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Minecraft Birthday Party

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Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas to Build Something Awesome!

Gather blocks of ideas and supplies to build an awesome Minecraft birthday party! Without a doubt,I know lots of moms will be getting requests from their kids to have their birthdays themed around minecraft (their favorite game), but with not much available officially in terms of Minecraft party supplies how can you pull it off?

This page will show you how as I've featured everything from free minecraft invitation templates, videos on how to make your own minecraft cake, fun party favor ideas, decorating supplies ideal for creating a party room that resembles the minecraft world and much more..

You'll also find tons of inspiration from other party planners as I've included amazing ideas and examples from other people who have successfully thrown this themed party.

Minecraft invitation templates - Birthday Buzzin

Minecraft invitation templates - Birthday Buzzin

Minecraft Birthday Invitations

If your on a budget or you just want to save a little in the invitation department you could use the free Minecraft invitation templates here. Download, print off, add details and send out to your guests.

You could also make your own creeper Minecraft invites by using green cardstock paper and using construction tape or a black marker to draw on the creeper face. Your wording could be something like " (insert childs name) party is creeping up and you are invited!", or something simple that relates to the theme.

If you are handy with photoshop or any photo editting software you could design some digital invites yourself from using a few minecraft character images and adding some text...


Minecraft Party Decoration Ideas

DIY Ideas for Decorating Party Table and Room

Let's start off with your main celebration room.

*Green balloons (either helium or plain) are easy to accent with the creeper face - use black electrical tape or magic marker... You can also use the free creeper face balloon templates available from the party animal blog.

*TNT sticks can be made with a red pool noodle cut up and bundled together. Cut and wrap a narrow piece of paper around the "dynamite," then print out "TNT" on your computer and glue onto all four sides.

*Use your recycled boxes to make Minecraft Steve heads that you can use to build up the back of the table or have them stacked up beside it. Beforeandaftertv has a video tutorial showing how to make these fun Minecraft character heads.

*Make a Creeper face backdrop using square lime green, dark green and black plates as seen here. Square paper plates are little more pricey than round ones so you could buy the typical round ones in the colors needed and then cut them into square shapes as Domestic Femme did before piecing them together to make your creeper face on the wall.

*Print of a free minecraft birthday banner template made available by the party animal to create a minecraft inspired banner which reads the message "happy birthday". Hang this over your party table so it catches the eye of your little miner when they set foot in the room.

*Your windows don't have to go bare either as you can incorporate bagnitsch's idea of using white electric tape to give windows the minecraft glass look.

These are just some ideas to get your party started. Let your imagination think "square" and see where it takes you.

Free Printable Minecraft Party Pack

Printable Minecraft party pack

Printable Minecraft party pack

Printabelle has kindly made a collection of free Minecraft party templates..I'm sure it will be a real help for you as you plan your Minecraft birthday theme. It includes; cupcake toppers, food labels, favor toppers, invitations and water bottle labels. Quite a pack right? Just click through on the pic and you'll be taken to the page where you can download it straight to your computer. The pack also has an option to be personalized with your child's name and customizations are available too.

Minecraft Inspired Wall Décor

To create a scene similar to that of the minecraft buildings you could use these stone wall decals. Stick them behind the party table as a backdrop. You can also use them to decorate a bedroom after the party.

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Minecraft Party Plates,Cups and Table Setup

Ideas for Setting up an awesome Party Table

If you have a square or rectangular table, you already have a great base. Use a green or brown tablecloth to cover it with, then build your accents.

*Make creeper cups; by using black foamy or black tape to create the creeper on green plastic cups. My sugar coated life has some great creeper face templates that can be used to trace the face onto the cups

*For a fun placemat use fake turf. This can be found at the Dollar store, but I've also featured it below. They are already cut into squares so just need you to put them into place.

*Make creeper face party bags by picking up some green paper party bags (Walmart) and by using foamy, construction paper, black tape, magic marker or simply using the templates used for the cups to make the face. Steve party bags can be created with brown lunch bags. Print of an image of his face online and then glue these onto bags to create favor bags. Scatter around on table top.

