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Mermaid Costume

Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid costumes have been popular since the Little Mermaid (even before then), and are really pretty and unique to wear, as there's not a lot of costumes that take on their interesting characteristics.

And because of the context of the costume, all sorts of vivid and loud colors can be added without it clashing with the idea of what a mermaid costume should look like, which gives it a lot of flexibility and leeway when wearing it to a party or on Halloween in general.

Along with a look of a couple of mermaid costumes for children below, I've also included several for adults women, which really are cute, sexy and colorful, and will draw the gazes of everyone around on you.

Mermaid costumes work good for mother/daughter combinations who want to look alike on Halloween, and are a lot of fun in that regard, and create a lot of memories.

But whether an adult mermaid costume or one for children, they are beautiful to wear, and give a distinct look that most costumes aren't able to. In other words, they're a great Halloween costumes to wear.

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Cute Little Girl Mermaid Costumes

While all the ladies wearing mermaid costumes look beautiful and cute, the mermaid costumes for the little girls below are just too cute. This is why they always remain so popular, as they just bring out that little girl in them.

No wonder we love to take so many pictures of them in cute mermaid costumes like those below.

Cute Mermaid Costume


Pretty Girl Mermaid Costume


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Women's Ariel and Mermaid Costumes

These adult women's mermaid or Ariel costumes are beautiful, and stunning to look at. While they all include the blue, which points to the sea, they also are different in subtle, and with the bottom photo, not-so-subtle ways.

The flared bottoms on all of these - representing the mermaid tail - look fantastic, and overall are very cute and classy. Mermaid themes are great Halloween costumes, as you can see.

This first one has a beautiful lavender top that goes beautifully with the blue of the bottom.

Did you notice the cut flair at the waist that flows down to the wonderful flair at the bottom of the costume to give the illusion of a tail?

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Women's Ariel Mermaid Costume


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Elegant Adult Women's Mermaid Costume

Here we have an elegant and sex mermaid costume, built to accentuate the beautiful curves of a woman, as it does so well in this photo.

That netting around the hips is gorgeous and flows well with the theme. As does the flair at the bottom, chosen in place of the puffy look of the other adult mermaid costumes.

I like how the white and blue complement one another here.


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Mermaid Costume with Cute Pink Top

This is definitely a Mermaid costume that makes a statement. Nobody will miss you if you enter a house or room wearing this beautiful costume.

Including the scaly look going down from the hips to the knees really works well, going from the taper to a flare at the bottom to complete this pretty costume.

When dressed in this mermaid costume a lot of the male fish of the sea will be surely approaching you.

Cute Mermaid Costume


Mermaid Costumes for Halloween

Whether a lady is young or old, these mermaid costumes look really good on all of them, and again, are so different than most costumes you'll see at Halloween time, that they always cause quite a stir and appreciation as to the quality and beauty of the costumes. Very nice!


yaanee on June 08, 2013:

wow i love mermaids did you have arial costume picther

The Little Mermaid on August 26, 2010:

Mermaid costumes are fun and sexy. They work well for all ages. I am sure this coming Halloween we will see many of these beautiful sea creatures floating around!

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