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Looking Cute Toys Start With Soft Plush Animal Finger Puppets

Hand Sewn Finger Puppets


Every holiday season has me looking for stocking stuffer gifts for the kids. I like to fill their stocking full of little inexpensive gifts and treats and watch their faces light-up with excitement. This year I found some really great ideas for them and one of them is little finger puppet. I ordered several packs with different characters and since their are seven grand kids, so I split the packages up so each child has a variety of characters.

I think these little characters will be a big hit especially with their imaginations. They will probably have a little show for the family. I love the holidays and how the kids get together with their cousins and play together. We have 3 daughter and each has children and the groups of kids in our family only get to see each other during the holidays and other celebrations.

During the year I have witnessed their interactions over the telephone and they sometimes play together through Skype. It amazes me how resourceful they are with technology. Cousins sure have an advantage now and can see and play together even when they are miles apart. Just the other day I saw my one of my grandsons playing his Wii with his cousin who live hundreds of miles away. He had his iPhone on the table and his game chuck in his hand and they were playing and laughing just like they were in the same room. I think this is amazing.

This years stocking stuffer gifts are also going to include some video games so they can play together throughout the year. I wish I had that opportunity when I was a kid, but technology was not so advanced then.

Veggie Puppets

Creative Play and Learning Opportunities

The way kids learn is through creative play. Finger puppets are one of the best way for the child to learn about the real world.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Finger Puppets are an ideal way for developing speaking and interpersonal skills.
  • Kids can communicate more freely with finger puppets. They give children the confidence to communicate feeling, ideas, and concerns.
  • A shy child can become familiar with other children and adults with the roles they play with finger puppets.
  • Children are able to experience new ways to act with a finger puppet on their hand.
  • Scary animals finger puppets such as tigers and bears or calmer ones like a turtle can help the child deal with inner feelings.
  • Finger puppet play give the child an opportunity to be in control of the world. They will be able to work on fears and problems while they enjoy playing
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Creative Skills

  • Finger puppet play creates opportunities for young children develop creative skills. They are require to use their imaginations. The child will make up the roles, the rules, the situations and the solutions with the aid of a simple finger puppet.
  • Through imaginative play children are able to understand the fine line between fantasy and real life.
  • Finger puppets help to create endless learning opportunities.
  • When a child uses her imagination to pretend the real world becomes more understandable. This is the basis for learning the difference between the truth and a lie.

Animal Family


More fun with Puppets

Having Fun with Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are easy to make. If you happen to have a glue gun and a bit of felt you are have way there. Simply cut the desired shape to fit your finger.

For the face you can use scraps to create a cute face. If you prefer try using a Sharpie pen and draw the desired face.

Another way to make your own puppets is to use an old glove. Use felt, markers and yarn to create each personality on each finger tip.

There are many website you can go to and download finger puppet templates and stories. I like to use them for new and entertaining story lines to help the children invent their own stories. Once the kids get going they will have so many new ways to make up their own finger play. Using puppets is and educational way to guide children toward creative play.

See What a Little Felt can be Made Into-Finger Puppets


Finger Puppets

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