping girl with cute kitten. Add it to your Nativity collection.

Acquire One Piece at a Time

The Office and Christmas Nativity

Many situations come up at the office if you are a cubicle worker. A coworker's story was humorous. One year she brought in a chocolate nativity scene. Only after a long time did the baby figure get consumed, he stayed there days, forlorn and alone.

Would you eat the chocolate infant?

Look for Nativity Sets Under Patience Brewster Krinkles on eBay

The Krinkles ornaments are highly visible on ebay and you can also find the nativity figures under this category. Do not miss the mislabeled deals.

© 2010 Sherry Venegas

Patience Brewster Nativity - A New Look for the Nativity

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on December 22, 2012:

Now I feel so very much like Christmas. Your nativity scene images left me with a great big warm spot in the middle of my chest. Thank you. Beautiful.

Darcie French from Abbotsford, BC on November 29, 2012:

Lovely Nativity collector's figurines

julieannbrady on November 04, 2011:

Ah ... I could seriously use a little Krinkle in my Christmas decorations this year!

noobeegin on January 15, 2011:

I have a new favorite artist. What whimsical fun design. Thank you for sharing her work.

WindyWintersHubs from Vancouver Island, BC on December 30, 2010:

Her figurines are quite charming. I love the colors she uses to create such unique pieces. Would love to have a collection!

pkmcr from Cheshire UK on December 30, 2010:

There is something very special about a Nativity Scene for the simplicity of the message it conveys of peace and goodwill to all. What a delightful selection and clearly very collectable! May the Baby Jesus fill your heart and your home with His Love which is boundless and eternal in the coming year. Be Inspired and Be Inspiring

Mona from Iowa on December 30, 2010:

These are so cute. I love the long legged critters. :)

anonymous on December 14, 2010:

Patience Brewster does beautiful work and you displayed it nicely! I especially enjoyed the long legged Magi Animals!

julieannbrady on December 12, 2010:

Do you know something my dear? I could very seriously collect nativity scenes of each and every "brand" which would be spectacular! Merry Christmas my dear!!!

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