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The List Of Monopoly Board Games


Monopoly Board Games Make Great Gifts

Monopoly board games do make perfect gift ideas! And here's why, because they come in so many different versions. There are so many I was inspired to make this list of all the Monopoly themes I found. Of course, first and foremost, is the classic Monopoly real estate game fashioned from the streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey. This game made 22 streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey, like Boardwalk, Park Place, North Carolina, St. Charles Place, an everyday household word. But today, Monopoly, is even better than ever! You can find a Monopoly Game with some of your favorite themes. These variations on the classic game include Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Spongebob Squarepants, Dale Earnhardt Legacy, there's even a New York City version. So sit back and browse many of the different versions of Monopoly, the board game that everyone likes to play.

I have to tell you I was quite amazed at just how many different versions of the Monopoly board game there are! If you don't add in the "Opoly" type games, the list is huge. This lens has many of them listed, but if I have missed some, please add a comment and let me know which one I've missed! I'll even pay you, but it will be with a picture of Monopoly Money!

What's Your Favorite Of All The Monopoly Games - Right Now?

Which of the Monopoly versions you are aware of is your very favorite? Don't look down this lens yet, just name your favorite theme of the Monopoly board games you are familiar with right now. Answer one of the two poll questions and then name your favorite game in the comment area that comes up.

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Monopoly - Here's the Monopoly game we are most familiar with, at least most of us. It's one of the most popular games ever. With the very familiar tokens, the Dog, the Thimble, the Racecar, the Top Hat, the Shoe, the Iron and the Ship. The streets are named after real streets in Atlantic City, NJ and this board has the Boardwalk and Park Place among others. Chance and the Community Chest cards can help you get out of scrapes, or they can fine you and cost your some hard earned cash! Buy properties, add houses and hotels, build up a fortune so you can win the game of Monopoly.

Monopoly Nintendo - Of course there's a Nintendo version of the Monopoly gameboard. These are two of the most popular games out there, it only makes sense to combine them. The collectible Monopoly game tokens are Nintendo characters we all know and love. The tokens are Mushroom, the Star, Zelda's Sword, Hicotate Ship, Gyroid and Samus' Helmet. Properties are named after famous Nintendo characters including Mario, Princess Zelda, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Star Fox, Animal Crossing and Wario. Community Chest has become Coin Block Cards and Chance Cards are now Block Cards. Fans of Nintendo and Monopoly will have a blast with this board game version.

The Electronic Banking Version - Become a millionaire in 14 days with the Electronic Banking version of Monopoly. You have two weeks to become a millionaire by buying and selling properties with this version of the game.

Fun Monopoly Games - Check Out These Unique Versions Of This Classic Board Game

Monopoly The Godfather edition, the Disney edition, U-build, City edition, and Junior are just a few of the many different Monopoly games you will find listed on this page. We all know someone who would really love one of these versions and there are many more on my list.

Make them an offer they can't refuse when you wheel and deal playing the Godfather version of Monopoly. Perfect game idea for the Godfather fan in your house. The playing tokesn include a horse's head, a can of Genco olive oil, a machine gun, a fish and more. Pick from card piles named "Enemies" and "Friends". Buy and sell properties found in the Godfather trilogy.

Bring the magic of Disney home with this fun Disney theme Monopoly game. The game pieces in this version are Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Cinderella, Snow White and Mowgli. "Magic Moments" and "Showtime Cards" will help you get around the board and you can create a real estate empire using "White Rabbit Cottages' and " Sleeping Beauty Castles" instead of houses and hotels! Visit some of the classic Walt Disney movies on your way around the board.

City Edition - Different names, different goals like getting permits rather than property deeds, and a lot of modernization, but behind it all it's still the fun and challenging game kids love to play with a lot of new challenges and twists. The 3D buildings are super cool and the playing pieces, as always, are lots of fun. Some of the playing tokens in this version of Monopoly are the Construction Hat, the Paint Can and Brush, the Dog in the Kennel, the Front Loader, the Delivery Truck, and a Set of Keys.

Perfect first Monopoly game for kids ages five to eight. It's fun to watch your kids set up boardwalk ticket booths for amusement rides to earn some money. This game will help kids with math skills like adding, subtraction, division and multiplication. What's better than a game that teaches practical skills and provides hours of fun?

