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How to Make Reindeer Poop

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A Christmas Gag Kids Will Love

Candy reindeer poop is a fun and incredibly easy Christmas project for elementary school kids to make at home. Adults may not be wild about the idea of making reindeer poop, but kids love it! It's fast, fun and will make everyone smile. Here's the easy recipe that will help you make your own reindeer poop!

(Image of Reindeer Poop Poem provided by by Printable Santa

3 Things to Know About Reindeer Poop

  1. Relax, it's just candy!
  2. It's a gag gift, so, come on, let's see a smile! :-)
  3. No reindeer were harmed in the making of this product!

    In addition, you should also know that reindeer poop goes quite well with snowman soup.

Reindeer Poop is a Song, Too!

Reindeer Poop Recipe

It's so simple, even a five-year-old can do it! (And that's about the age that really enjoys it!)

Ok, parents, so it's Christmas time again and you need a quick, fun and very easy craft for the kiddies. Let's make reindeer poop! I know, I know - it sounds disgusting, and no adult in their self-respecting mind would stoop to something so childish, but, hey, Christmas IS for kids, right? So here's your recipe:

1 Package of malted milk balls, Milk Duds, or other chocolate candy

1 plastic baggie

1 reindeer poop poem (see below)

Take the package of candy and pour into the bag. Seal the bag. Print the poem and attach it to the bag. (See? Didn't I tell you this would be easy?)

If you really want to make it more difficult, you can use this reindeer poop recipe to bake some treats rather than using packaged candy.

Without the poem, all you've got is a bag of chocolate candy. Add the poem and voila! instant reindeer poop! (Remember when you were a kid and all it took was a little imagination to turn the most mundane objects into something fantastical?) So here's the magic printable poem that will turn your candy into something unmentionable and put a smile on your child's face. You can get your own free printable bag topper at Letters to Kids from The bag topper has a picture of reindeer on one side and this poem on the other:

I woke with such a fright when I heard Santa call...

"Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!"

I ran to the lawn and in the snowy white drifts,

those nasty reindeer had left "little gifts."

I got an old shovel and started to scoop

neat little piles of reindeer poop!

But to throw them away seemed such a waste,

so I saved them, thinking-you might like a taste!

As I finished my task, which took quite awhile,

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Old Santa passed by and he sheepishly smiled.

And I heard him exclaim as he sped off in the sky...

"Well they're not potty trained, but at least they can fly!"

Or You Could Buy a Reindeer Pie

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Recordable Story Book

Recordable books help you create great memories about Santa's favorite reindeer

If you can't be with your grandkids, nieces, nephews or other special children in your life during the holidays, these recordable books for children are a great way to "be there."

You simply read and record the story, and then the child can hear your voice when they play it back. It's also a great way to create lasting memories for your own children.

Goes great with a gift of reindeer poop!


More Reindeer Poop Poems

There are several variations of the reindeer poop poem on the web, so if you don't like the one above, here are alternates you can use.

Christmas is coming

along with Santa's reindeer.

Listen closely on Christmas Eve

and maybe you'll hear.

While Santa leaves gifts

tied with ribbons and bows

the reindeer leave droppings

in neat little rows.

Santa checked his list not once, but twice

and found you've been naughty, and not very nice.

Since coal is expensive, here's the scoop -

he's filled your stocking with reindeer poop!

I heard you've been naughty,

so here's the scoop.

All you get for Christmas this year

is reindeer poop.

Pooping Reindeer Stuff - Yes, I'm a bad influence on your kids, but you know they'll love this stuff


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Cute, cute, cute, I love this....My Son is going to laugh for a week when I show him this. Thanks!

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Blessed by an angle! ~ Merry Christmas!!!

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Cute idea! Could use that instead of Santa's coal for a change lol

Happy holidays!

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Nice! Me and my kids made Reindeer poops yesterday. We had so much fun! Indeed, kids love making this activity. But I must say that I enjoyed the experience as well.

Thanks for making us smile. Hope you could visit my lenses as well.

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I am laughing myself silly here. I am so making Reindeer poop.

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I am saving this for my grandson's cousins, who are buddies of mine, they will be old enough to enjoy it. It goes to Margo Squidoo Library lens Main Branch, for future reference. *****

MargoPArrowsmith on February 06, 2009:

I am saving this for my grandson's cousins, who are buddies of mine, they will be old enough to enjoy it. It goes to Margo Squidoo Library lens Main Branch, for future reference. *****

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We Have Way More Fun!

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By the way, if you haven't already you should enter this into The Squidoo Lens Contest

The Party Animal from Partytown USA on October 13, 2008:

Love it - now how about some Snowman Poop - you know mini marshmallows - now get to work!!!

I give you 5 pooped stars - lol

The Party Animal from Partytown USA on October 13, 2008:

Love it - now how about some Snowman Poop - you know mini marshmallows - now get to work!!!

I give you 5 pooped stars - lol

blue22d on October 08, 2008:

Thanks for this lens. After the debates between Obama and McCain, I needed a good laugh (speaking of poop). Five stars and lensroll to you.

Wendy Henderson from PA on October 02, 2008:

My son would get a kick out of this. Very Cute. ~Wendy

Wendy Henderson from PA on October 02, 2008:

My son would get a kick out of this. Very Cute. ~Wendy

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I love fun gifts like these! I once got a coffee mug with cocoa and some snowman poop in it. 'Twas delicious! 5 stars and a 'roll!

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