*Take square glass drinking glasses and fill them with chocolate rocks or gold nuggets (featured below).

*Square glass tumblers can also make great TNT. Fill them with red candy and use a black licorice whip for the fuse. You can also wrap a thin strip of TNT paper around each glass (pool noodle style as above).

*Make minecraft creeper plates by sticking the creeper face templates that you used for cups, onto green plates and then gluing a clear plate on top of it to protect the face when you serve food on it but allow it to be still visible.

Solid colored Square Plates

Minecraft Inspired Tablecover

Grass Mat Placemats

Printable Minecraft Paper Model Templates - Make your own Minecraft Paper Models to Decorate Your party Table

Free printable Minecraft Paper craft Models

Free printable Minecraft Paper craft Models

Make minecraft paper models with these free printable paper templates. Use them to decorate your party table or print them off as sheets and have it as a fun activity at the party, where each person can make their very own paper figure of their favorite characters to take home with them. These can also be used as cake toppers by attaching lollipop sticks or tooth picks to them once their built.

There are templates to make steve, creepers, zombies, animals, spiders and more. I would recommend printing these off on cardstock paper as it makes the figure a little bit more sturdy and you'll need some glue to stick the parts that are marked to be folded together. Also check out this great video tutorial about How to make Minecraft paper models, it will make it easy to follow along and make these figures.

Party Accessories - Add some of the resources from the game into your decorations too

Minecraft Party Food Ideas - Restore their Health with these Minecraft themed Snacks and Foods


Now that you have your main table set, let's move into the realm of party food.For finger foods the Minecraft game gives you a lot of options. Again this is where the square thinking comes into play.

*Make PB&J (or any filling), cut the crust off and cut the sandwich into bite-sized squares

*Tint Rice Krispie Treats with green food coloring, cut into squares and make the creeper face with black gel

*Take some green food coloring and mix it into spreadable cream cheese. Once you have our infamous creeper color, spread it over graham crackers.

*Chex Mix also makes a great snackable food and it's square!

*Green Jello cut up into squares and served on a brown serving tray or just stacked up in a clear bowl looks cool (check out the pic)

The game has a lot of food involved in the gameplay as its how the player powers up. Plus, most of the options you have in the game are simple and healthy. For example other (than the raw meats) this game also offers apples, melon, carrots and cookies. These can all be put in square bowls or containers for nibbling on. For an added touch use the food labels in the printable party pack featured above and if the food is not available as a label print out the individual food pictures from the Wiki.

In addition, the game also has more fun food like poisonous potato and spider eye. These can easily be done with making a potato salad and using large black gumballs for spider eyes.

Kids love food and it is even more fun when it's themed, so look around for super-cool ways to make ordinary foods Minecraft worthy.

Photo Credit: justjenn

Minecraft Party Favors

Minecraft Party Favors

Minecraft Inspired Party Favors

DIY Minecraft Party Favor Ideas

After all the party fun you'll want to send the miners home with some minecraft party favors that will remind them of the great time they had. Here's your chance to have a little fun and create some keepsake favors that guests can use well after the party is over.

Make your own minecraft creeper keychains. By using perler beads in the colors needed to make the faces, you can construct the face with the help of a creeper image and then cover with wax paper and apply a hot iron to allow the pieces to stick together. You will have to iron the other side too and then simply attach a keyring chain to the edge of the bead image.

Have you heard the Minecraft parody songs, well guess who loves to sing along to it?... yep minecraft fans, and a minecraft mixtape can be easily made by downloading a few minecraft parody songs and burning them onto a cd... You can decorate the cd cases with creeper face images.

Also follow the steps provided by Jeremy Shafer to make flip up origami creeper heads. They look really cool and would be awesome as simple party favors that kids can display in their rooms or play around with when their bored.