More Fun Monopoly Board Games

Choose from Monopoly Family Championship, Monopoly New York City and here's a video game called Monopoly Collection.

New York City is a great theme for a Monopoly boardgame. The collectible playing tokens are perfect for NY and they are: a Shopping Bag, a Big Apple, A Hot Dog...and I bet it's a dirty water dog, a Luggage Cart, the famous Statue of Liberty and a Taxi. Buy and sell in the Big Apple with properties like Carnegie Hall, The Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, Wall Street and Central Park.

Game Board Versions of Monopoly

Monopoly Revolution, Coca-Cola, Hello Kitty, National Parks and Shrek are all wonderful themes for a Monopoly board game! Fans of these characters and places can now play the most popular game ever with the themes they enjoy most.

Monopoly Revolution - Sounds are what make this version of Monopoly so much fun. If you go to jail you actually hear that jail door slam, each game board zone has it's very own theme song that plays, it's Monopoly fun in an updated version. This game introduces real world tools like debit cards, introduces special zones on the board, and your finances are kept up to date by the electronic game unit. The playing tokens have even been updated in this modern version.

The Monopoly Coca-Cola playing tokens are cute as can be, they include the bell glass, diamond can, vintage cooler, delivery truck, polar bear and contour bottles. Find a board filled with references to Coke and the soda business like "Restock Soda Vending Machines" and lots of spaces with pictures of Coke collectibles that will make anyone who remembers these vintage items smile. And of course, there is even Coca-Cola money!

What properties do you think you will find on the National Parks Monopoly board? If you guessed Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Joshua Tree, you are correct! In fact, you will find about 60 parks mentioned on this game board. The playing tokens are perfectly matched to the National Parks theme and the 6 of them are a ranger hat, tent, canoe, bison, hiking boot and camera - everything you will need on your trip around the parks board.

The Shrek Monopoly game has the best tokens! They are pewter tokens and include: Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss In Boots, Gingy, and Pinocchio. Guess who's on the Shrek Monopoly money, you got it, -Pinocchio, The Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf, Gingy, Puss in Boots, Donkey, Fiona and the big guy himself, Shrek. Visit Shrek's Swamp, take a ride in an Onion Carriage, pick Spells and Potions cards, build cottages and castles on your newly acquired properties.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Or The Office Monopoly Board

Here are more of the many different versions of Monopoly you can find:

  • The Office
  • Futurama
  • The Mega Edition
  • The Night Sky

Futurama Monopoly is a futuristic version of the classic boardgame. There many cards, game pieces, and board spaces use themes from the future. But I bet you knew that already, didn't you? The collectible Monopoly game tokens include Bender, Hypnotoad, Brain Slug, Seymour, Planet Express Ship, and the What If Machine. The goal of the game is the same as in regular Monopoly, to drive all of the other players into bankruptcy. The most expensive and the least expensive properties on this Monopoly board are Lela's "Sewer City" birthplace and the headquarters of Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Railroads are now spaceships. The Chance and Community Chest are now "Good News Everyone" and "Attention, Puny Humans". The game money is called Professorland Fun Bucks and there's even a picture of Al Gore on the $500 bill. The regular Monopoly houses and hotels are, in the future, called Resi-Domes and People-Hives.

The MONOPOLY Office edition is a game where you can become the "World's Best Boss", all you have to do is win! The collectible Monopoly game tokens for the Office version boardgame are: Dwight Bobblehead, Bacon Grill, Pam's Candy Dish, Best Boss Mug, Princess Unicorn and a beet. The spaces on the board are actually office locations, and your goal is to get that coveted front office space. This Office version of the classic Monopoly game takes the familiar and traditional game board properties and gives them names that refer to locations in The Office. Here are a few places you will recognize from the TV show such as Dunder Mifflin Scranton and Michael's Condo. A toss of the dice could have you landing on spaces called Rudit-dit-d'doo! - that's the Community Chest, That's what she said! which was originally Chance, Donation to Rabies Fun Run has replaced Luxury Tax and Buy a Hug from Phyllis at the Crime Aid Auction is the substitute for Income Tax. The money in the Office version is called Schrute Bucks. And the houses and hotels have been replaced by reams of paper that are used in an office. If you like The Office this Monopoly boardgame version will make you laugh!

