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How to Draw a Kolam for Diwali

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Sue is a mother and grandmother living in sunny Malaysia. Like many Malaysians, she is passionate about food.

Kolam Display at KL Pavilion

Elephant Kolam

Elephant Kolam

Drawing A Kolam For Diwali Festival

A kolam drawing on the front doorsteps of Hindu households is common during the festival of Diwali. Kolam is drawn using rice powder by female members of the family to welcome visitors and also Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity to their home.

Diwali or Deepavali, as it is more commonly known in Malaysia falls is often called the festival of lights. It is the most important festival celebrated by Hindus around the world. In Malaysia where Indians form an important segment of the population, kolam drawing is prominently displayed in many public places, hotels and malls during this season.

You may not know how to draw a kolam well so you can appreciate the skill needed to excel in this ancient Hindu art form.

How To Draw A Simple Kolam With 4 Dots

Instructions on how to draw using rice flour

A kolam is a geometrical drawing composed of curved loops drawn around a grid pattern of dots. It is sometimes called Rangoli and can be very elaborate and colorful. Kolams originated about 2500 BC in the Indus Valley Civilization and are believed to help bring wealth and prosperity to the home or business.

Finely ground rice flour is often used in kolam drawing as an offering to the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and rice. Sandstone or limestone powder can also be used and various colored dyes are added to bring color to the design. The kolam drawings are made on a floor previously sprinkled with water. It is drawn with bare fingers following a pattern. Generally, kolam drawings consist of lines running around patterns of dots in a a geometric pattern.


Peacock Kolam


Important Tip To Draw Kolam!

Mix rice flour with white stone powder for a better finish.

The powder is taken in a pinch and applied with the thumb and forefinger to sprinkle the powder on to the floor design.

Remember! PATIENCE is the key to draw a kolam.

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How To Draw Flower Kolam

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

1. Make the dots with chalk on the floor.

2. Use dots to guide you to draw the patterns.

3. Fill the lines with colored rice paste.


Kolam Patterns For Diwali - Find a kolam design for Diwali


Kolam Geometric Design


Kolam Drawing With Geometric Design - Vibrant colored kolam


Find a kolam design you like

Try Nithya's Kolam Design - A step by step guide


Multi Coloured Kolam


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