Party Favor Box

Minecraft Sticker Party Favors

Minecraft Button Pins

Pixelated Glasses Party Favors - If the Characters had glasses this is what they would look like!

Gold Candy Favor Boxes - Perfect for holding small candies like Smarties

Minecraft Chocolate rocks, tnt licorice sticks, liquorice grass

Minecraft Chocolate rocks, tnt licorice sticks, liquorice grass

Minecraft Candy Favor Ideas

After the party is over it's always nice to give the kids a little something to remember the day by. Try these sweet treats they won't soon forget.

*Use chocolate gravel, gold nuggets, watermelon gummy slices or spider eyes (black gumballs), put them in clear cello bags (Walmart party section) tape them up, then add a topper. The topper can be simple like a folded piece of construction paper with a, thanks for coming or hope you had a blast on the front.

*Use red licorice sticks, cut them into short sections and bundle together with a twist tie - this will resemble dynamite. Make narrow TNT paper (as above) and wrap it over top of the twist tie and secure with a small piece of tape. Put two or three of these in your cello bags and either use a topper or tie with a black ribbon

*Take square tumblers or containers and use the creepers design or add the child's name with paper. Fill these with the above candy bags.

*Green gift bags with a creeper face added, can be filled with fun treats either commercial bought or homemade - perfect place for creeper rice krispie treats

*If you have any left over green Easter basket filler, this can be used to top off the bags or to place in the cello bags for a cool effect.

Photo Credit: justjenn

Chocolate Rock Candy

Chocolate rock candies would be a hit at any Minecraft party. There are silver, golden nuggets and coal rock candies that look like they have been dug striaght out of the ground. The only difference is that they have a pleasant taste when bitten into. Put a cello bag of these into each favor bag or use these as rewards for party games.

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake Ideas

SSssss Creeper Cake Decorating Ideas

Whether you decide on a cake or individual cupcakes, the creeper is an easy bake. Here are a few options;

* You can bake a double layer cake in two 8'x8' pans and layer them up. Use a buttercream icing and tint it with green food coloring to ice the entire creeper-cake-cube, then decorate the face on with black gel icing.

*Use a rectangular cake pan decorate as it is and serve into squares. Or slice it up in squares beforehand, icing all around with green icing and add creeper face with black baking gel on each piece

*Frost cake after it has been baked and use a Minecraft edible cake topper (featured below) to decorate, once the image has been applied you could add a buttercream border around cake to give it a frame. (like the cake in pic)

*Cupcakes are probably the easiest - just add the green icing and creeper face on after they cool

Photo credit: wonderwebby

How to Make Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes - Video tutorials for baking all sorts of Minecraft cake from scratch

Here are some video tutorials showing how to make Minecraft themed cakes ranging from Minecraft game world cake, Minecraft dirtblock cake, Minecraft game cake, Minecraft TNT cakes, Creeper cupcakes and much more. I've also featured some other tasty snacks you can make... Check it out!


Minecraft Party Games and Activities

Make Your own Minecraft Mask

A big part of this videogame is to build your character. Let your birthday party guests make their own character head or creeper head. It's a perfect way to have a fun activity and take home gift combined into one. You will need;

*large paper bags (big enough to fit a child's head)

*construction paper cut in squares - assorted colors like, blue, yellow, white, black, brown, pink, green etc

*glue sticks

Put the prepared paper squares in an individual bins so the kids can choose their colors. Then let them loose to make their own Minecraft character.

Creeper Toss Game

An idea found on surprising Joy blog. Paint a large piece of cardboard green and cut the Creeper facial expression out. Stand it up in a corner of your room and have kids throw a bean bag through the gaps.. They can get prizes depending on how many points they manage to rack up.

Minecraft Scavenger Hunt

Dad Geek Gamer had the awesome idea of making a scavengers hunt with a minecraft twist to it. Kids were able to trade in items they found to create tools which with the help of clues would allow them to further search around the house to "mine" or collect resources that had been hidden. They could then trade these in for treats, prizes and better tools.

