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The Jetsons Halloween and Cosplay Costumes

Jane Jetson Adult Medium

The Jetsons

The Jetsons is a cartoon from Hanna-Barbera based upon a family named the Jetsons living in the year 2062, reflecting a space age culture with a humorous twist.

Based upon the unique attire worn by the family and residents of "Orbit City," there are a lot of fun costumes that can be worn reflecting the interpretation of those hypothetical future times.

Some of the major characters of the story are George Jetson; his wife Jane; daughter Judy; son Elroy; dog Astro; and their robot named Rosey.

All of these are great material for interesting Halloween costumes for those that want to dress up in a futuristic look that incorporates some fun into the costumes.

The Jetsons are a great choice for couples, family or group costumes for Halloween or for cosplay events. Each character has a distinct look which is easily identified by all of those that have watched the cartoon over the years.

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The Jetsons Costume Designs

The Jetsons have a very distinct look that is easily reproducible if you're crafty and able to design a costume similar to the characters. You can of course buy a Jetson costume, as they're readily available for those that want to go that route.

As you can see from the photo, the major thing to include in any Jetson family member costume is the collar with a point on it. Evidently in the world of 2062 that was the fashion for everyone. The exception is Elroy the son, who has a round, red collar instead of the pointed type.

George always wears a white top with those three black lines going through it, along with a blue pair of pants.

Jane wears a white collar, purple top and lavender bottom. Occasionally it was an all-purple outfit.

Judy the daughter usually wears a dark pink top and lighter pink bottom, although she occasionally is depicted in a red top. Both would work, although is is probably more recognizable in the pink.

Elroy the son is almost always seen in what looks like green coveralls. He also has a green cap with an antennae sticking out of it.

Rosey the robot is blue, with red eyes and a black base.

Jetsons in Cartoon

For a good example of how the Jetsons family was dressed in the cartoon, here is a scene from one of the episodes.

It wasn't mentioned earlier, but George wears a wide green belt that has the appearance of a type of sash.


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Cute Jane Jetson Costume

While this is a little different than the Jane Jetson of the cartoon, it is easily recognizable as the famous homemaker of the future.

What is fun is the orange hair Jane has and worn with this purple costume here. All you need is the white collar and purple dress to know who this fun character is that is being portrayed. And even though the collar is curved rather than pointed doesn't take away from how cute it looks.

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Traditional Jane Jetson Costume

Even though the above Jane Jeston costume is very cute, I like this more traditional one because of how close it gets to how Jane really dressed in her time.

The way the bottom of the dress is made to look layered as Jane's does, as well as that very cool collar she's wearing looks great. I really like this; although both Jane costumes are fantastic.


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George and Jane Jetson Costumes for Couples

Here is a terrific example of how awesome it looks when dressing up as George and Jane Jetson. This couple gets it really close, including the layered bottom of the dress and the accurate colors of the George Jetson costume.

Purple would have looked better and more accurate for the Jane Jetson costume, but it still looks very good.

They make a handsome couple and it's a nice touch to add some of the shiny fabric to the costumes. And how about the hair on the couple. Looks great! Neither of these would be too difficult to make or piece together.


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Elroy Jetson Halloween or Birthday Costume

How fun looking is this Elroy Jetson homemade costume. Look how easy to make this would be while looking fantastic. Let's face it, it's the hat and antennae that makes Elroy such a cool character to emulate with a costume, and as you can see, it's not that difficult to put together a gadget the resembles that unique antennae on his head.

After that all that is needed is the white shirt, red collar and green coveralls to make the Elroy look complete.

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George and Jane Jetson and Rosey the Robot Costumes

From couples to a Jetson group costuming experience, here's a hilarious look at a successful attempt to dress up as the space couple with their robot maid Rosey.

That's a really good effort to make the Rosey the Robot costume, and it is very close to the original.

Now who wouldn't be delighted and give a good chuckle and laugh when they see this trio together at a costume party?

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Judy Jetson Costumes

Below are a couple of Judy Jetson costumes that look pretty cool even though they embrace completely different looks.

What is interesting to me is the two could be combined to make a more accurate and compelling Judy Jetson costume. For example, the collar on the top costume reflects what Judy would wear, as does her platinum hair.

If you added those two to the bottom Judy costume, which accurately depicted the color scheme worn by Judy, which alternates between a darker and lighter pink, it would have looked outstanding. They're both good, but if you want to make your own Judy Jetson costume, making those changes would result in an even better costume.

The Jetsons Halloween or Birthday Costumes

Choosing The Jetsons as a costuming theme is a good choice, as you can see from all the fun costume designs shown above.

The futuristic look the Jetson family, which also includes a touch of the past, combines to provide great source material for inspiring costumes.

They're great for themed parties, Halloween and cosplay events, and allows for couples, families or groups to dress up as the Jetsons, with everyone getting a fantastic option to choose from.

Because the outfits worn by The Jetsons characters have such fun designs, they're also a wonderful choice for those who have the skills to make these costumes, and to add a few alternations of their own to create their own unique look. And after all, that's what arriving at a party in a costume is all about..


Sarah Carlsley from Minnesota on August 02, 2012:

I loved this show when I was growing up! Great hub!

minababe on August 01, 2012:

Haha, these are really cute! I love Halloween and the new inventive costumes that everyone comes up with each year.

I also love The Jetsons; in fact, I always liked them better than The Flintstones for some reason. Too bad there was never a live action movie-- can you imagine Danny Devito as Mr. Spacely???

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