This version of Monopoly brings the Nightmare Before Christmas town to your table. You buy and sell the properties in the movie town like tions such as Jack's Tower, Oogie Boogie's Casino, Sally's Alley, Dr. Finkelstein's Laboratory, Town Square Fountain and Spiral Hill. The collectible Monopoly tokens in this game are straight from the movie. They are Jack's skull, Sally, the Mayors Hearse, Oogie Boogi, Zombie duck, and Evil teddy. This game really brings the magic of the movie to your table and is a must have for Nightmare Before Christmas fans. The rules are the same as the classic Monopoly boardgame we all know and love.

So Many Monopoly BoardGames To Choose From!

If you had to pick just one version of the ever popular Monopoly boardgame, which one would it be?

What's Your Favorite Version Now? - Did You Know There Were So Many Different Versions Of The Monopoly Board Game?

Now that you've had a chance to see some of the different versions of Monopoly, have you decided upon a new favorite?

More Monopoly Board Games To Play

Do you watch The Family Guy? Have you ever thought about a Las Vegas vacation? Enjoy Star Wars Clone Wars? How about the opposite of Monopoly, is it Anti-Monopoly? And of course, everyone knows the Peanuts Gang, right? Well now these themes are all versions of the ever popular Monopoly board games and you can see them right now, right here.

Family Guy Monopoly the ultimate in fun and laughter for the Family Guy fan. The Family Guy Monopoly game tokens are of Peter, Brian, Stewie, Chris, Lois and Meg. The gameboard properties include Cleveland's Deli, Mayor West's Mansion, Hugs and Kisses Daycare, and Petoria. The first one who builds the most properties and bankrupts the other players is the winner. Gouge your opponents when they come on your property and build the ultimate Quahog Empire.

Monopoly Las Vegas? I can't tell you anything about this fun Monopoly board game because "What Goes On In Vegas, Stays In Vegas!"

Everyone's favorite Peanuts characters are now Monopoly game tokens that people love to collect. With this game board version you get: Snoopy's Dog House, Lucy's Psychiatric Booth, Schroeder's Piano, Snoopy's Supper Dish, Charlie Brown's Football and Woodstock. Chance and Community Chest cards are now the Psychiatric Booth and a Pitcher's Mound cards. Buy the deeds to Lucy in Love, Flying Ace, Woodstock's Home, Peppermint Patty and Marcie, Snoopy, Woodstock on Ice, Pigpen or The Red Baron.

Star Wars The Clone Wars version of the Monopoly boardgame has some great collectible tokens of the Clone War characters. You will find: Clone Commander Rex, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Osaka, General Grevious and Assaj. Feel the Force and buy space properties you can find in the Clone Wars series. The forces of good and evil in the galaxy come into play in this Monopoly version.

Three Stooges, SpongeBob and Puppy Monopoly

The Three Stooges version of Monopoly is a slap stick fun game that features the three characters with all of their antics. The tokens in the game consist of a Derby Hat, a Mallet, a Seltzer Bottle,a Pipe Wrench, a Cream Pie and a Violin. The properties are Moronika Mildew College, Reutenteutens tomb, Los Arms Hospital, Gypsum Goodes Antiques and Cannonball Express, all available for selling and buying. The goal of the game is to collect all of the memorabilia the locations in the Stooge's films and you win. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!

The SpongeBob SquarePants Monopoly game is a treat for kids of all ages. It includes collectible Monopoly playing tokens of SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Gary and Squidward. The gameboard properties include The Chum Bucket and the Krusty Krab. The winner of the SpongeBob version is the player who collects the most properties, what else would you expect in a Monopoly game? Each player must try to build as many Pineapple Houses and open as many Krusty Krab franchises as they can. The game offers endless fun in Bikini Bottom Paradise, Monopoly style!

Monopoly Game Names

What do John Wayne, Star Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation, GI Joe and the Muppets all have in common? Give up? They all have their own version of a Monopoly boardgame!

Monopoly Star Trek Continuum

Star Trek is one of my personal favorite boardgames. Why? Because I am a trekkie! The collectible tokens with this game are a Captain's chair, a Communicator, a Klingon Blood Wine Goblet, a Shuttlecraft, a Vulcan Harp and a Phaser. The Community Chest and Chance cards are now called Sensor Readings and Subspace Transmissions. Buy properties with name like Delta Vega Lithium Station, Starfleet Command, even Romulus.

