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How Did I Lose Smells Because of Coronavirus

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To begin with, now when all around the world is existing disease, of course, I couldn't help but got Coronavirus. It was close to the end of 2020. I came after school, felt myself a little tired, but anyway I went to workout. I felt so much tired while doing exercises. After workout, I measure a temperature, it was like a bit higher than usual. Then afterwards two days I was healthy as a horse, but the very strange thing happened...


So, this thing is loss of smell. Remember the mornings when you're waking up and feeling tasty breakfast smells? I have forgotten about them for such as two weeks. I understood that I lost sense of smelling only when I got to school. Likewise, I remember that day as it was yesterday. The weather was kind of wintery and my nose was suffering from cold wind as I was thinking while I was going to school, but not, it wasn't suffering from wind, what it was suffering from is Coronavirus. Every time I breathe in using my nose the pain inside was such as very sharp, so sharp that I couldn't endure it as well as tires were coming up. However, luckily, so much strong pain was only outside. At home or at school this pain was kind of much easier to endure.


The first day at school without smells was a very surprising. It was a physical education, for instance, and after that is always an extremely horrible aroma after class in the changing room, but in that day as I didn't feel any smells it was very comfortable to change my clothes. However, there is another side of Coronavirus consequences, the dark side I would call it something like that. I've not felt aromas from dinning room. You know, probably, the tastiest smell in the world is when you're hungry as a pig and close to there is a dinning room filed amounts of delicious smells. I've not felt it for such two weeks.



So, the speech reached a food, I cannot help but mention what I was feeling while eating. The taste of food, with exception to some dishes, was the same, but it had, as it seemed to me, less savour. I am a lover for a tea, and a tea turned into the heated water. I have no idea how I managed to got throughout two weeks without that delicious, aromatic tea. Also, I have to add, that I could barely feel alcohol smells and very sharp, spicy food, but in another way, For instance, a wine felt like a grape juice.

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My mother experiment on me. So, she was asked me to close eyes and then brought rotten food, or smelly socks and things that I don't like very much to my nose, and then she asked me to guess the name of what I was smelling. However, I didn't feel anything, and then my mom begged to open the eyes. When I opened them it was such a nasty, my body was skewed so enormously. Anyway, that was hilarious.



Now a thing of Coronavirus that was making my life a way harder. The thing is after half a week my noise became sense a very strange about death scent every time I feel something. In that way, almost everywhere every time I had this feeling. Like when I was eating the taste of food was OK, but the smell was such a smell of rotten egg. Yeah, it was exactly like rotten egg which is put in my nose, luckily not that concentrate. This was the hardest part of Coronavirus I had.


Afterwards exactly two weeks the smells has begun slowly and gradually coming back, that strange rotten sense has abandoned my nose and everything stand in its places. In conclusion, I wish you all happy new year and not be getting sick, and be happy. Happy new year!!!


E Randall from United States on December 30, 2020:

Good article thanks for posting.

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