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Homemade Costumes For Boys Tutorials & Patterns - DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids


Make a unique costume at home!

When I was browsing through homemade costumes for girls there were literary thousands of tutorials to be found online so I assumed tutorials for homemade costumes for boys would be in abundance but boy was I wrong. But still I managed to find (and am sharing) some really cool tutorials for you to make a costume at home.

I have founds some really awesome and simple to make superheroes, popular characters like Prince Charming, Peter Pan and Pirate, not to mention the supper popular Angry Birds (these are my current favourites as I am still a bit addicted to the game)

I have always had a home made costume when I was a kid (my mother made them) and I enjoy making them now as an adult!

All photos on this page are used with permission or within terms specified by the author.

DIY Angry Birds Costumes - 8 Great Tutorials - Trendy homemade look


When I first played Angry Birds I was hooked but I could not imagine they will be as popular as they are! Kids and adults love them and they keep on getting new faces. They make a great Halloween costume for boys and I found the coolest tutorials to make 8 characters from the game (might I say they look even cooler than the official costumes!)

Check out the detailed "how to" with lots of photos at Twin Dragon Fly Designs

No Sew Superhero Costumes - What boy doesn't want to be a superhero?


I love something more than a homemade costume - a no sew one!

Following the super easy tutorial at Twin Dragonfly Designs you can easily make a costume for pretty much any hero. Some of the more popular heroes of this year are Batman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Iron Man...

Kids love their superheroes so there's no reason why they wouldn't want to dress like one. These are so easy to make you can make more of then and have the kids use them for dress up play.

More Superhero Costume Tutorials

  • Thor Costume
    Since we will be seeing the release of Avengers Thor in late fall this year I think this will make a great costume. Follow the simple yet very detailed tutorial and make your own.

Prince Charming! Adorable! - And if he has a sister she can be a princess!


Prince Charming is one of the most charming princes out there! Make it - Love it

This one is my favourite for this year and it can become even more awesome if you have a little girl who would dress up as a princess - a pair from the fairytale.

Peter Pan Costume Tutorial - Can also be used for Robin Hood!


Peter Pan is one of boys all time favourite characters! Why not let your boy become the coolest guy in Neverland for Halloween?

Check how the costume is done at Stayingsteyn

If he has a sister she can dress up as Tinkerbell. Those two would be adorable together.

Pirate Costume Tutorial - Ahoy there!


Pirates are always popular and I am sure your kid will enjoy plundering homes to get those delicious Halloween candies or rule the seven seas at a themed birthday party. Learn how to make it at iCan Handmade

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Costume Tutorial

Toad from Super Mario - Can be used for any mushroom costume


My mother made a mushroom costume for me when I was a little girl and the way she did it is really similar to how iCandy Handmade made it. I love the tutorial, it is very detailed and easy to understand... See it at iCandy Handmade

There's another reason I love this one, as a Super Mario fan myself I can't help myself not to love it.

What will it be? Have you done one in the past? I would love to hear from you!

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