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Kids Uncle Si Robertson Duck Dynasty Costume for Halloween

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Kids can dress up as Uncle Si Robertson too!

Dressing up like your favorite Duck Dynasty character doesn't have to be only for adults, kids can get in on the action too. A well dressed little Si Robertson would be a very fun costume for any kid.

Plus, most children won't have too much difficulty mimicking Uncle Si's eccentricities. I know my son is goofy enough to get it just right!

First, Uncle Si's Beard

Uncle Si has a very long and impressive beard. Children, of course, aren't going to be able to grow a beard, and it certainly wouldn't be grey if they could. So purchasing a beard is a must if you want to pull off a good Si Robertson Halloween Costume.

There are lots of beards available, but most of them are made for adults. Some have adjustable straps around the back, which are your best bet to get a good fitting for a child.

A note on detail. Si's bears is usually a little smaller/shorter on his right side. Presumably, this is due to that being where he holds his rifle. According to Jase, from his facebook postings, Si's beard gets stuck between the butt of his rifle and his face, leading to lost hairs, and a lopsided beard.

A note, there was another grey beard available that was quite inexpensive, but so many people rated it badly, I did not feel comfortable putting it here.

Pictured is The Official Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Robertson Beard. It is a bit large, but can be adjusted and trimmed.

Uncle Si's Antics

Have your kid watch some clips of Si, so he can get the part down!

Si talks quickly, and doesn't always make sense, but he always sounds like he knows what he is talking about, and speaks matter-of-factly. If he doesn't know the proper word or phrase, he will improvise. For example, in the video below, Si calls it a "brain sneeze" instead of a brain freeze.

Who is the Funniest Robertson?

Uncle Si's Glasses - and croakies

You would be surprised how hard it is to find glasses like Si's for children. Luckily, someone pointed out that you can purchase non-prescription aviator glasses, and they are pretty darn close. The lenses aren't quite the right shape, but very close. They are one size fit most, so might be a bit large. Apparently, glasses without correction are called plano glasses.

For the croakies he wears, go with the real deal.

Uncle Si's Hat

Uncle Si is rarely seen without his hat, that's a fact, Jack!

Uncle Si almost always wears his camouflaged hat with the bill curved.

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Remember, Willie usually wears a blue bandanna with stars showing (probably the American flag).

Phil usually wears a camouflaged bandanna across his forehead, and Jase wears a beanie.

Si wears the ball cap.

Uncle Si's Tea Cup

To help differentiate from a regular "Hunter" to a "Si Robertson" costume, a little Duck Dynasty branding is necessary, to help cue your neighbors.

Uncle Si's tea cup accomplishes both branding to differentiate from a hunter, as well as the well-known tea cup that Si uses, to help differentiate from the other Robertsons. You could even fill it with sweet tea and help stay hydrated during trick or treating.

Plus, after Halloween, you can commandeer the tea cup and show your Duck Dynasty pride.

The Importance of "Hey!" - Plus a little bit about Uncle Si's Tea Cup

Si is known for a lot of things, 2 of which are using the word "Hey" a lot. The second of which is Si's tea cup.

Si apparently brought his tea cup with him to Vietnam, and was known for carrying it around by his fellow infantrymen.

Uncle Si's Threads

Overall, any camouflage or black shirt will work, but I a Dusk Dynasty Uncle Si shirt would be excellent to help other people get the hint.

I also recommend getting a hunting vest for you child, once it gets darker. Wearing camouflage and black will make it very hard for car drivers to see you child. A real-life hunter vest will make your child feel more like he has really become Si, but it will also put your mind at ease, and make your child safer.

Si Robertson always has an opinion. Do you?

klbhokie on October 31, 2013:

Too funny! Love the costume idea.

Stanley Green from Czech Republic on October 31, 2013:

Wow! this is great costume! I really love it!

Shelly Sellers from Midwest U.S.A. on October 31, 2013:

My husband watches Duck Dynasty every day :)

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