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Horror Movie Halloween Party


Have A Horror Movie Halloween Party This Year!

Decorate your home with your favorite horror movie theme, and have your guests dress as their favorite horror movie character, like Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th or as Jigsaw from the movie Saw.

You can also make creepy treats and drinks and play scary horror movie games. Take a look at all of the fun ideas below for your party!

Scary Zombie Prop

Scary Zombie Prop

Animated Zombie Prop

Tips On How To Throw Your Halloween Horror Movie Party

Scary Zombie Halloween Prop

1. Invite friends or family that you know enjoy horror films, and send them some super scary invitations.

2. Have your guests choose their favorite horror film character costume to wear to the party!

3. Rent some horror films on DVD. The best ones to rent are "The Exorcist, Halloween, Friday The 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. You can also rent some of the more modern ones if you are into the really gross stuff like Saw, Hellraiser and The Hills Have Eyes. Note: These movies are very shocking and graphic so if you are inviting children be aware that this is something you may not want your children to watch. Make sure you note in the invitation beforehand that these movies are not for children.

4. Make sure you have lots of food! If you want to keep it simple just stick with popcorn, chips and dip and drinks but, if you want to go all out you can make some really fun treats for everyone. Check out the Mozzarella eyeballs recipe below.

5. Play scary background music from soundtracks of horror flicks. You can play some music during dinner until you are ready to watch the horror films. You can play sound effects, like ghosts, screaming people, creaking doors and more.

Complete Horror Movie Soundtrack

Complete Horror Movie Soundtrack

Scary Halloween Horror Movie Music

Complete Horror Movie Soundtrack

When you have scary music playing while your guests arrive it sets a fun Halloween mood! Look for some scary background music or music that fist in with your party theme. Some good suggestions are "Tubular Bells (From The Movie "The Exorcist"), "Halloween" (Theme), "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (Theme),and " Freddy's Dead" - The Final Nightmare (From The Movie "Freddy")!



Scary Pumpkin Head Prop

Scary Food For Your Party

For monster-and movie-related snacks, try a few creative ideas:

Mozzarella Eyeballs are great for Halloween parties because everyone loves mozzarella cheese, they taste good and they look really scary!

Marinate your Mozzarella balls before serving , and this yummy dish should always be made with fresh mozzarella, basil, plum tomatoes and olive oil, and season them with salt and pepper.

To make Mozzarella Eyeballs - Start with green olives and little balls of fresh mozzarella. The ones shown here are oblong but that's not important, round will work just as well. (You need "real" mozzarella.)

Start with the olives, Cut a thin, clean, round slice from the tip or side of one of the green olives. This is a shallow cut, so it doesn't matter if the olive has a pit or not, but do try to make a good circle slice.

To make the pupil, you will be using a small piece of black olive. Use the end of a plastic drinking straw to cut a hole through the center of your black olive. To do this, push down on the straw with a slight twisting motion. It will slice out a perfect circle, which you may need to remove with a toothpick or similar instrument.

Now put the black pupil inside the round slice of the green olive.

Stick your olive irises to your mozzarella balls. They should stick in place by themselves. If your cheese is too round you can cut a small flat surface for them to attach to.

Serve your eyeballs-- soon and neatly stacked-- with tomatoes, basil, and olive oil.

Recipe from: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories http://www.evilmadscientist.com/

Bloody Weapon Garland For The Entrance - Put this scary garland at the front door. When your guests arrive, they will be afraid of what is coming!

Bloody Weapon Garland

Bloody Weapon Garland



How To Decorate For Your Horror Movie Themed Halloween Party

Decorate with lots of scary party effects!

If you want to decorate your party to look just like the horror movie of your choice or just have a scary Halloween themed party you will need to decorate with some of the props that are used in those particular movies, put up some plastic knives or put a prop head of Jason on a table. Eewww! That will make your horror movie Halloween party attendees really feel like it's authentic!

To make an extra scary effect, make spotlights that are close to your props or in the entrance of your party. Spotlights are super simple to make; all you do is get some cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tubes and cover the flashlights with them and then paint them black (leaving the lighted ends exposed). And then put the light bulbs into the flashlights and make it so that the flashlights cross over one another.

Put your spotlights near the front door, so that when your guests arrive they are "in the spotlight" as they enter. Or have the flashlights point to the shrunken heads or skulls. Put some spider webs in and around the skulls to give an added spookiness.

Another cool idea is to have a horror movie playing in your DVD player as a scary mood setter ; keep the sound low, and let your guests feel as if they are in the horror movie. Creepy!!!


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