Star Trek Geeks, here's a fun Klingon Monopoly boardgame for you! Like any Monopoly game, the goal of Klingon Monopoly is to have the most properties. What makes this game special is its Star Trek twist. Instead of traditional properties, the board is made up of planets and territories throughout the galaxy, places like Qo'noS, Romulus, Boreth, Ty'Gokor and Krios Primeand even the Federation's Earth, are all yours for the taking. Additionally, instead of the traditional tokens, players can use a Captain's Chair, D'k Tahg, a Bird of Prey, a Disrupter Pistol, Bat'leth and a Judge's Gavel. Monopoly money becomes Klingon Force scrip. Instead of houses and hotels there are Outposts and Capitals. The famous Monopoly Railroads are now Starships, the Raptor, the Negh'Var, the Vor'Cha and the K'T'inga. Even the utilities are changed, and are now Rura Penthe Mines and the Praxis Energy Facility.

Monopoly boardgame tokens for the GI Joe version of the game are the Cobra Commander Helmet, Timber, USS Flagg, the Thunder Machine, Duke's Dog Tags and A Cobra Snake. The board game properties have become GI Joe Headquarters, Terror Drome Cobra Island, Palace of Doom and the Roof of the World. Travel the world with the Joe's to take over as many properties as you can. Chance and Community Chest are now GI Joe Cards and Cobra Cards. The Monopoly money is now GI Joe Money. Classic art from the retro ?80s animated series. Traditional Monopoly game play with a 60-minute speed plays option

The Muppet fan in your house is going to love this Monopoly boardgame. The Muppet game properties include Kermit's Swamp, Miss Piggy's Dressing Room and even A Comdedy Club owned by Fozzi Bear. The famous Monopoly collectible tokens are of the most popular Muppet characters are Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Gonzo and the Swedish Chef.

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Christmas-Opoly, The Holiday Version Of Monopoly For Christmas Game Lovers.  Presents, Christmas Trees, Holly And Mistletoe Are Just The Beginning Of The Fun You Will Have With This Fun Christmas Game.  Photo is from Amazon.

Christmas-Opoly, The Holiday Version Of Monopoly For Christmas Game Lovers. Presents, Christmas Trees, Holly And Mistletoe Are Just The Beginning Of The Fun You Will Have With This Fun Christmas Game. Photo is from Amazon.


Holiday Gift Ideas With A Monopoly Theme

Christmas themed Monopoly games, who would ever have thought that this game revolving around the streets of Atlantic City would turn into the most popular and most sold board games ever. Here's a couple more for Christmas: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Christmas-opoly for some holiday game board fun.

Pirate Monopoly Or Is World Of Warcraft Monopoly Your Game?

We are all familiar with the names Nintendo, Pirates of the Caribbean, World of Warcraft, Transformers, and Dinosaur, but when do you get a chance to put them all in the same sentence? When they are all versions of the famous Monopoly boardgame family, that's when.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly game - This version of the Monopoly board game has some great collectible game tokens! Why does everyone love the Monopoly game tokens so much? The Pirate playing pieces are Jack Sparrow's compass, Jack Voodoo Doll, Angelica's Ring, Silver Chalice, Mermaid Coffin and Sword of Triton. The locations of this game are right out of the Pirate's of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides. The description of the game asks if you have what it takes to outwit and outlast the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean while playing and buying, selling, trading? The board is made up of places you will remember from the movie including El Lagarto Ridge, White Cap Bay, the Blue Cave and the deadly Mermaid Pools! The goal of this Pirate Monopoly is to own the Fountain of Youth!

Nintendo Monopoly is an awesome game for Super Mario and Nintendo game fans. This version of Monopoly features game tokens of Mario Mario, Luigi Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, SamusAran and Kirby. The properties are actual characters like the super mushrooms are used as houses and the starts are used for hotels. The characters are the properties and they can be bought, sold and traded. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat all of your opponents and own the most property and you win the game.

The Worlds of Warcraft Monopoly boardgame is based on the game Worlds of Warcraft and Risk, it is a phenomenal game of war and dominance. The playing tokens in the game include Hearthstone, Doom hammer, Flight path boot, Core hound pup, Mechagnome and Murky. The ultimate goal of the game is to claim supremacy over the lands of Azeroth and the Kopruly sector. Take over Orgrimmar and Stormwind and win the game. The properties consist of Twilight Highlands, Grizzly Hills and Swamp Sorrows. This is a great gift idea for fans of World of Warcraft and Monopoly!

