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Paint Pink Pumpkins for Breast Cancer


Welcome Pink Warriors!

October is a spectacular month with both Halloween And breast cancer awareness kicking off the holiday season. So why not combine a great cause with a fun holiday to show your support? Did I mention you can play with glitter, ribbon, paint & feathers...and rhinestones!?I paint pumpkins because my spectacular friend Alisha devotes her entire October every year having pumpkin painting parties & getting the word out about mammograms & early detection. So really the least I could do is paint a few cool pumpkins...I do get to use the glitter after all.

Why Paint Pumpkins Pink? - Funny you should ask...

  • It spreads awareness & reminds women to get checked out.
  • You can display your awesome artwork at work or drop them off at businesses to display.
  • What's more fun than a bottle of wine, pumpkins & pink paint?!

Now take a second to pop over to Facebook & spread a little pink pumpkin love for Alisha!


Little Pink Reminders

Fueled by a creative mind and generous spirit, Alisha Moreland turned a simple idea into a growing means of raising awareness for the importance of early breast cancer detection.


The Basics of Pink Pumpkin Painting

So you want to have a pumpkin painting party? You need a few things or at least a list to spread out to your friends so they can help you with all the fab painting goodies.


Other Fun Goodies for the Party!

Would you throw a pink pumpkin painting party?

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We (pink warriors) paint pumpkins in every shade of pink (think blush and bashful) to spread the word about early detection being the key to kicking cancer. The goal is to encourage and give courage to women everywhere to get their yearly mammograms.

— Alisha


Don't forget to check out Alisha's Pink Pumpkin Painting Party Official page!

What do you think?

Tammy Bassile on October 21, 2016:

I am an Advisor for a club for Future Health Professionals (HOSA). We painted pumpkins and made a pink pumpkin patch to create awareness. We put them in the Media Center at school along with information/literature. But after only a few days we had to throw them out because they rotted! Did you use real or plastic pumpkins? It was a great idea but we would not use regular pumpkins if you want them to last.

akarrik0 on July 17, 2013:

Thank you for this idea! I really love it and never thought about doing this :)

Lorelei Cohen on July 17, 2013:

This is an amazing Halloween idea. I would never have thought of painting a pumpkin pink. Beautiful and haunting.

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on July 17, 2013:

Great idea. Love these pink pumpkins

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