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Mad Science Party Drinks


Fogging, Fizzing, Popping Drinks

Give your mad science or Halloween party an extra eerie style with these party drinks. Experiment on your guests with bubbling, fizzing, fogging, color changing brews.

These serums will look like something that will give you an extra limb or turn a person into a gerbil. But these drinks are harmlessly delicious.

Keep scrolling for recipes to make fizzing potion, fogging punch, glowing drinks, popping drinks, and slimy drinks that are great for any mad science or Halloween party.

Color Change Serum

Color Change Serum

Color Change Serum


  • Sprite (7 Up, Sierra Mist, or other clear soda)
  • Cotton candy

This drink will change color right before your eyes. All you need is clear soda like Sprite and a bit of cotton candy.

The effect will be the best if you use clear cups. Serving guests the drink out of a beaker or flask will give it a great mad science look.

Simply pour the soda and add some cotton candy. The drink will get fizzier and bubble and change to the color of the cotton candy you put into the cup. The more cotton candy you add, the more it will change. The drink gets sweeter with the cotton candy, also.

Using tongs to add the cotton candy is another great dramatic flair. Pretend like your guests are turning colors when they drink it. Well, actually, their tongues probably will change colors, so it works!!

Serve Your Drinks in Flasks

Mad Science Party Drinks Demonstration

Fizzy Drink

Fizzy Drink

Fizzing Potion


  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Baking Soda

This potion will fizz and bubble when you prepare it for your guests. Begin by making what is basically lemonade.

Mix water, sugar, and lemon juice together. Mix the ingredients to taste or follow the directions for making lemonade on the lemon juice package. You can also use real lemons or lemonade made from real lemons.

Then add in a spoonful or two of baking soda. The mixture should begin to fizz. The key is that baking soda and lemon juice react to each other causing the fizzing. If you aren't getting much fizz, you need more baking soda or more lemon juice. You can keep adding baking soda and lemon juice to keep the reaction going. Keep in mind that it may fizz over the container. You may want to put it inside of another container to avoid a big mess.

You may want to do a trial run of your mixture before you perform it for your guests so that you will know the exact amount to use for the best effect (and the best taste). Wait until the guests have arrived and you are ready to serve the drink before you add in the baking soda. Otherwise you will put on a show just for yourself.

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To make it look even more like a mad scientist drink, serve it from a big measuring cup or scientific-looking container. Have your guests drink from beakers or test tubes and tell them the potion will grow hair all over their bodies.

Beakers Make for Great Party Glasses

Exploding Elixir


  • Pop rocks
  • Punch (or cocktail for adult party)

This drink is sure to "sound" peculiar to your guests. When you add Pop Rocks to your drinks, it makes popping, fizzing sounds and tickles your nose in a non-disgusting way.

For family friendly exploding beverages, add Pop Rocks to Kool-Aid when you serve it. Kids especially will love it. It will keep making sounds for several minutes as you drink it.

Some flavors of Pop Rocks mixed with certain drinks make more of a reaction than others. Experiment to see which combinations make for the best pops.

Pop Rocks can be used to rim glasses of adult beverages. Pair the Pop Rocks flavor with the drink. For apple martinis rim the glass with caramel and then add sour apple Pop Rocks.

Or just sprinkle Pop Rocks onto the top of the drink for an extra kick. They mix well with Red Bull.

Despite urban legends you can even put Pop Rocks in sodas without your stomach exploding.

Halloween Punch How to Guide

Dry Ice Punch

Dry Ice Punch

Foggy Concoction


  • Punch
  • Dry ice

This will create a punch that has a creepy, clinging fog. This is the most common type of spooky drink. Start by mixing up your favorite kind of punch. It can even be basic Kool-Aid. If it is an adult party, you can add spirits to the punch if desired.

You can add the dry ice two different ways. Dry ice is just the frozen form of carbon dioxide, the stuff we exhale. It is not poisonous, but it can give you a freezer burn if you touch it with your bare hands. So use tongs or wear gloves to handle it.

If you are a little nervous about using the dry ice, you can keep the dry ice separate from the punch. Find two containers, one slightly larger than the other. Put the punch in the smaller container and then place that container into the larger container. Put pieces of dry ice around the bottom of the large container. Add warm water and the dry ice will begin to create a fog. Add more pieces of dry ice periodically to keep the effect going.

If you are more adventurous with the dry ice, you can add it straight into the punch. It will cause the punch to not only fog but bubble as well. Just avoid putting the dry ice directly into your mouth. If you use larger pieces, they will fall to the bottom of the punch and you won't have to worry about them. Add pieces of dry ice periodically to keep the fog going.

Wait till the guests arrive to add the dry ice. You will need to buy the dry ice the day of the party because it won't keep in normal freezers.

Check out the link below for more info about using dry ice.

Guide to Using Dry Ice for Drinks

Homemade root beer is another awesome mad science party drink.

Test Tubes for Mad Science Parties

Mad Scientist Punch

Mad Science Drinks Poll

Tonic water glowing

Tonic water glowing

Glowing Experiment


  • Tonic water
  • Black light

Want your drinks to have a glowing effect on your guests? All you have to do is turn on the black light and serve tonic water. Tonic water glows an eerie blue under a black light because it has quinine in it.

You will be able to see the glowing effect better if you use clear glasses. There is also black light reactive party serveware that you can buy.

Serve tonic water to your guests or mix it with adult beverages. You can also use tonic water to make ice cubes if you don't like the taste of tonic water. Put the ice cubes in a clear beverage and it will still glow. Jello shots can also be made with tonic water instead of regular water so that they will glow.

Spook your guests by telling them it is just a little radioactive experiment you've been fiddling around with.

Glowing Test Tube Slime Experiments

Glowing Test Tube Slime Experiments

Glowing Test Tube Slime Experiments

Swamp Slime

Swamp Slime

Swampy Slime


  • Jello
  • Gummy worms or Swedish fish

Gross out your guests by mixing up a batch of slime for them to drink. Collect several jars or small clear glass cups. Baby food jars work well.

Mix up a box of green or yellow Jello. Pour it into the jars. Add gummy worms or Swedish fish and then let the Jello congeal in the fridge.

You can substitute tonic water instead of regular water for a slime that glows under a black light. You can also put in plastic spiders, snakes, or bugs that have been sanitized.

Turn the swamp slime into Jello sliders for an adult party.

Take the jars out of the fridge before the Jello congeals completely if you want a slimier drink.

Toxic Drinks

Brain Mold

Brain Mold

More Mad Science Drink Ideas

  • Use a brain mold to create a disgusting brain brew. Freeze fruit juice in a brain mold by turning the mold upside down in the freezer. Be sure to brace the sides of the mold so the juice doesn't spill before it is frozen. Then put the frozen brain in a bowl and pour more punch over it.
  • Drop sanitized glow sticks into your punch for a weird glow.
  • Use glow sticks to stir drinks or cocktails.
  • Freeze clean, plastic bugs in ice and put it into the punch for a grotesque effect.
  • Print Halloween labels and glue them to drink bottles so guests can feel like they are being served from the apothecary.
  • Fill a clean, non-powdered rubber glove with water and then tie a rubber band around the opening. Freeze the glove and then drop it into the punch.
  • Don't forget to serve drinks in clean, unused lab equipment like beakers, flasks, test tubes, or even measuring cups.

More Awesome Party Drinks


These make great drink stirrers. Kids can use them to play with like straws.

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