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Large Christmas Light Displays

Huge Christmas Light Displays

I'm one of those people who in some cases thinks bigger is better, and when it comes to Christmas lights displays, that's always the case for me.

Being able to look at a large Christmas light display and see the entire thing as the breathtaking scenery it is, then to attempt to look at the pieces that make up the giant Christmas light display, is great fun to me.

Let's face it, while we thoroughly enjoy the great Christmas light displays we see in yards, the more intricate they get, and the more details we take in, we get to the point where we can only see it as an overall whole made up of many parts. At that point we're aren't able to come close to seeing the details of the piece. That's the type of large and compelling Christmas light display I want to visit ... or make if I am able to.

Below I've included some extraordinary photos of Christmas light displays which should surely impress you and maybe inspire you to add something a little more this Christmas. Either way, you're going to enjoy them.

Focus on one part of the display at a time once enjoy the overall look, as it'll generate some ideas that you may want to incorporate into you your Christmas decorations.

  • Christmas Cross Stitch for Stockings
    Cross stitch is among my favorite looking Christmas stocking images, as the quality is always very high and the scenes are fantastic to look at. A great secondary use of cross stitch Christmas stockings is for adding to the quality of your...

Huge but Nicely Spaced Christmas Yard Light Display

This Christmas light design impressed me because it had a ton of lights and figures in it, but also because of the way it was expertly spaced, giving the sense of order while incorporating lots of different lights.

Huge Christmas Light Displays

  • White Christmas Lights
    As many people can testify to, white Christmas lights may seem plain when thinking about using them for your primary Christmas décor, but when you put a bunch of them up - whether inside the house or not - they are outstanding in look and create a...

Red Tinted Christmas Light Outdoor Display

This is another great Christmas yard light decoration with a completely different color and look from the one above, although I like it just as much.

It's interesting to see the red design focus on the right of the home, while changing it to a more colorful look on the left.

Photo of Great Christmas Light Decorations

  • Decorating with Indoor Christmas Lights
    Indoor Christmas lights are only different than outdoor Christmas lights if you buy those that aren't made for use in both. And in the case of LED Christmas lights, while they're made for both the indoors and outdoors, the little fixture holding the.
  • Orange Christmas Lights
    Orange Christmas lights are always part of our colored Christmas lights, and they really look really nice when used alone on some of our outside trees and objects, or on our indoor Christmas décor as well. Like other colored Christmas lights we...

Fantastic Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights in this yard (business front) seem to fill almost every empty spot, but, again, does it in a way that doesn't completely overwhelm you.

This is one of those that you have to take some time to take in to appreciate. Fantastic job!

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Colorful Large Christmas Light Display

  • Outdoor LED Christmas Lights
    Outdoor LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Christmas lights are a great way to present a Christmas theme in your yard, and are in most ways superior to incandescent Christmas lights, with the exception of price. The benefits of outdoor LED Christmas...
  • Icicle Lights
    Icicle Christmas lights have probably become the most popular among all Christmas lights, especially with the outdoors Christmas lights, and there's a good reason for that - they look fantastic! This of course doesn't mean they aren't for indoor...

Fun Christmas Light Layout

This is such a different Christmas light yard design because of the primary focus on lighted figures and characters.

If you look closely you will set strings of lights placed throughout the image, although in a supportive and complementary fashion. Lights can be the main theme or play a secondary role. Either way they are great to work with. Really fun decorations to look at.

Playful Christmas Light Display

  • Musical Christmas Lights and Figures
    Christmas lights and music are among my favorite Christmas decorations, and I always put them up in our home during the holiday season. All the little children visiting love them, and they are a real hit with them and the adults as well. One other...
  • Red Christmas Lights
    Red Christmas lights are a wonderful way to decorate the inside or outside of your house, and they give off a much different look than other solid-colored Christmas light decorations and themes, like you see below in the photos. Another way to use...

Very Full and Large Christmas Light Decorations

For me this is about as many lights as I can take without being overwhelmed by too much. But the way it was set up, with the lights horizontal along the walls, really make it work, without over-running each other.

That front is hard to see in detail because there is so much there, but still really nice decorating job.

Here's a good example of needing to look at one part at a time to appreciate and get Christmas decorating ideas from.

Huge Display of Christmas Lights

  • Green Christmas Lights
    Being one of the colors of Christmas, green is a terrific option for Christmas lights, and are a great way to add relevant color to Christmas decorations which will reflect the holiday season. This is why I gathered together some photos of green...
  • Personalized Christmas Stocking
    Personalized Christmas stockings are a wonderful way to create great Christmas joy, delight and memories, as whether it's for a newborn, pet, or your wonderful children and grandchildren, everyone loves to see their name on their stocking,...

Amazing Christmas Light Decorations

This last photo of huge Christmas light displays is my favorite, but I think it's more because of the way the photo was taken more than anything else, as you wouldn't be able to appreciate all the themes if the photographer was any closer. Really nice set up that I'm sure was a joy for everyone to see.

Great Large Christmas Light Display

  • Novelty Christmas Lights
    What fun having novelty Christmas lights are, which could mean unique lights like rope lights, or the shapes surrounding the light bulb like stars, bells and cartoon characters, among others. We have a bunch of these at home, and our Christmas...

Terrific Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

These photos of large Christmas light displays should give you enough ideas to last your lifetime, as it just about covers every type of light décor for Christmas you could come up with for outdoor yard decorations.

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