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Silly Despicable Me Minion Character Costumes


Accessorize and Customize Your Basic Minion Costume

True Minion fans will not be content to just wear a basic minion costume for Halloween or a Minion party. With so many ways to accessorize a basic Minion Costume based on the different characters and their get ups, you can create your own uniquely inspired minion outfit.

With the new Despicable Me 2 and all of the crazy minion antics there are so many more costuming options for Gru's silly side kicks. You can wear a starfish on your head, dress up like a maid, a hula dancer, golfer or a Bee-do alarm-sounding firefighter. According to my kids many are the featured minion outfits on the app Minion Rush.

I've also included the name of the minion who is dressed up in the crazy outfit to help tell them apart, when I can determine which one is which.

With all of these different variations, who wouldn't want to wear a different minion look.

Despicable Me Minions from Facebook

Silly Minion Get Ups


Maid, Little Girl, Professor and Golfer Minions from Despicable Me on Facebook

Vote on Minions Silly Looks

Check out all of the different minion costume variations below, then come back to vote on your favorite. Leave your comments below if you'd like.

Meet the Despicable Me Minions

Watch a roll call of the minions of Despicable Me 2, the fire fighters (bee-do guys), their 22 fart gun salute in a TV spot for the Kids' Choice Awards Nominees and a TV spot where the minions start off in Paradise.

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Meet the Minions with Infographics

A helpful infographic to figure out the different minions. looks like it is the original source.


Make a Basic Minion Costume

Starting with the basic minion costume you can create a variety of different minion looks by adding different additional costume pieces and accessories. In some cases you just need to adjust your attitude or your stance.

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First you have to create the basic costume so you look like a yellow minion.

Starting from top to bottom here are the items needed to make a basic minion costume. After you have the basic costume you can embellish it with your favorite minion accessories.

First you have to figure out a way to turn yourself or at least part of yourself yellow. Wearing a yellow turtleneck top will help make your arms yellow.

For your head you can put on a bald cap or a yellow swim cap and cover your face with yellow face paint. If you want to do a bit less, then just wear the yellow swim cap or a yellow beanie.

For the rest of the minion outfit you need a pair of denim blue overalls or in the case of the new minion girl costume, a denim blue overall dress. Add a "G" for Gru logo on the front from felt or black foamie. I have links to several logos on the Make an Easy Minion Costume from Despicable Me lens.

The finishing touches, your goggles (you can choose a from one or two eyed goggle to print out at the Despicable Me website). Pull on some black boots or shoes and your black gloves or mittens and you're ready to go.

Now that you've got the basic minion costume done, read on to find out ways to accessorize and customize your basic minion costume.

You can find more information and supplies for making your own basic minion costume at the Make an Easy Minion Costume from Despicable Me.

Despicable Me Minions from Facebook

Items Needed for a Basic Minion Costume

Starting from top to bottom here are the items needed to make a basic minion costume. After you have the basic costume you can embellish it with your favorite minion accessories.

  1. Yellow cap or swim cap
  2. Yellow face paint
  3. Goggles
  4. Yellow turtleneck top
  5. Blue Overalls with "G" Logo
  6. Black Mittens
  7. Black shoes or boots

Make a Raspberry Blowing Minion Costume

Accessorizing a Raspberry Blowing Minion Costume is one of the simplest variations of all the minion costumes, since you don't need to add anything different to the costume.

Note: If you want to look just like Dave, choose the two eyed goggles.

You start with a basic minion costume and then take on a minion attitude by going around blowing raspberries at people.

According to Wikipedia, "Blowing a Raspberry" is a noise made by "placing the tongue between the lips and blowing to produce a sound similar to flatulence." This noise is also known as a raspberry, rasp, razz or a Bronx Cheer though I'd never heard this one.

Alternatively you can just blow through your lips to cause them to vibrate.

If you need a reminder of how to blow a raspberry or want to learn how, take a look at the video clips below, with both versions.

Tttthhhppppbbbtttt! (or blowing a raspberry)

Despicable Me Minions from Facebook

How to Blow a Raspberry Video

A demonstration of blowing a raspberry from BaronWrightBurke and a slow motion version of the raspberry pattern from Raspberry Pattern.


Make a Worker Minion Costume

We see the working minions when Gru visits his subterranean headquarters. When they are not partying or getting into mischief, the minions are helping Dr. Nefario develop a line of jams and jellies so Gru can become a legitimate businessman.

A Worker Minion costume is a fairly simple variation on the basic minion costume. You can customize your own basic costume just by adding in a few accessories.

Start by adding a hard hat in the color of your choice. Many of the minions wear white hardhats, although I'd probably go with a yellow hardhat with my goggles perched on the hat, so I wouldn't have to paint a face yellow.

Have your worker minion carry an old black worker style, thermos-carrying steel lunch box. If you are lucky you might have one of these stashed away somewhere.

Don't forget to bring along the fart gun, so you can give people a fart gun salute.

Alternatively you could just carry the fart gun with your minion costume.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go... hehehe!

Despicable Me Minions Figures on Amazon

Minion Worker Accessories

Minions on a Lunch Break


Minions on a Lunch Break from Despicable Me 2


Make a Starfish-wearing Minion

Gru is the one who ends up with a starfish on his head for more screen time when he emerges at the underground headquarters of the AVL (Anti Villain League).

The starfish is seen briefly on the one eyed minion in the film (who might be Stuart) and also on the two eyed minion when he shows up as a Happy Meal Toy.

A Starfish Minion costume is another one of the simple variations on the basic minion costume.

Customize a basic costume just by attaching the starfish to your head with theatrical glue or spirit gum or attach it to your goggles with some sticky dots or double stick tape.

The starfish that I found below come in several colors, so you could create several starfish minion costumes.

The play vision starfish below also come with LED lights, so you can have a flashing starfish on your forehead.

Bottom.. hehehe

Despicable Me Minions from Facebook

Add a Light Up Starfish

Minion Maid and Basic Minions


Minion Maid, Basic Minion and Raspberry-blowing Minion from Despicable Me on Facebook


Make a Minion Maid Costume

We see Phil wearing a French Maid costume as he dances around with a vacuum cleaning up around Gru's house before getting sucked out the door by a mysterious stranger.

To create the dancing Minion Maid you need to add a basic (not sexy) French Maid costume on top of a yellow minion.

The maid costume starts with a yellow head, yellow bodysuit or turtle neck, a pair of goggles black gloves or mittens and black boots.

Put on the maid costume with black dress, white apron and a maid's hat. The carry a bright pink feather duster. You could bring a vacuum cleaner to push around and help clean which will probably please any party host (especially if you help clean up afterwards).

Be sure to practice the vacuum while you wiggle your butt dance.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle your butt...hehehe

Despicable Me Minions from Facebook

Accessories for a Minion Maid Costume


Make a Minion Golfer Costume

The golfing minion is one that we see as the minions take a break from babysitting the girls for a round of inside golf.

According to the Back 2 Work trailer this is Mark, but in the movie it is Kevin who is playing golf with Jerry before both of them get sucked up into the sky by the mysterious magnetic force.

The Minion Golfer costume starts with the basic yellow minion, a yellow head, yellow bodysuit or turtle neck and a pair of goggles.

To turn into the golfer, put on a green checked cabbie cap, a green argyle sweater brown golf pants, white golf gloves and golfing shoes.

Be sure to bring at least one golf club and perhaps golf balls and tee.

Na, dul...