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Minecraft Party Supplies

Janet is an enthusiastic party planner that has a passion for theme parties and finding those unique supplies to make your party memorable.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Unique Ideas for your Celebration

If you are hosting a Minecraft party, this page features a nice selection of party ideas and supplies for your celebration including partyware ideas, unique party favors, cake & cupcake supplies, party attire, pinatas and more.

Even though there has not been any official party supplies released yet, there is so much you can incorporate into your party décor such as grass, dirt, cobblestone and brick. The party favors include stickers, vinyl decals, buttons, candy wrappers and magnets.

For your cake and cupcakes, you can create a Grass Block Cake or Creeper cake, use an edible cake topper or make your own paper cupcake toppers.

Custom Creeper Party Sticker


Partyware and Decorations

Tablecovers ~ Decorations ~ Party Décor

To incorporate the feel of the Minecraft world into your birthday party décor, you could use grass, dirt, cobblestone and the prodominent colors displayed in the video game. Since there has not been any officially licensed partyware released yet, here are some party décor suggestions:

Use the colors green, brown, grey and blue for your partyware and decorations. Purchase the Green Grass Plastic Tablecover featured below. Hang Minecraft posters and vinyl decals around the party room.Use a grass mat and/or a stone wall backdrop to decorate your party room. Purchase square green plates for your Creeper décor. Stone castle door and wall decorations.

Personalized Invitations


Custom Party Supplies

  • Banners
  • Cake and Cupcake Toppers
  • Invitations
  • Birthday Shirt
  • Candy Wrappers

Party Table - An eye-catching table setting featuring Creeper plates, grass placemats and metal pails filled with party food.

Amazing Minecraft Party Table

Amazing Minecraft Party Table

FUN Party Table

This party table is amazing! It features grass mat placemats, grass tablecover, custom made Creeper plates and metal pails for the party snacks. To make the Creeper birthday plates, simply take solid green plates and add the face using black construction paper. Then place a clear plastic plate on top. A big thank you to Karin for allowing me to display this image on my page!

Party Decorations and Accessories

The green grass tissue mat featured below would look great on a "dirt" brown table cover. The styrofoam block can be painted brown and topped with the grass mat to form grass block party decorations.

The colorful foam blocks would be perfect for your party decorations and/or party favors. You could paint each block to resemble the blocks found in Minecraft World and scatter them on the party table or include in the favor bags. Another idea would be to hide the blocks and use them for a fun scavenger hunt party game. The last items featured are clear plastic plates which can be used to make the Creeper plates pictured above and metal buckets.

Creeper Cakes

Minecraft Creeper Cakes

Minecraft Creeper Cakes

Wrapping Paper

This wrapping paper can be used to wrap the birthday child's presents or to wrap the party favors.

Another great use for this paper would be to cover the cake or cupcake board. Simply wrap the board with the paper and attach with tape on the bottom. Then place your decorated cake or cupcakes on the board. I have done this in the past for my kid's parties and the end result looks great! You can use a rectangular cake board such as the one featured below. These cake boards can usually be purchased at your local craft store.

Cake and Cupcake Ideas & Supplies

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake

Cakes and Cupcakes

Please visit my Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes page a large selection of ideas and supplies for your celebration.

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Some of the supplies include paper cupcake toppers, square "dirt block" baking pans and molds, grass cake decorating ideas, Creeper cake decorating ideas and more.

Steve Cake

Party Favors

Stickers ~ Wristbands ~ Magnets ~ Creeper Favor Boxes

There are many fun items you can include in your party favor bags.

Some of the party favors include stickers, rubber wristbands, pinback buttons and magnets.

For your party favor bags, you could purchase a green favor box or bag . Then create the Creeper's face on the box or bag using black construction paper or cardstock. This design is very simple to do and when you are finished you will have fun, green Creeper party favor bags or boxes.

You could also decorate plain colored bags with the stickers pictured here.

Another idea would be use Stone Castle Favor Boxes. These gable style favor boxes coordinate nicely with the Castle and Cobblestone look of the Minecraft world.

Party Candy - Coal would make a unique party favor.

Candy Favors

Candy Favors

Candy Favors

*Party Note: This 5lbs of coal could also be used for a fun party game. Count the pieces of coal and then place it in a clear jar. Add a Minecraft coal label. The party guests have to guess how many pieces of coal is in the jar. The person closest without going over wins.

Creeper Pinata

Creeper Pinata

DIY Pinata

Make your own pinata using a cardboard box

These are one of the simpler DIY pinatas to make. This is because the pinatas created are square and/or rectanglular shaped.

You could make a Creeper pinata as pictured here, a grass block pinata or even a TNT pinata. All of these pinata designs require an easy to make square or rectangle.

How to make a cardboard box pinata:

1. Find a cardboard box the size you would like for your pinata. It is better to find a box with thinner sides so it will not be too difficult to break. If you are having very young kids, you may want to slice a few holes in the box before decorating it. This will make breaking it open a bit easier.

2. Fill the box with candies and small toys.

3. Punch two holes on the sides of the unopened side of the box about 2" down from the top . (the opened side goes on the bottom so the candy will fall out).

4. Pass a piece of heavy duty string through the holes to create you pinata hanger.

5. Cover the box with a few layers of paper mache.

6. Decorate your pinata with paint, creper paper or images printed from the Internet.

Party Activity - This LEGO set would make a fun party activity for the kids to work on together.

Party Activity

Party Activity

Party Costume - Have your child dress up as Steve or the Creeper for their birthday party.

Minecraft Party Attire

Minecraft Party Attire

Minecraft Party Food Images Displayed Courtesy of qwrrty

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I have two sons 20 and about to be 18 and this is the theme for his party. All their friends and them play online every night. Wow...the things they have created. Best game.....I confess...I play all the time too. :)Thanks for all the great ideas!!!!

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