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Modeling Chocolate Valentines

Jean—a creative self-taught cook with a passion for helping people develop their cooking skills—has worked as a cooking instructor.


Modeling Chocolate For Valentine Cupcakes and Cookies

Modeling chocolate is such a fun thing to work with, you just have to try it. You can make plain cookies and cupcakes look fabulous with some simple, easy decorating ideas. White modeling chocolate can be colored with any food grade coloring paste so you can make some wonderful or pastel colors. Modeling chocolate tastes so much better than fondant or gum paste and it is just as versatile.

For example, the cookies in the picture have modeling chocolate rolled out with a rolling pin and cut with the same cutter as you cut the cookies with. It is attached to the cookie with thinned icing. Then the cookies are decorated with simple icing decorations using an icing bag and a fine tip.

For recipes and other ideas on how to make and use modeling chocolate, check out my other hub called Modeling Chocolate Cake Decorating.


Simply Decorated Valentine Cupcakes

Cupcakes are easy to make, especially if you can read directions on a box. Once the cupcakes are baked and cooled you can decorate them quite simply with pink, red and white circles and hearts. Using cookie cutters makes the job easy, consistent and of course colorful. The modeling chocolate doesn't stick too well so it is best to make a runny icing or a melted apricot jelly that you can paint lightly onto the back and stick it to the cupcake and to the next layer of modeling chocolate.

Modeling chocolate is great where you want something simple and elegant without a lot of thick icing, or where you want a simple decoration on top of the icing, like a rose or a heart.

Mini Cutters for Your Valentine Treats

These are cutters that I use not only to make mini cookies, but to cut modeling chocolate pieces to add to cookies and cupcakes. Sometimes I lay the modeling chocolate flat on the cookie or cupcake and sometimes I roll it a bit thicker so that it will stand up in a butter icing. Both look fabulous depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

You can use stencils with modeling chocolate, too!

You can use stencils with modeling chocolate, too!

You can use stencils with modeling chocolate, too!


A Little Fancier Valentine Cupcake

In these cupcakes the modeling chocolate is drizzled with a lace pattern. You can sometimes buy impression mats with lacy patterns on them which you can press into the modeling chocolate to save you the work of using an icing bag to create the design. They are really slick and give the impression that you are this primo decorator. There are some awesome leaf impression mats that look wonderful on top of a cupcake


Here's what the heart impression mats looks like

Impression mats usually come with the cookie cutter. When you have made your modeling chocolate and rolled it out, you cut it with the cookie cutter. The best thing is to either transfer it to a small piece of parchment paper before your press it with the impression mat or lay it on a baked cookie before your press it, so the design doesn't become distorted, torn or covered with your fingerprints.


Red White And Pink Valentine Decorations

These cupcakes can be any flavor. They are decorated with piped icing or they can be dipped into a chocolate ganache to make a nice neat and shiny icing. Then the modeling chocolate is colored with paste colorings, rolled and cut. See how cute the cupcakes are with the decorations layered on top. If you cut the decorations ahead of time you can stick them onto the chocolate icing while it is still moist so the hearts and flowers will stick. To get the top letters and hearts to stick you can paint them with a very thin film of honey. You don't want too much on it or it will leak around the edges and it will not look as attractive.


Black and White Valentines - So Chic!

These cupcakes look difficult to make but they are super easy. The layer closest to the cupcake is icing then topped with modeling chocolate tinted black or white and cut with a fluted cutter the size of the cupcake. Brush a little melted apricot jam or honey on the back of the modeling chocolate (if the icing has dried a bit) so the modeling chocolate will stick. You can then cut more discs or hearts from the modeling chocolate and stick them on top, again using a little dab of honey.

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If you want to get really daring you can use a silicone mold to press the modeling chocolate into to make exquisite flowers or snowflakes like those in the picture. Again, stick them on with a little dab of melted chocolate.

People will think you have slaved for hours. Just smile and tell them they were worth it!


Simple Valentine Variety

These cupcakes are first dipped in white or pink liquid fondant. You can use an icing as well. Then Use your imagination and have fun. You will notice the flowers and hearts cut with modeling chocolate and set on the cupcakes. You can even draw hearts on the top with an icing tube or bag. The chocolate squiggles work too, as to sprinkes of hearts and stars.

It is the white modeling chocolate that is tinted such nice colors and cut into flowers, hearts and butterflies.


Modeling Chocolate Valentine Hearts

The smallest hearts on the top are molded with a silicone mold out of peach colored tempered white chocolate. The cupcakes are covered with a fluted circle of white modeling chocolate that is molded to the shape of the cupcake. Hearts of various textures are placed on top with a little dab of melted chocolate before the beading is added and the small peach colored heart on the top. So easy and so elegant.


More Valentine Hearts...

These cupcakes are chocolate with a vanilla or mint flavored icing piped on the top. Then three modeling chocolate hearts are added on some simple sprinkles are used. Easy peasy yet so yummy!


Stencils and Modeling Chocolate Valentine Cupcakes

These cupcakes are dipped in liquid fondant or white or red icing. It gives a smooth finish to the cupcake. Some of the cupcakes are stencilled and some have modeling chocolate cutouts on them and some have both.

The trick when you dip the cupcakes in the icing or fondant is to let it drip until there is no more to drip. That way when you turn the cupcake right side up, the finish smooths right out and looks great.


Valentine Hearts and Flowers

These cupcakes are dipped too to give them that fabulous finish. The modeling chocolate hearts are added while the icing is still soft. Flower sprinkles are attached to the hearts with a toothpick of icing. Don't they look great?


The Victorian Valentine Look

You can do so much with cupcake wrappers and a little fancy icing work. Some of these cupcakes have the dipped icing look for those who aren't into the buttercream. The buttercream is basically an unorganized squirt of yellow buttercream frosting that looks good regardless. A few modeling chocolate roses and you've got an amazing looking cupcake plate.

You can find out how to make easy modeling chocolate roses by looking at the tutorial on the lens Modeling Chocolate Cake Decorating. It's edible playdoh!


Valentines Isn't Just About Hearts

Some people aren't into the hearts and flowers. You can thrill someone just be creating something for their favorite team. This is so easy to do with a store bought ready made icing in a tin or tube. Add a chocolate basketball or baseball to the top and it looks as delicious as it tastes.

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