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Lighthouse Christmas Cards

Lighthouse Christmas Card Themes

Lighthouses continue to fascinate me, and a lighthouse Christmas card reminds me of my hometown where I grew up on Lake Superior, where I saw the lighthouses scattered along the shoreline in my youth warning the ships of impending danger.

Some of the lighthouse Christmas cards I found were done really nicely, as for whatever reason a lighthouse always seems to work in a photo or illustration if it's done halfway decently; and all of these here look great.

Probably another reason lighthouses work so well for greetings cards is the connection with Jesus being born and called the light of the world. Most Christians believe that and connect to the lighthouse as a metaphor of Jesus being the light that they follow to keep them safe from evil and harm.

But whether you believe that or not, lighthouses are a great design to use in a Christmas card and always a delight to find if receiving a Christmas card including one on it.

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Lighthouse Greetings Card

As I mentioned above, lighthouses bring me back to memories of my youth and living near Lake Superior with its ship traffic and need for lighthouses in the past. Those old lighthouses were always fascinating to me, and they still operated at times during the busy season in my youth. This lighthouse Christmas card reminds me of what some of them looked like, include the little house quarters below. I also like that reinder seemingly waiting for Santa at the base of the tower.

Santa and Lighthouse Christmas Card

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Lighthouse Christmas Card Cape Hatteras

I enjoy how this lighthouse Christmas card shows the lighthouse almost standing alone, seeming to say it is the last and only hope for a troubled ship. Those sea gulls flying by are also a very nice touch.

Some Christmas card companies include an array of real lighthouses on the front.

Christmas Card of Lighthouse on Beach

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Fantastic Christmas Card Lighthouse

Of all the lighthouse Christmas cards I found, this is my favorite. You just have to look past the Web site URL plastered across the front to enjoy it. Really nicely done card. This is one I would have loved to have received.

The house next to the lighthouse is beautifully down with the welcoming lights, as are the children and dog approaching the snowman on the way to home.

Christmas Card Lighthouse

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Gorgeous Lighthouse Christmas Card

This is also a great lighthouse Christmas card, and the way the light hits the lighthouse and blends into the background really works for me. This is another one anyone could send me if they wished.

Lighthouse Christmas Card with Decorations

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Terrific Lighthouse Christmas Card Scene

This lighthouse Christmas card has everything that I like in it; even down to that cardinal which I can easily picture chirping while looking over everything. You get the sense you're looking at the lighthouse from the point of view of the cardinal.

The snow on the rocky shore, the little boat out in the waves anchored, and the snow-covered rocky beach ... what a great lighthouse scene.

Lighthouse Christmas Card with Rocky Shore

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Lighthouse Christmas Card Magic

What a great gallery of lighthouse Christmas cards. Every one of them had something unique to offer, and they are all something I would love to receive as a Christmas card at any time.


Essie from Southern California on August 02, 2015:

Hello Barnacle Bill,

I thoroughly enjoyed this hub about Christmas cards, and being a lighthouse fan, I especially liked that! I will bookmark this page for future use!

Jennifer on November 10, 2011:

You may enjoy the lighthouse card that I am selling this year. It is a photograph of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse during a rare snowstorm in January 2011. It can be seen here.

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