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Hunger Games Costume Ideas

Hunger Games Characters

Hunger Games Characters

Dress up as a Hunger Games Character - Katniss, Peeta, Effie, etc.

Show your love for the book & movie - wear Hunger Games costumes to your next party! Support District 12 and dress up as Katniss, Peeta, Prim, or Gale, or show up as the other tribute competitors; for a quirkier style, follow Effie Trinket's or Caesar Flickerman's Capitol couture fashion sense. Want to come as the bad guy? Get yourself a white wig and beard and be President Coriolanus Snow! If you would like to wear something more elaborate, consider wearing Katniss' gown; if you prefer to look more like an action hero, then wear her game arena outfit or training suit. The Hunger Games costume possibilities are endless!

As for me, I'm raring to dress up as Effie. It's not always, you can dress so gaudily and get away with it ;) It'd be a very refreshing change from my usual simple fashion style. On another party, I might just go as a Peacekeeper, I love the retro sci-fi vibe!

Katniss' Battle Costume + Mockingjay Pin - Prop Replicas to Gear you up for the Hunger Games!

Katniss Everdeen's Arena Outfit

Katniss Everdeen's Arena Outfit

Katniss' battle costume is a very rugged, outdoor outfit, perfect for tracking down and defeating her enemies, escaping traps, and ultimately surviving the hunger games. Despite being a casual look, the ensemble actually has a lot of layers and details to it, making it an elaborate costume idea that everyone will instantly recognize.

Above, I've given you the "anatomy" of her costume. The most important aspects are the one-sided braided hair, the bow (preferably it is the recurve kind, but you can opt for a cheaper version), and the gold mocking jay pin, which you can get as a prop below. If you're trying to save a few bucks, you can opt for a very cheap sticker version of the mocking jay but if you ask me, the actual prop is super cheap as it is!

If your hair is not long enough for a natural braid, don't worry! You can get a wig for it below. Aside from the bow, you will need to get arrows and a quiver for you to sling on your back and store your arrows in.

I am happy to announce that the actual movie prop replica of Katniss' jacket (the one with the nice orange details) is now available on sale at Amazon. Underneath the jacket, just wear a simple V-neck black top. For the bottom, wear a nice comfy pair of cargo pants.

Katniss' Boots (Hunting and Arena) - "These Boots were made for Hunting... and Killing"

Katniss' boots from the Hunger Games Arena

Katniss' boots from the Hunger Games Arena

Hunting Boots

Katniss' Hunting Boots at District 12

Katniss' Hunting Boots at District 12

Katniss wears two gorgeous pairs of boots in the movie - a pair of brown laced up knee-high boots during his hunting days with Gale, and a pair of brown ankle high boots with buckle details for fighting at the Hunger Games arena. They're both flats of course, for practicality reasons. I've scoured online for some great lookalikes and managed to find a couple at reasonable prices. Personally, I'd love to own these and wear them out - to the mall of course, and not to some battle ground ;)

Tribute's Training Shirts - Pre Hunger Games Outfit

Wearing the training shirt is perhaps the easiest way to infuse some Hunger Games magic into your costume. You just need to buy the prop replica training shirt (which conveniently has "12" printed on the sleeves already) then a pair of simple track pants, preferably with a red line on the sides.

Women's Reaping Outfits - Reaping Costume of Primrose and Katniss

At the reaping, the women either wear something similar to Primrose' look - white blouse, khaki skirt, or Katniss' look - light blue shirt dress (preferably one with cap sleeves) with buttons and a cloth belt. Primrose has 2 braids, Katniss has one. The shoes are flat - like the ones you wear for a school uniform.

I honestly love these two looks, and wouldn't mind wearing them out on a lazy Sunday.

Men's Reaping Outfits

The reaping outfits of the men, as seen in the trailer, are quite simple and involve a dusty light blue dress shirt, and chinos. It's an effortless look to pull off, and looks fashionable for everyday wear. The tricky part here is to establish your outfit as a Hunger Games outfit, which you can more easily do if you are to attend the costume party with another Hunger Games character (preferably Katniss).

Peeta and Katniss - Fire Costume - Nicole Miller's Vision of the Fiery Outfit

The Fire costume that Peeta and Katniss will be sporting before the games will definitely be one of the most anticipated scenes of the movie. The book explained it vividly and I expect the resulting costume to be very elaborate. Designer Nicole Miller has drawn a sketch of what she thinks it will look like, which includes a cape and headgear in bright colors of red, yellow, and orange. If you have a talent for DIY, consider recreating this look and you will certainly be the center of attention at your costume party!

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Below this is the picture of the actual fire costume shown on the movie, which I compiled from

Peeta and Katniss' Fire Costume in the Movie

Peeta and Katniss' Fire Costume in the Movie

Peeta and Katniss' Fire Costume in the Movie

Effie Trinket's Outfit / Makeup / Style - Flamboyant is the word

Effie Trinket's Distinctly Pink Outfit

Effie Trinket's Distinctly Pink Outfit

Ahhh, Effie! I just enjoyed crafting up costume ideas for her. She's just an incredibly unique character and Elizabeth Banks really added to her charm. I personally would like to dress up as her one of these Halloweens. It's a far cry from my usual subdued fashion sense. She's also a complex character - one you would hate and like in different instances, and the very epitome of Capitol behavior.