Transformers Monopoly is the ultimate game for the true Transformer fan. The game includes playing tokens of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Jazz and Starscream. The object of the game is to collect the most planets, bases, locations, energy cubes and anti-matter in order to rule over the Transformer Universe. You can buy, sell and trade planets, bases and locations. Save the universe and keep it from Megatron and all will be well.

Music And Monopoly Boardgames

What's musical and fun? Music versions of Monopoly board games like the Beatles, AC/DC, Metallica, Elvis and the Rolling Stones. Pick your favorite style of music when you are deciding which of the Monopoly musical versions you want.

Boardgames come and go, but Monopoly has some real staying power as evidenced by the huge list of Monopoly boardgames I have compiled here. I cannot believe the prices that some of these old Monopoly games sell for, but I guess collectors who are looking for games will pay. I know I have some hobbies that are a bit expensive and the collectibles I gather wouldn't mean much to anyone but another collector. There is a Monopoly boardgame for everyone it seems!

The AC/DC version of the classic boardgame Monopoly comes with it's own unique set of collectible game tokens that include A Cannon, A Bundle of Dynamite, A Bell on Fire, A Lightning Bolt, An Angus School Boy Hat and Stacks of Cash. Play on Streets name AC/DC Lane and Calle de AC/DC, get cards from stacks called Bonfire and Back Tracks, build on your properties with houses and hotels called platinum and gold records. Properties also include some song names like Highway to Hell and Black in Black. Fun for AC/DC and Monopoly fans!

The Rolling Stones Monopoly board has the names of albums Stone fans will remember like Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street and Voodoo Lounge and more. The collectible Monopoly playing tokens are Dice for Tumbling Dice, Horses for Wild Horses, a Tour Bus, a Road Case, a Drum Set and the ever famous Licks Logo. Other names and events you will recognize on the gameboard are Bridges To Babylon, Stripped, the Licks World Tour and the Urban Jungle Europe. Get an emotional rescue card or it's all over now, to help or hurt your play. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need...and fans of The Rolling Stones will want this version of the classic Monopoly boardgame.

The basics of the Metallica Monopoly are based on the original Monopoly game but features a Metallica twist. Metallica-themed game tokens include the Metallica Ninja Star, Jump in the Fire Demon, Kill 'Em all Hammer, Black Album Snake, St. Anger fist and Justice for all Scales. The game board features famous locations and shows from the heavy metal band's history, such as childhood homes, clubs shows, festivals and recording studios. Within the game, players try to create studios or arenas. Players try their luck when they collect special jump in the fire or binge and purge cards and pay with Metallica money.

The King has his own version of the classic game, Monopoly! It's the Elvis Collector's edition and the collectible Monopoly game tokens are Elvis The King himself, a Pair of Sunglasses, a Guitar, a Vintage Record Player, a Leather Jacket, Army Tags, and a Microphone. The board is covered with some of the most wonderful albums Elvis made. Title deeds come with names like Graceland, the Las Vegas Hilton, The Ed Sullivan Show, all places from Elvis' past. Elvis fans will enjoy this fun version of the classic game.

The Monopoly Game - Have You Ever Played? Take Our Poll!

Deluxe Monopoly Tokens - People collect the playing tokens from different versions of the board game Monopoly.

Deluxe Monopoly Tokens - People collect the playing tokens from different versions of the board game Monopoly.

Here's the last poll of the Monopoly lens, I hope you take it. It will be fun to see just how many people have played and enjoyed, have played occasionally, have played and didn't even enjoy it, and finally, how many people have never played Monopoly at all!

