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Mini Christmas Tree Lights

Interesting Mini Christmas Tree Lights

Mini Christmas tree lights are fascinating to look at, and come in about as many varieties as larger sized Christmas lights. I have a number myself, including some from my favorite cartoon characters, along with miniature Christmas lights made for these smaller trees.

Yet, even though you have a miniature Christmas tree to decorate, doesn't necessarily mean miniature lights are always what must be put on them.

I've experimented with a number of light sizes, themes and designs, and in many cases lights you would put on a larger Christmas tree work great for a miniature tree.

Either way, they both work, and mini Christmas tree lights are a terrific addition to any home Christmas decor.

Mini Clear Christmas Tree Lights

MIniature clear Christmas tree lights continue to be among the most popular Christmas tree lights, even though they seem to be somewhat boring. While they may look like that at times, especially if there are few other decorations to go with them, overall, when you include everything together - decorations and all - clear mini Christmas lights are very nice looking and look great on any tree.

Clear Mini Christmas Tree Lights

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Mini LED Colored Christmas Lights

We don't want to focus only on clear miniature Christmas lights, so here's a look at mini colored Christmas lights to contrast with the photo above. They're obviously LED lights, as identified the way they look when photographed; being more luminous than their incandescent counterparts.

Mini Colored Christmas Lights

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Fully Decorated Christmas Trees with Mini Lights

The following three photos of decorated Christmas trees with mini lights gives great examples of how a tree can incorporate small lights and still show extraordinary effects.

For the first two Christmas trees there are the white lights with numerous decorations on the trees, and in the last photo there are a plethora of miniature light colors included.

It's interesting to see how the lights contrast with the different decoration themes on each tree. On the first one are primarily white decorations to go with the white mini lights; on the second is a gold color Christmas tree theme; and on the third is a theme with red ribbons flowing throughout the tree.

Miniature White Christmas Tree Lights with White Decorations


Small White Christmas Tree Lights with Gold Decorations

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Multi-Colored Mini Christmas Tree Lights with Red Ribbon Decorations

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Mini Christmas Lights Will Remain Major Part of Christmas Tree Decorations

Sometimes we can take small or mini Christmas lights for granted because they're assumed to be a major part of our Christmas tree decorations, but in reality, there are far more people who decorate with a wide variety of lights (I'm one of them), with mini lights being more of a complementary, than the major light source.

Either way, they work great by themselves with no problem, as shown above. Mini Christmas lights will continue to be a key part of decorating Christmas trees, even with the endless new options offered by decorative Christmas light manufacturers.

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