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Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Outdoor Decorations

Making your lawn into a Christmas story through various Christmas outdoor lawn decorations is a great way to share your family traditions and enjoyment of the holiday with others.

Outdoor Christmas decorations are especially fun because the variety of different things available to use to create your scene is close to endless; and you can have anything from small little settings to large Christmas inflatables that can be seen from a long distance away.

Add to that the proper use of lights for night viewing and it really creates a compelling image.

What usually works best is a combination of the two, where you have different themes and stories created within the parameters of a larger theme. Having a number of these really draws the attention of those who love to go around finding great Christmas yard decorations to view and enjoy.

But whether you do this primarily for your family and close friends, or for the general public to enjoy and delight in, outdoor Christmas decorations are really challenging and great fun to plan for and set up, and the feedback through the joy you create by your effort is definitely worth it.

Christmas Nativity Outdoor Scene

The traditional and Christian focus on the nativity scene as being the reason behind Christmas always brings out some wonderful Christmas displays in the yard, and they're always an encouraging and inspiring part of Christmas.

Below there's a photo of one of hundreds of nativity scenes you could get to set out in your yard.

Outdoor Nativity Decoration


Candy Cane Christmas Yard Décor

I've always liked the Reindeer Crossing decorations, and this one with the side-by-side candy canes is very simple but nice. Sometimes less is more, and I think in this case it really works in that way.

Candy Canes and North Pole Signs for Christmas


Wonderful Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Here's a great example of what I think of when I mentioned a variety of Christmas outdoor decorations which include small and large props and lights which really blend well together. You love to see the big items which really capture your attention and imagination, but the smaller ones also draw you into the detail of the Christmas décor, which really makes this a great Christmas decoration yard theme.

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In this case the snowmen are the center of the scene, with the smaller reindeer, angels and trees complementing them. It's a good example of how to set up outdoor Christmas decorations.


Christmas yard Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer Decoration

As nice as this Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer prop looks in the daylight, picture how it would stand out during the night hours. I've always liked Santa Claus props which have him jolly and waving, along with his prancing reindeer seeming to pull him along. This outdoors Santa Claus is a really good one in that regard.


Christmas Decorations and Props on Your House

Now here is a great Christmas idea, where the Christmas props of a Christmas tree and snowman are put on the roof at various places.

While I would have really liked to have seen how these look when the lights are on in the nighttime, I can tell they would be really cool, as I've seen some like this before. Great outdoor Christmas decoration idea.


Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

It doesn't matter whether you have a lot of things to put out or a few, yard decorations for Christmas always are attractive and delightful to anyone who sees them, and in the end, it's you who are expressing what you like, and if you like it, there's always going to be others who like it as well.

Hopefully some of the photos of Christmas outdoor decorations above spur you to some great ideas on what you can do to celebrate Christmas with some great decorations.


onewiththought on November 04, 2011:

Very cool site, enjoyed the pics. Im going to try and do the Christmas tree with 2 liter bottles. Thanks for sharing. Have a great season all:)

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