The main rules to follow with Effie's fashion sense are:

1. Poofy hair (with highlights or dye), with a large hair clip.

2. A sleeve detail that makes a bold statement, usually a puff sleeve or a ruffled one... or both!

3. Color coordination

4. Optionally, a large brooch on the top

5. Loud colors for the makeup

The girl loves pink. And large flowers on her hair!

The girl loves pink. And large flowers on her hair!

Effie's Outfit and Hair

Effie's outfit is ridiculously flamboyant and her makeup almost always matches the color of her outfit. Her dress is violet as well and has exaggerated puffy sleeves.

Effie's Makeup

Her makeup follows the motiff with violet eye shadow on top of a very white pasty face (this you can pull off with a thick coating of simple face powder). Her lipstick is also (you guessed it!) violet.


She has poofy blonde curled hair (with a few violet streaks), with a large violet floral hair accessory.

Other Accessories

She has another floral neck piece / brooch that is also very large.


Caesar Flickerman Costume - Dress up as the sensational blue-haired host

Capitol fashion continues to astound as seen by Caesar Flickerman's blue hair and dazzling blue suit! To come as Caesar Flickerman this Halloween, you need a blue ponytail wig (complete with blue eyebrows), a suit, a black silk tie, and a hundred-watt smile :D Preferably, the suit has to have sparkled patterns as his suit is supposed to have light bulbs, but you may improvise by finding a suit with a striking color, or anything with a pattern - anything reminiscent of the extravagance that the Capitol is known for. An even better alternative? How about Michael Jackson's Billie Jean jacket - check it out below!

Foxface Costume Ideas - The Redhead Tribute in Gown and Battle Suit

Foxface costume - arena and gown

Foxface costume - arena and gown

Foxface is the infamous sneaky redhead in Hunger Games. She had no speaking lines in the movie, which just added even more to her allure. As requested by one of the people who commented below, here's how to look like her.

For the Capitol interview gown, wear an aqua dress with a lacy bodice and a ruffled skirt. The aqua really complements the color of her hair! Once you go into battle mode, make a bun on each side of the hair (think Chun Li of Street Fighter), don a maroon v-neck, a maroon jacket, cargo pants, and a pair of combat boots, and you're good to go!

Here's a good idea: bring some berries with you - the most famous scene of Foxface ;)

Clove Costume Guide - The District 2 Tribute with a Killer Instinct

Clove - the fierce tribute

Clove - the fierce tribute

Clove is arguably one of the most popular characters from the Hunger Games apart from the more major cast and Isabelle Fuhrman, the actor who played her, certainly added to the popularity as well. One of my visitors requested a costume guide for Clove so here it is! :)

For the training outfit:

- The Hair: Check out the picture to your right to achieve the hairdo. You'll just need a couple of elastics and bobby pins for a sweet-looking hairstyle that betrays her deadly skills.

- The Top: All the districts wear the same style of shirt except that the number on the shoulder indicates their District.

- The Bottom: you just need is a pair of black pants with red side stripes.

For the arena costume:

- The Hair: Long brown hair tied in a ponytail, with poofs of hair bunched up in several areas (you can check out the picture to your right for more info, but basically you'll need to tie elastics in several different sections to achieve that

- The Top: Maroon shirt then a utility vest then a maroon nylon jacket

- The Bottom: Cargo pants with a military belt

- Prop: Bring a knife prop as Clove is very handy with the knife!

Peeta Interview Suit with Flames

Peeta Interview Suit with Flames

Peeta's Interview Suit

Hot and Cool at the same time

Peeta's suit at one of the interviews (shown in the trailer) is a simple piece. Just use any of your black formal suits, then buy some red ribbon and hand-stitch onto the edges. Make sure you just hand-stitch as you will want to remove it after the costume party.

You can also see the distinct (and shall I say, very kick-a**) flame details on his sleeves. You can buy some sleeve extenders for this purpose and just wear it inside your suit. Make sure you gel up your hair to complete Peeta Mellark's slick, cool look!

Peeta's Battle Suit

Peeta's battle suit / jacket is almost exactly like Katniss', except without the mocking jay pin. At the latter more memorable portion of the games, Peeta no longer wears his jacket so you can simply opt for a simple black fitted top.

Instead of a bow, Peeta's weapon of choice is the knife. His ash blonde hair is also a distinct feature that Katniss always describes, as well as his long eyelashes. In the book, he is described to have blue eyes - a mark of being in the upper class of District 12. Finally, don't forget to slather on some mud on your face, clothes, and hair for an even more authentic impression of Peeta during the games. You can use a brown facial mud mask to pull it off.

You can also buy a prop replica of the arena's nylon backpack.

Cheap Embellishments for your Battle Costume

You can use orange flagging tape to add the lining to your battle jacket, to give it that nice extra detail you see in the movie.

Excited about your Hunger Games Costume? Share your ideas below!

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Josh & Liam were H-O-T!!!

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