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National Chucky The Notorious Killer Doll Day - Oct.25


Chucky is the most notorious killer doll

October 25 is unofficially National Chucky the Notorious Killer Doll Day. Chucky is the most recognizable murderous knife-wielding killer doll brought to life in the Chucky horror films. This creepy pint-sized monster has an evil stare and a smirk on his stitched up face. Possessed by a serial killer who used voodoo to transfer his soul into this Good Guy doll, Chucky goes on killing sprees, adventures and misadventures, and refuses to die even when blown into pieces. Chucky even took a bride and had a monster child on the loose.

So, how do you plan to celebrate Chucky Killer Doll Day?

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1. Murderous soul inhabits a doll and refuses to die - Charles Lee Ray is Chucky

Charles Lee Ray, the notorious "Lakeshore Strangler" is gunned down by detective Mike Norris, takes refuge in a toy store and collapses into a pile of Good Guy dolls. He used voodoo to possess one of the dolls. Elsewhere, little Andy celebrates his 2nd birthday and is given a doll by his mother bought from a street peddler for $30. The doll is possessed by the soul of Charles Lee Ray, who is nicknamed Chucky. Chucky attempts to transfer his soul into young Andy but is killed and shot in the heart by Detective Norris.

2. Chucky comes back to life - Wants to transfer his soul into 2-yr.old Andy's body

The creator of Good Guy dolls, Play Pals Inc. rebuilds Chucky and he is brought back to life. Chucky continues to search for Andy and murders Andy's foster parents. Chucky brings Andy to the Good Guy factory and attempts to possess Andy's body but is killed by Kyle (Andy's foster sister) when doused with molten plastic, his limbs severed and his head is blown off by an air hose stuck into his mouth.

3. Chucky refuses to die. He's back and badder than ever! - Toymaker re-releases the Good Guy doll toyline

Sixteen years have passed and Andy ends up in a military school after being shuffled to and from foster homes. In the meantime, workers clean up the Good Guy factory and a crane pierces one of Chucky's severed arms, blood drips into the plastic vat bringing Chucky back to life. Chucky kills the CEO of Play Pals Inc., finds out Andy's whereabouts and mails himself to Andy's school but is discovered by a young private, Ronald Tyler. Chucky attempts to transfer his soul to Ronald instead of Andy. Andy kills Chucky when he is thrown and shredded by a giant fan.

4. Chucky takes a bride - Marries his girlfriend, Tiffany

It was in this fourth film that Chucky developed the famous scars and stitches and bloody eyes. Tiffany bribes a cop to get her in the morgue, slits his throat, and then sews up Chucky. After reciting some voodoo incantations, Tiffany succeeded in tranferring the soul of Chucky into a doll. Chucky comes to life, escapes from his playpen and electrocutes TIffany in the tub and transfers her soul into a bridal doll.

Chucky and TIffany creates a monster child on the loose

Chucky and Tiffany produced a gender-confused doll named Glen/Glenda. Jennifer Tilly plays herself in this movie as a real-life actress determined to advance her career. She is impregnated with Chucky's sperm to give Glen/Glenda a human body. Tilly gives birth to twin babies, Glen and Glenda in a couple of days. Chucky remained a doll to stay immortal, kills Tilly who has transferred her soul to the Tiffany doll. Glen kills his father, Chucky, cuts off all his arms and severs his head.

Rare and hard to find collectible Chucky doll

Dressed to kill but still lovable

This monster doll looks just like the one in the movies and is being snapped up by collectors. Realistic with limbs that can be posed, this Chucky has the evil grin, red hair, the stitches on his face, denim overalls, striped shirt, and red sneakers. Don't turn your back on this doll.

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How do you think Chucky Killer Doll Day should be celebrated?

digitaltree on October 21, 2012:

Nice Lens about Chucky dya. I would celebrate by watching his movies.

gregs411 on October 20, 2012:

Always loved the 'Chucky' movies. Thanks.

kiratalley on October 19, 2012:

Phew, that's a bit freaky, I had nightmares about these movies

Sara Dowling on October 19, 2012:

Not so sure about a day for a killer doll - he was the only horror movie that really creeped me out.

jlshernandez (author) on October 19, 2012:

@SassyGie: that's mys siter's bday too. I agre Chucky is creepy. That is why he's so endearing and will not go away.

SassyGie on October 19, 2012:

Oct 25?! are you kidding me?! that's my birthday! and I don't like chucky (he's really creepy).. I watched a couple of chucky films when I was a child, and I couldn't sleep well at night without someone with me in the room!

GrimRascal from Overlord's Castle on October 19, 2012:

Chucky is really creepy

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