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★ Homemade Voldemort Costume Ideas | Halloween Face Paint Tutorial & Harry Potter Fancy Dress ★

DIY Robes & Makeup Or Buy a Pre-Made Costume

Voldemort is the ultimate villain of the Harry Potter books and movies, and is a creepy character perfect for scaring the kids at Halloween parties!

The costume itself is basic, so is great for beginners to have a go at making the plain black robes. The main focus is on the face, so for a last-minute costume, a mask is easy peasy, but if you want to get creative and use theatrical makeup and a bald cap, this is a fantastic opportunity to do that.

I have included links to cloak sewing instructions, DIY gross fingernail tutorials and the best outfit parts and products I can find online. There are also some excellent video lessons for recreating the flat nose and white face vision that is the Dark Lord.

I hope you have fun!

Dark Lord Mask, Wand & Pre-Made Costumes

If you aren't going to use face paint, a mask is the best quick-fix idea, and of course, Voldemort can't be caught without his wand. Red contact lenses would also be a great idea to scare the life out of everyone you meet!

If you don't have the time or desire to make your own robes, then a pre-made costume is a great choice for a last minute dress-up. Even if you are making your own robes, it is much easier to buy a base layer of black rather than making it, and you'll need a pair of black shoes (or you could create a black fabric shoe cover). I feel that Voldemort would be a Dr Martens or biker boots kind of a guy!

Voldemort & Tonks

(In their natural environment outside Costa Coffee). Here you can see the detail of the cloak and the underneath jacket replicated from the movie. Of course, you can do your own version of this costume, as long as the outfit is black and has a cape.

(In their natural environment outside Costa Coffee). Here you can see the detail of the cloak and the underneath jacket replicated from the movie. Of course, you can do your own version of this costume, as long as the outfit is black and has a cape.

How To Dress Like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

The Voldemort costume is actually simple, due to the few items required in order to pull it off.

The most important parts are the robes/cloak and the face. You can sew the robes yourself using a pattern or an online guide (see below on this page), or you can buy a pre-made black cloak. If you find a cloak which is similar but not quite right, you can also alter it to what you do want with a need and thread, dye, paint etc.

The face can be covered with:

- a mask,

- face paint plus a hood to hide your slicked back hair,


- go the full hog with latex, make-up and a bald cap.

Underneath the cloak, you must wear all black - from the shoes and socks to the top and pants. Voldemort wears an overlapping style jacket underneath his robes in the movies, however if you have robes which do up at the front, you don't need to think about what you can wear underneath. There is a scene in the movie where Harry Potter sees Voldemort (inside his mind) at King's Cross train station and he is dressed in an all-black suit, so this could be a good idea as an alternative if you already own a black suit.

Extras you can add to the costume are: red or snake-like contact lenses, a wand, hand make-up, gross stick-on fingernails, a snake prop to symbolize Nagini, and fake or stained teeth.

Black Grim Reaper Robes

Top-Rated Black Cloaks & Robes on Amazon

There aren't individual cloaks for Voldemort specifically, however any plain black cloak will work. The following are some of the best ones available:

DIY Robes Video How-Tos

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How To Make The Black Robes, Wand & More

There don't seem to be any tutorials online for Voldemort's robes exactly, so I've listed instructions below for robes, cloaks and similar clothing so you can see how they are constructed to help you make your own.

Robes Sewing Pattern For Teens & Adults

Cheer Up, Voldy

It might never happen! Oh already did...never mind.

It might never happen! Oh already did...never mind.

Voldemort Face Paint & Special Effect Makeup Tutorials - The Tricky Bit Is Definitely The Nose!

Here are a few helpful Voldemort make up video lessons - mostly using latex - which create very creepy looks. If you can't get the hang of it though, there are always masks available!

Special Effects Makeup

You will require spirit gum for sticking prosthetics and bald caps to the skin to keep them all in place for the day, and for building up effects from scratch, you will require liquid latex. You can have lots of fun practising with this stuff!

Modeling Putty

If you're tackling Voldemort face painting, then you will need white and black paint, plus some makeup applicators (sponges and brushes), and perhaps a purple liner. I have listed some putty for building up facial characteristics below, which will help you to embody the character in a more realistic and impressive fashion than just wearing a mask.

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Eliza Beard on October 17, 2020:

Eliza was the biggest fan of Lord Voldemort he has Eliza's new best friends and Eliza watch the Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 and Eliza got his wand and he is Eliza favorite person i know is you Vlodemort.

anonymous on April 04, 2015:

That costumer doing the Voldemort with a pass-a-by as Tonks is @TK2262 on Twitter

anonymous on September 14, 2013:

Just a slight correction on this bit: "as long as the outfit is black and has a cape"

Actually, the robes in the film were a very dark green (as becomes easier to see in the last film when they get lighter), so to be accurate the film the robes should be green, but if you're just after halloween fun, then black is fine

anonymous on August 01, 2013:

thanks I really am a potter fan i read all of the books and watched all of the movies and wanted become an important character. so i chose voldemort

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