Super Hero Monopoly Board Games

Batman, Spider Man, X-Men, Justice League, Marvel Comics

Who's your favorite Super Hero? Well, let's see if you can find a Monopoly board game with that Super Hero as the theme. The List Of Super Hero Monopoly Games:

  • Batman
  • Justice League
  • Marvel Comics
  • Marvel Heroes
  • Spider Man
  • Superman
  • Winning Marvel Moves Monopoly
  • X-Men Collection

Spiderman Monopoly

Monopoly - X-Men Collector's Edition

One of the best parts of the different Monopoly board games comes in the form of the many unique tokens created for game play. The playing tokens for the 1997 Batman Monopoly game are: The Batman Symbol, the Robin Symbol, Poison Ivy's Leaf, A Diamond, The Freeze Mobile, The Bat Mobile and The Bat Hammer. Other game board editions with a Batman theme have a Batman token that's really great and it's a must have in any token collectors collection. I love the X-Men Edition of the ever popular Monopoly board game. The tokens are from both sides of the mutant battle, the X-Men and the Evil Mutants! Choose from Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, Cable, Magneto, Mystique, Sinister and Apocalypse.

Last Chance Monopoly Board Game Poll - Now That You've Seen My List Of Monopoly Board Games, Do You Have A New Favorite Version?

I know I have a lot of different versions of Monopoly on this lens and it's not even nearly complete. Now that you have reached the bottom of this lens, have you discovered a new favorite Monopoly board game theme? If the answer is yes, tell us which version is your new favorite!

A Look At The Interesting History Of Monopoly

It may come as a surprise to most people, but the popular board game, Monopoly, has a long and interesting history.

In the Beginning

The earliest traces of this money-based board game can be found as early at 1904, when a woman named Elizabeth Magie created a game called "The Landlord Game." This game would eventually turn into the game we now know as Monopoly.

Parker Brothers Version

In 1934, board game giants Parker Brothers debuted their version of Monopoly. Although the game's design was a collaboration of ideas collected from various US residents, the design was ultimately accredited to a man named Charles Darrow.

Modern-Day Monopoly

Over the years, the Monopoly board underwent various subtle differences in design. With each generation, Parker Brothers modernized the game's graphics, making it inline with modern imagery.

In addition to changes to the traditional game board, Parker Brothers released a number of special-edition versions of the game, including versions based on The Simpsons, Star Wars, and other fan favorites. It was these unique versions of the Monopoly game that inspired me to write this lens. I just couldn't believe how many versions of this fun kids game there were.

Interesting Monopoly Game Facts

I Love Trivia So Here's Some Monopoly Trivia For You!

Here are several interesting Monopoly facts I'll bet you didn't know!

  • During World War II, the British Secret Service distributed "special editions" of the game to prisoners of war in Nazi territory. However, the games contained much more than the normal edition. Inside each box was an assortment of items, including money, maps, and other items that would come in useful during a prison camp escape.
  • Over 200 million Monopoly games have been sold
  • Since 1935 over 5 BILLION (5,120,000,000) little Monopoly houses have been made

  • 70 days is the record for the longest played game of Monopoly.
  • Monopoly was very popular in Cuba until Fidel Castro came to rule. He ordered that every Monopoly game be destroyed.
  • A Marathon Monopoly game held in Pittsburgh, Pa., ran out of playing money and Parker Brothers sent one million dollars in Monopoly money in an armored car so the marathon could continue.
  • Parker Brothers once sent an armored car with one million dollars of the MONOPOLY® game money to a marathon game in Pittsburgh that had run out of funds.

Find more interesting Monopoly lens and web sites.

Did you find enough versions of the Monopoly boardgames? Did you find the one you've been searching for? Let me know!

Leave Me A Monopoly Board Games Comment!

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@anonymous: Rick Paquin Check on the name of the game is The Salem Witch and it can be found here ... The Salem Witch Game

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HalloweenRecipes (author) on August 10, 2013:

@anonymous: I never heard of one before, but I looked and found this one ... The Salem Board Game

anonymous on August 10, 2013:

I was wondering if u heard of witch-opoly. It is a monopoly game about salami witch trials. I found one at a truck stop in salami mass a few years back but did not buy it. Been searching for it ever since.

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Great list. Thank you very much!

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BlackSunflowerB on August 14, 2012:

I didn't know there were so many versions.

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Very fun lens, I love Monopoly and we have lots of good memories. I like the old version that I played as a kid, but we also have the Star Wars version.

HalloweenRecipes (author) on July 07, 2012:

@Oosquid: I know! You can find so many fun sounding Monopoly board could be playing different versions for years.

Oosquid on July 07, 2012:

Well I never knew! So many different versions, I'd love to try the Three Stooges and the Rolling Stones. Great fun lens.

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