Minecraft coloring pages

Kids love to color things in so if they're at the age where coloring in is still fun, you could print of these free Minecraft coloring pages and have them color in their favorite characters.


Minecraft Pinata

Make Your Own minecraft Creeper or Ghast Pinata.

As part of the party games you could make your own Minecraft pinata for the birthday boy or girl to beat up. Once again Domestic Femme had the idea to make a minecraft Ghast pinata and it turned out brilliantly. She used a 12x12 box, Ghast face template, tissue paper and a few bits and bobs like glue to create a very impressive pinata.

The same process can be used to make a Creeper pinata. In fact you can decorate the cardboxes slightly differently due to the Creepers multicolored pixelated look. Try scrunching black and different shades of green tissue paper and gluing them on to your pinata (there's a vid below with an example of how this will look). Simply painting your creeper design on the cardboard box can work well too.


Minecraft Costume Ideas and Party Attire

Letting the birthday boy or girl match the theme by dressing up only makes the day even more special. After all it's their big day and they've got to look the part!

There are lots of cool minecraft t-shirts you can buy online but a cheaper way would be to make your own creeper t-shirt using Mad Mommy's technique. All you would need is a plain green tee shirt, freezer paper, a creeper face template to mark off the creeper face on the freezer paper and some black paint to dab in the creeper face. You could make one for each guest to take home or create one specially for your birthday miner.

Also remember the Steve and creeper heads we mentioned you could make and use for decorations these would make perfect costume heads - All you would need to do is cut holes where the eyes are supposed to be for each character so your child can see out of them.


Minecraft Gift Ideas

Top Minecraft gifts all fans will love!

Although you've found some Minecraft party ideas you might still be in need of some good minecraft gift ideas too. What exactly does a minecraft fan want? Instead of more time to build things in the game of course. Here's a few gift recommendations to ensure that you totally surprised them with a something that they will absolutely love.

*Minecraft Lego Set

Lego is awesome and matches perfectly with the building aspect of minecraft. Just like in the game they will be able to build whatever their imagination allows them to. The Lego minecraft set allows them to put together their own minecraft world and there are even mini lego figures of characters. Even if they do not have all the figures (as they are a little pricey) they could use youtube tutorials to build their own steve, creeper, Enderman, etc from scratch if they have the right pieces.

*Minecraft foam sword, pick axe and other props and items

The pick axe, sword, torch and other items fimilar in the game can be purchased as foam weapons and props for real life reenactment of the game and characters - that means a lot of ssssing like creepers and trying to dig through everything. Be warned however as opting for this kind of gift will mean that they will bring the game from off the screen into your living room. If the props are little expensive for your tastes you can make some yourself with foam sheets and printable templates (video featured below in party ideas section), I'm sure your little miner will be equally as excited that they have their own pickaxe to wield around just like Steve. and have lots of Minecraft merchandise and you'll find things like minecraft mugs for older fans, unique t-shirts, backpacks, accessories and much more, so definitely stop by there to see what's in store that will suit your little miner.

Minecraft Wrapping Paper - Use for Gifts, Games or Decorations

Minecraft Party Ideas - Gather some more Ideas from these Vids

Hosting a Minecraft party doesn't have to be expensive or mind boggling. Ask your child what aspects of the game he/she really likes and go from there. Let your birthday child be a part of the process and get them to pitch in where they can. You will find it's not only mindblowingly easy, but fun.

Share Your Minecraft Party Ideas and Thoughts? - Let us know...

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We had a minecraft themed party for my son in September. We actually made the cake that is in the youtube video above (the one that featured cake at the grass blocks, rise krispy treats for the sand, and blue jello for the water.) My wife and I took two boxes (it would have been more but we ran out of time) sized 12x12x12 and cut construction paper out to paste on them. One became a grass block and the other became a chest. I modified the chest to where it would open just like a minecraft chest and we put some of his presents in there. He really enjoyed it. Come to think of it we enjoyed putting it all together for him too. LoL

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