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North Pole Printables, Coloring Pages

North Pole and Christmas Coloring Books

North Pole Coloring Pages

Every child imagines at times during their lives what it's like where Santa, the reindeer, and the elves live, and that makes for great opportunities to create terrific creations of what the North Pole would look like if Santa in fact did live there.

That leads to printables and coloring pages which depict some part of the North Pole, such as where it is, directions to get there, and even a pole itself with a sign designating that you have found the North Pole. After all if you see it, you must be there. Right?

There are a lot of cute coloring pages with North Pole themes included in this article. Some have a funny look at a postman delivering letters from children to the North Pole, others an elf climbing up the pole itself letting everyone know that is where they're at.

One enjoyable one that would be fun to interact with the children over is that of an image of the world with a North Pole sign and a house that is apparently where Santa lives. So when children ask where the North Pole is, you can show them that printable with the house sitting literally on top of the world.

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North Pole Printable with Santa in Sleigh Pulled by Reindeer

First there is the nice printable of Santa seemingly leaving the North Pole on Christmas Eve night in order to deliver presents to everyone. That's evidenced by the three bags of presents loaded in the sleigh.

Children can be told this is the very beginning of Santa's journey, and that is what will happen the night before they wake up with presents under the tree.

The majority of younger children wanting to color are scribblers, so most printables are the same as a blank piece of paper to them, although the idea of putting the crayon on the paper is important, and what they generally learn at that stage.

But for those children that are at a higher level than that, this is a good coloring page to practice coloring within the lines, as it has mostly larger areas to color in without too much detail.

Santa in Sleigh

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North Pole Sign Coloring Page

What could be more interesting to children than when having it explained to them that this is the sign that tells you you're at the North Pole. Their little imaginations would go wild, and more questions would ensue as to why other signs may look different that have the North Pole written on them.

That is easy enough to answer. Simply tell that that there are different signs at different parts of the areas you enter into the North Pole from. Answering in that way should satisfy most curious children.

This North Pole printable is a good one because the children can color in the letters, which in many cases they decide to use different colors for different letters. They could even be encouraged to go that route to learn their colors better or to make it more lively looking.

The ice could also be a fun design to color in, where they can use colors they probably don't use that often.

And finally, the pole itself could be colored like a candy cane, with swirling colors leading up to the top. All in all this will be a very fun design for children to color in if they use different colors to do it.

North Pole


The Night Before Christmas Coloring Book

Elf on Light Pole of North Pole Sign and Light

Since many North Pole signs are included in the genre, as mentioned above, if children ask why they're different, you can have an answer ready for them.

Children will definitely be delighted when seeing this elf climbing on top of the North Pole directional sign, reaching to the top where the light resides. His smiling face and happy demeanor ensure this will be a terrific place to visit.

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Again there is the opportunity for children to use different colors. There is another pole here that could be colored in, as well as the clothes of the elf, of which each part could be a colored in differently.

Elf on Pole

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Printable of Bear Postman Delivering Letters to North Pole

More advanced children would love to color in this very detailed printable of a bear postman delivering children's letters to the North Pole.

This is a unique printable in that it includes a detailed background of pine trees in the distance, while snow is lightly falling.

The joyful bear is plodding along eagerly with letters in his hand and a mail bag stuffed with letters and what appears to be newspapers.

What is really cute is that little bird perched on the North Pole sign while wearing a little Santa hat.

Letter Carrier

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Printable of Location of North Pole

Now the ultimate question that will be asked by any curious child will be where Santa's home, or the North Pole is.

In response, all that has to be done is to hand them this coloring page with a sign and an image of the earth to show them the general location of Santa's home, as well as what appears to be the home itself.

They'll have a lot of fun picturing Santa and his elves on top of the world while coloring it in. The larger areas of the continents would be good areas for beginners to color in, while the sign and house would cater more to intermediate little artists.

Coloring pages like these are great conversation pieces that parents or grandparents can interact with the children about.

North Pole and World

North Pole Location

North Pole Location

Coloring Pages of the North Pole

Once children understand the North Pole is where Santa lives, they are sure to start asking all sorts of questions about the location of it, what Santa's house looks like, and where the elves and reindeer live.

Armed with a variety of printables, you can offer visual aids and coloring fun to help answer their questions.

If you want more printables with a North Pole theme, enter the phrases "North Pole printables" or "North Pole coloring pages" into your search engine and you'll have as many as a child or children will want to work on.


Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on December 01, 2012:

These are great, for kids of all ages. I still love to color! It is so relaxing unless I do it with a kid. Wow do they ever finish a picture before they want to turn pages?!

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