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4 Important Ways to Make Sure Your Child Has a Fun and Safe Halloween

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Most experts will tell you that if you want your child to have a fun and safe Halloween, you need to make sure they understand the dangers. Parents need to understand that Halloween can have several effects on different children.

Some children see Halloween as a time to be on their own and out with friends. Others see Halloween as a scary holiday. Every new parent to Halloween should look over the following tips that can help them understand what your child is feeling during the Halloween season. In doing so you can help to make sure they have a fun time while still being safe.

1. Teach Your Child About Halloween

Many times your child will have gotten their Halloween information from friends or from school. However, as a parent, it is important to discuss with your child what Halloween and the traditions of the season are. Talk with them about why children and adults dress up in costumes for Halloween.

Take your child to a Halloween costume store so that they can see the different types of makeup, fake blood, scary masks, and monster costumes. By doing this you help your child to understand that what they may see on Halloween night is fake and just for the fun of it.

2. Never Allow Your Child to Trick or Treat Alone

If your school-aged child is still young enough to go trick or treating they are still too young to venture out alone. Trick or treating without mom or dad in tow is just not a safe thing to do these days. If your child argues, tell them they may go with another child’s parent who is watching over the group of kids out on Halloween night.

Make sure to thank the other parent for doing this chore and that you will take over the duties the next Halloween.

3. Halloween Candy Needs Inspection

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I know my kids could hardly wait to get through the door and dive right into the cache of Halloween goodies that they had acquired through trick or treating. As tempting as it is to let them dive in, you need to set some rules before they start gobbling up their goodies.

Let them know that they can’t eat any candy until trick or treating is over and your back home. All packages that have are open need to be thrown out for your child’s safety. The last one is to try to keep your kids from eating too much candy. The sugar rush from eating too much will make them grouchy and irritable just before bedtime.

4. Talk to Your Child About Their Halloween Experience


When the Halloween evening has settled down and the excitement of scary masks and trick or treating is over, take some time and talk with them about their experiences. What was it that they liked or didn’t like during trick or treating? You might find that your little ones were more anxious about the images that Halloween offers up.

Visions of scary costumes, haunted houses, and fake blood can give some children nightmares. If that is the case, this is the time to help your child talk through that anxiety. Give them the peace of mind that Halloween can be a fun time and not a scary experience.

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