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DIY Mike Ditka Halloween Costume


Mike Ditka was the most dynamic coach in Chicago Bears history

You are going to a Halloween party in Chicago and you don't know what to wear, well, there's one coach that everyone will recognize and you can have some fun with some great quotes as well.

The Mike Ditka costume is easy if you have a tan sports jacket, a bears sweater, a cigar, and sunglasses. So slick back your hair, rehearse your best Chicago accent (check out the videos below), and go have some fun.

Prior to Halloween try out your costume at the Ditka Dash 5k which supports Special Olympics Chicago.

And when you are done wearing the costume for Halloween, go tailgate at a Bears game, and I'm sure you can score some free wings or pork chops.

Mike Ditka picture available on Amazon.

Brush up on your Chicago Accent and Mike Ditka phrases

Mike Ditka is a great character and during his years coaching the Chicago Bears, he came up with some great quotes.

"Keep your mouth shut"

"See that, that's your IQ buddy, zero"

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Chicago Bears Sweater

The staple of the Mike Ditka costume is the Bears sweater. This one is a replica and will keep you warm in late October on Halloween. Plus, its not a throw away, this sweater can be worn throughout football season.

Mike Ditka Suit Coat

You'll need a great suit coat to pull off the Mike Ditka look. Typically, the tan suit coat goes pretty well with your Chicago Bears sweater.

Chicago Bears Tie

You'll need a tie to go along with that blazer. So why not make it a Chicago Bears themed tie.

Great Sunglasses, Mustache, and Cigar

To pull off the Mike Ditka costume, you'll need some great sunglasses. Not mirrored sunglasses, but a pair that goes across your whole forehead. And if you don't have your own, buy a fake mustache.

No wimpy cigars here, find the thickest, longest cigar you can find. Ditka had a partnership with Camacho Cigars, but if you can't find them, use your favorite or get a fake cigar.


As part of your costume, you'll want to throw bubblegum at people. So get a big supply as you want to make sure your wads of gum are large.

Don't forget to checkout Goodwill and Savers

When putting together a homemade costume, the local thrift stores are great. Goodwill and Savers in the Chicago area will have all kinds of items for your Mike Ditka costume.

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