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★ Homemade Devil Costume Ideas | Halloween Fancy Dress For Men, Women & Kids ★

DIY Devil Horns, Capes & Other Props

The Devil is a classic costume choice for kids at Halloween, as well as for adults. If you want to maybe take a different twist on the usual devil fancy dress, or you want to DIY your outfit so that you will be unique from the rest, then you have come to the right place!

Below I have compiled information and tutorials for constructing a costume from scratch, including details like the pitchfork, horns, face paint, make-up and nails. It's all in the detail! In TV and movies, the Devil is either a full-on beast who looks like you imagine the Devil would, or he (or she) is in human form with little difference in outward appearance.

I hope you find this page useful :)

The Master

I love the fingernail and cigar details!

I love the fingernail and cigar details!

Great Selection of Pre-Made Costumes

These 4 costume options all rate highly and include dramatic men's outfits and glamorous women's dresses:

Devil Costume Information

What Are The Parts Of The Classic Outfit?

The devil is a popular costume for last minute dress-uppers because you can just dress up in red (or black) and wear devil horns to pass for a devil. In fact, you can't really go wrong as long as you stick to red and black colors so it's a simple fancy dress choice. However, if you are putting more effort into your outfit it will be more impressive, and if you make it yourself you will have a great sense of satisfaction too.

The underclothes can be anything red and/or black you can find, from leotards to onesies (although you can make everything from scratch if you have the sewing skills), and the next most important components of the outfit are:

- Horns: There are a few main types of devil horns that you can make or buy; latex horns which are the most realistic and you effectively glue them straight onto your forehead, headband horns where the horns are attached to a headband, or hair clip horns where each of the horns is glued to a hair clip so you position them individually.

- Pitchfork: You could use different methods to make a pitchfork, including a simple painted cardboard design, or a papier mache construction. You could also use foam, or maybe a plastic pipe for the handle section - or if you're techy you could attempt a light-up version.

- Tail: If you would like to be able to bend the tail into different positions, you can wrap (coat hanger) wire inside foam, stuffing or batting fabric, and have an outer layer of red fabric. The pointy section at the end can be thick cardboard cut-out and covered in the same red outer fabric. If you want a more sculpted shape you can carve the tail out of foam and then paint it.

- Face paint/makeup/mask: It can be time consuming to make your own mask but it can be done with foam, paper mache, wire mesh and other sculpting materials, or you can keep it simple with just a painted card design with an elastic headband. Face paint is usually red all over with painted-on horns and black angry looking details. For a prettier look you can use red eyeshadows, red feather eyelashes and so on. Prosthetics like a built-up scowl, heavy brows, a pointy nose, a big chin or realistic horns can be achieved with latex and theatrical make-up techniques.

- Cape: Not absolutely vital but I think it adds a particular 'evil villain' effect! The cape is usually red but can be black, and kids especially appreciate a flames design on there too (sewn on appliqué or painted on freehand).

Extras include long pointed nails, red or yellow contact lenses and other awesome props.

The devil costume is close to my heart because this was pretty much all I ever dressed up as for Halloween as a kid! I had the same outfit every time; a tail made from cardboard and old red tights that my mum made me, light-up horns, a light-up pitchfork and a red leotard/leggings combo. I highly recommend any light-up props because they're great fun!

There are a couple of different types of devil you can choose instead of the classic outfit as described above. For instance, if you go as 'Lucifer' or 'Satan', especially if you're a man, you can aim for a manly master of Hell, with slicked back hair, cigar, cane, medallion, a killer tan, a suit, goatee beard and more subtle, realistic prosthetics.

Another idea is to base your character on a Devil type character from a movie or TV, such as:

- The Devil in the TV show 'Reaper' who is extremely easy to replicate because he's just a guy in a suit...with a strong tan!

- Satan in Tenacious D.

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- The Elizabeth Hurley character in Bedazzled - if any ladies want an excuse to wear a sexy red dress!

- The Beast in the Doctor Who episode 'The Satan Pit'.

- Darkness in the film 'Legend'.

There aren't many options for women in this category so you may have to get creative!

Work That Cape

DIY Halloween Costumes, Horns & Tails

How To Make Your Own Devil Horns


What you will need:

* Small amount of red felt material

* Plain black plastic hair/head band

* Polymer clay (e.g. FIMO or Sculpey) in any color

You will also require parchment paper, a baking tray and an oven to harden the polymer clay. If you don't have these things then you can use air-drying clay instead.

* Something to cut clay with e.g. a specialist clay cutter, a knife (that you do not use for food), a ruler, a playing card etc.

* Needle

* Red thread

* Small amount of polyester stuffing

* Superglue

- Cut a devil horn shape out of red felt. Use this shape as a template to cut out a further 3 horn shapes.

- Line two of the shapes up on top of each other and use the needle and red thread to stitch around the two sides, leaving the bottom side open. You could also use a sewing machine to do this if you prefer. Knot each end of the thread to make sure the stitches are secure. Turn the shape inside out to make the horn shape. Do the same for the other pair of felt shapes.

- Take a small amount of clay and knead it in your hands to warm it up until it is easy to work with. Shape it into a flat piece approx. 3/8" thick.

- Use anything you can find suitable for cutting two oval shapes out of the clay. These are going to be the bases for the horns so you will need to use the felt horn shapes you have made to work out the shapes. The clay pieces should be as close to the size of the opening at the base of the horns as possible.

- Follow the instructions on your polymer clay packet to harden the pieces in the oven.

- Stuff the polyester stuffing into the felt horn shapes to pad them out and make sure that they have a good shape when the clay pieces are positioned inside the base of the horns (see diagram).

- Add glue to the outside edges of the clay pieces and attach them inside the bottom of the horn shapes, with the padding on top.

- Finally you simply glue the clay pieces onto the headband where you want them and that's it!

Devil Pitchfork

Curved Black & Red Horns

DIY Devil Horn Video How-Tos

Devilish Capes & Creepy Nail Art

Adorable Furry Devil

Red Cape, Face Paint & Nails

The staple of any costume must be the swishy red cape, of course, whilst red face paint is also an essential ingredient. Black point fingernails on the other hand are just a fun and creepy extra!

Make-Up & Face Paint Ideas For Women and Men

Wig, Masks & Goatee Beard & Tail

There are so many great masks, wigs, stick-on goatees and other fun props available that you can easily add lots of extra detail to your costume.

Kid's Face Painting Tutorials

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