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Maleficent Movie Costume Ideas


Dress Like Maleficent Disney's Fairy Queen

With the release of the Maleficent movie, people young and old will be dressing in the re-imagined elegant and evil style of this fairy queen.

Maleficent has been a popular Halloween costume since Disney's 1959 cartoon version of Sleeping Beauty with her iconic villain evil queen look.

In Maleficent the movie Disney has re-imagined the evil fairy queen from Sleeping Beauty. Costume designer Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard and her amazing design staff have also created not one, but at least eight different costumes for this iconic Disney villain (who is just a misunderstood fairy).

This is a work in progress as I get a chance to see the costumes watching the movie. Come back to see how it develops.

Maleficent with Wings from Disney's Maleficent on Facebook

Elements of Maleficent's Costume

For Maleficent's costume there are several different elements. Her staff, raven and makeup do not change much in the movie. Her robe or gown and headdress change with the development of her character and also with the seasons.

I remember her being barefoot as the Queen of the Moors, but her shoes didn't seem to make much of an appearance (or impression), since they were under her long flowing gowns most of the time.

From top to bottom:

  1. Headdress or Headpiece
  2. Gown, Robe or Cloak
  3. Staff or Walking Stick
  4. Wings (Not always)
  5. Raven
  6. Make-up
  7. Nails
  8. Shoes

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Black Cloak on Amazon

Wings or No Wings

From Disney Maleficent

From Disney Maleficent

Poll on Maleficent's Costume

Black Feather Wings on Amazon

My favorite part of her costume (after the headdress) is her massive set of wings.

Maleficent Staff on Amazon

Walking Staff on eBay

The reproduction of the walking staff from the movie. Check the prices, since they are being offered at different prices from different sellers.

Disney Licensed Maleficent Wings on Amazon

Black Raven on Amazon

Remember to bring your trusty Raven companion, Diaval.

Maleficent Makeup - Video Tutorials

Two tutorials for getting that Angelia Jolie-inspired evil fairy look from some of the best YouTube make up artists from Kandee Johnson and Promise Phan.

Kandee Johnson's make-up tutorial, inspired by the new movie.

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Promise Phan's quick makeup tutorial.

Maleficent MAC Makeup on Amazon

Promise Phan uses several of the MAC Maleficent makeup line to create her version of the evil fairy's makeup.

True Love's Kiss MAC Lipstick on eBay

The deep red lipstick inspired by the film from MAC. Available for a limited time.

The Many Looks of Maleficent

From Disney's Maleficent

From Disney's Maleficent

Four of the Different Costumes for the Evil Fairy Queen from Disney's Maleficent on Facebook

Paper Maleficent Dolls by Cory

One of the best places that I've seen that has drawings of the collection of Maleficent's costumes are Paper Dolls by Cory. As he did with Elsa and Anna of Frozen, he has recreated six of the magnificent costumes along with a paper evil fairy doll.

Take a look in the photo stream to see all of his amazing drawings.

Costume Designer Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard - Video

Listen to Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard, Costume Designer for Maleficent, discuss the design process and all that was involved in the making and production of the costumes for this film.

More on the Making of the Costumes from the Movie

It took a village to create the more than 700 magnificent costumes assembled for the Maleficent movie.

View Pictures of the Costumes from Maleficent

These pages have images of the actual costumes used in the filming of the movie if you want to get an up close look for recreating your own versions.

Maleficent Christening Costume on Amazon

The Christening Costume is one of the iconic looks that has been recreated from the original 1959 Sleeping Beauty.

This version here has a shorter dress, for easier walking at Halloween. The pre-made version is one of the faster ways to pull a costume together.

Add boots, a walking stick and a raven to complete the look.

Maleficent Costumes on eBay

Both types of costumes and accessories can be found on eBay, the older 1959 and the newer 2014.

Evil Queen Pattern on Amazon

These two patterns are good places to start if you want to recreate the look of the evil fairy queen.

Evil Queen Sewing Patterns on eBay

You can often find some of great sewing patterns like McCalls 6818 and Simplicity 9828 on eBay.

More on Making a Traditional Maleficent Costume

Would you dress up like Maleficent?

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