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Old Woman Costume Characters


Create an old woman costume for stage, Halloween, or for a play

Dress up in an old woman costume for Halloween, for a costume party, or even for fun. The costume character of the old woman is a favorite among actors, party-goers, and young people. Why? Because the old lady role is fun. Little old ladies are trotted out every day in movies, commercials, and TV shows. How many times have you seen the nosy old neighbor lady in a mystery or the busybody old woman in a movie? Old women show up as sweet grandmothers, raging hags, old crones, and wicked witches. We know them well.

Tyler Perry banked on the Old Woman character with Madea

Tyler Perry has built a career and a fortune from his "Madea" character, but he wasn't the first. Comic actors and comediennes have entertained us with their own versions of the old lady for years. Ruth Buzzi of Laugh-In fame captured the hearts of America with her depiction of the spinsterish Gladys whose purse packed a whallop. Later comedienne Vicki Lawrence gained fame as Mama, that razor-tongued, blue-haired angry grandma and matriarch of the Harper family in the TV show Mama's Family.

Are you up for a costume challenge?

Are you content to simply buy a costume and be done with it? Or would you rather accept the challenge of identifying and creating your own old woman character? Sure, you can find a frumpy dress, some baby powder to grey your hair, and a pair of orthopedic shoes. But wouldn't you like to do more? Halloween is the time to release your inner actor and take on the role of the old woman. Which old woman will it be?

Read on for more tips, suggestions and ideas to help you create your Halloween old woman costume.

Not every old women is sad

Not every old women is sad

Not every old women is sad

How does an old woman act? - Things to watch for with little old ladies

Think you might want to dress up like an old woman for the next costume party? Here's a fun way to research the actions of a little old lady.

How to act the part of an old woman - Frances Bay as the old woman on Jerry Seinfeld

Ruth Buzzi as Gladys Ormphby from Laugh-In TV show - Ruth Buzzi roasts James Stewart - Dean Martin Roast

Ruth Buzzi wowed America with her portrayal of the dowdy spinster Gladyx Ormphby on Laugh-In. Every week she'd put on that old brown dress, put up her hair in a bun, cover her hair with hairnet, and whack someone with her big purse.

5 tips on how to act like an old lady - Create your own old woman costume and character

Transforming yourself into an old woman is more than putting on some old clothes and lining your face with wrinkles. Each old woman is different and unique. Here are some questions that will help you define your old woman character.

  1. What kind of personality does this old woman have? Is she happy, sad, silly, or just plain crabby?
  2. How does the old woman talk? Is she always flustered? Does she talk fast? Or is her speech short and stacatto as if she's mad all the time?
  3. Does this old woman have a lot of energy or is she a couch potato?
  4. How does this old woman dress? Does she care about her appearance?
  5. Does this old woman use a cane or a walker? Does she stoop and walk slowly, carefully? Or does she hold herself erect and act like she's a queen bossing everyone around?

Old Lady roles made famous by actors and comedians - Maude Frickert, Edna Turnblad, Dame Edna, Mrs. Doubtfire, and the famous Pepperpots

In addition to Ruth Buzzi and Frances Bay's famous old woman characters, many men have earned fame by donning the costume of an old woman.

  1. Jonathon Winters entertained us as the crusty Maude Frickert.
  2. John Travolta danced his way into our hearts in Hairspray with his loveable Edna Turnbald
  3. Barry Humphries made it real with Dame Edna.
  4. Robin Williams played the old woman to the hilt as Mrs. Doubtfire.
  5. The Monty Python group became Pepperpots, "screeching middle-aged, lower-middle class housewives."
  6. Tyler Perry gains fame as the infamous Mabel Simmons, otherwise known as Madea.

Maude Frickert and the other old woman - Tim Conway and Jonathan Winters

Monty Python - Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion

John Cleese is Mrs. Premise and Graham Chapman plays Mrs. Conclusion in the Monty Python sketch Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion visit Jean-Paul Sarte. Also in the sketch are Eric Idle as Mrs. Inference and Michael Palin, again, as Mrs. Sartre.

Ceramic sculptor Philippe Farautâs sculpts an old man's eyes

Ceramic sculptor Philippe Farautâs sculpts an old man's eyes

Study the face of a very old woman

Learn how to look like an old woman

Are you ready to dress up as an old woman for Halloween? Then you'll want to look intently at the faces of the old women below. Study each face. What do their faces reveal about who they are?

Today's focus is so much on the young that the value of the old has tarnished. Women today are exterminators in the battle against creases and lines that tread upon their faces. They arm themselves with needles loaded with Botox, remedies that promise the return of youth. But is what revealed of the soul when a face is allowed to age naturally?

Take a look at the photos below and you tell me.

Image Credit. Ceramic artist sculpting an eye via Ceramic Arts Daily

Old woman in Lahic, Azerbaijan

Old woman in Lahic, Azerbaijan

African American woman working at quartermaster depot,  (1941-45)

African American woman working at quartermaster depot, (1941-45)

Old woman of Ladakh, India

Old woman of Ladakh, India

85 year old woman from Ivatan

85 year old woman from Ivatan

Sad, old Iranian woman wearing a black chador

Sad, old Iranian woman wearing a black chador

Elderly Gambian woman's face

Elderly Gambian woman's face

elderly woman, B&W by Chalmers Butterfield

elderly woman, B&W by Chalmers Butterfield

Create your own "old woman" look - Quick tips on what to use to create an old lady's face

With a little bit of makeup, you can become an old woman - Dress up as an old woman, a grandma or even an old hag

This time-lapsed video shows the transformation from a young woman to an old woman, all using a few makeup tools to make it happen. Watch how it happens.

Old woman costume makeup for Halloween or any other time - Have an Old Lady Party using these old age makeup tricks

Makeup tools to create your "old woman" - The right tools can be a big help

Applying old lady makeup to a foam latex mask - Old woman make-up transformation with foam latex

Watch John Travolta become Edna Turnblad for the film Hairspray - Developing a character with makeup effects, costumes and props

Costumes, Mardi Gras balls, and costume parties - Do you like to hide behind a mask? Take the poll

Wear this pheasant feathered mask to the Halloween ball

Wear this pheasant feathered mask to the Halloween ball

Halloween costume balls and Mardi Gras bring out the best in masks, don't you think? Pheasant Feather Mask

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Ready to wear an old woman costume for Halloween? - Share your rthoughts and what costumes you like

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Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on September 12, 2012:

This is fantastic. I don't even need make up.

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What a good idea for a fun costume! Your friends may not even recognize you! Cheers~cb

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A very clever and different Halloween costume idea. I was only familiar with Mrs Doubtfire and Dame Edna, but can see many possibilities is this costume. One to try in 2012.

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