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Lobster & Crab Baby Costumes


Is your baby a crab sometimes? How about a pinching lobster? These adorable crab & lobster costumes for infants are just cute, they are super fluffy & warm, just what you'd want in a first timers costume! But really if your taking the baby out...Don't forget the pot! It's a great add one tot he costume & an easy way to carry that little cutie to candy glory!

Lobster Bunting Infant Costume

What the cutest baby costume? Well dig out a pot & grab one of these super stylish crustacean costumes, it's a warm full body costume that will make their first Halloween pics look insanely cute!

What are you doing with the costume?


Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Lobster Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Lobster Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Lobster Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lobster Costume, Red/Orange, Medium

Holy cow... that is one cute costume! It features a lined jumpsuit, zipped closure & leg snaps for diaper changes. It comes with over sized booties to make the babies feet look giant (which is adorable) & a fab hood that looks just perfect with the outfit.

Unique Infant Baby Lobster Costume (12-18 Months)

* Makes a great Halloween Costume

* Costume comes with hooded overall with zipper front

* Also includes non slip feet

* Costume fits most infants 12-18 Months


Child's Lobster Bunting Halloween Costume (Sz:18M)

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Costume comes with character red lobster bunting with orange belly

Also includes matching snap on character headpiece

Attached lobster snappers and legs

Fits most infants up to 18M clothing size


Blue Crabby Baby Costume

This ultra-cute crabby outfit will be a hit at any party and will have all the moms running for cuddles. Some people say they don't like seafood but who could resist this little morsel? This costume is perfect for little ones as it is padded and made out of soft, comfortable fabric; it was made to squeeze! The body of the costume is in blue and green with the word "crabby" across its fat, padded tummy. It has fixed soft claws that overlap the infant's hands and a fixed hood that can be worn down if preferred. Attached to the hood is a pair of antennae which adds a comical aspect to the outfit.

Baby Lobster Costume

Baby Lobster Costume

Baby Lobster Costume

Lobster Costume

This silky infant costume is perfect for babies! it features a onsie style outfit with hood & cute little tail dangling off the butt. The legs are free moving so they won't bother the baby...any super cute!

Don't forget the pot!


Toss that little critter into a snazzy stew or deep cooking pot to finish off the totally theme...go a set further & dress as one of the guys from deadliest catch! Who wouldn't love Captain Sig with a pot-o-crab?

Find what you needed?

anonymous on October 31, 2012:

Oh baby looks so unhappy :(( gorgeous baby :)) hope she wasn't too squished!!

lilPinkfairy288 on October 16, 2011:

Where did you find that picture, baby in the pot? It's so funny and cute at the same time.

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