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Cooking For The Holidays? Tie On A Christmas Apron!

Christmas Aprons Are A Recipe For Holiday Fun

Don't ask me how something as simple as an apron can generate so much excitement but believe me when I say it can. I have learned lately that aprons are associated with warm memories. Memories of Moms, Grandmas and Great Aunts. Memories of growing up and of home and yes, of course, memories of good food, too. So if you are cooking for Christmas, I suggest you strap on a holiday apron! (Or present one as a beautiful gift to the cook in your family!)

On this page, you will find a lot of amazing aprons including many that the great seamstresses and photographers at Flickr have agreed to share with you here on this page. You will also find a large selection of beautiful aprons that you can buy through Amazon and eBay. I promise, you are going to LOVE the absolutely amazing aprons on this page!

Photo by from the apron department of Treasures By Brenda's eBay store. Find more new, used and vintage aprons here.

Vintage Christmas Apron

The quintessential vintage Christmas apron. I love the white background and the Christmas wreaths that border the hem of this apron.

Vintage Christmas Apron

Vintage Christmas Apron

Where Can I Buy A Vintage Christmas Apron? - On eBay of course!

eBay offers up a wide assortment of new, used and vintage holiday aprons. These Christmas themed kitchen accessories are practical but spirited, too! Note that these are active auction listings and that usually once they are sold the item is gone, forever so if you see one you like don't hesitate. Act right away and don't let it get away.

Vintage Christmas Music Apron

I love this bright red vintage Christmas-music themed apron with its 1950s feel, Christmas carollers and musical instruments.

Red Vintage Christmas Apron

Red Vintage Christmas Apron

Jessie Steel Candy Cane Apron

Jessie Steel Candy Cane Apron

Jessie Steel Candy Cane Apron

A Bombshell Apron!

I love the retro feel of this new apron! If you would rather have a NEW Christmas apron or you are looking for one to offer as a gift to someone who would not appreciate a vintage apron, there are a lot of great choices like this candy cane apron by Jessie Steel.

Jessie Steele Mother and Daughter Aprons

Jessie Steele Mother and Daughter Aprons

Jessie Steele Red and Pink Polka Dot Apron

Holiday Cookies.

How about a mother and daughter apron set? I love this one from Jessie Steele that features an all-over cookies theme called Holiday Cookies.

Christmas Elf Apron

I love the red and white candy cane stripes and the green polka dot borders on this Christmas-elf style apron.

Christmas Elf Apron

Christmas Elf Apron

Christmas Elf Movie Apron

Christmas Elf Movie Apron

Elf Movie Christmas Apron

Inspired by the Christmas movie Elf, comes this Elf-themed apron. It is officially licensed merchandise that will have you feeling Elf-like in no time flat.

Can I find a NEW Christmas apron on eBay?

Yes, you can! eBay sellers carry used and new merchandise and often there is a much wider selection available than in your local stores. If it matters to you, do be aware of the difference between new and recent items and new and vintage but unused aprons. Personally, I love them all.

Where can I find a pattern to make my own Christmas Apron?

Or check out my page, How Do You Make An Apron where you will find some more interesting 'how to' videos, many more beautiful apron pictures and lots of interesting information about making your own aprons!

How To Make Your Own Christmas Aprons

Christmas Aprons With The Famous Stacie

If you are interested in making your own Christmas apron, you will appreciate this video with 'The Famous Stacie.' It is a DIY video on how to make your own Christmas aprons.

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Another Video About Making Your Own Holiday Aprons

How To Make Holiday Aprons by Jo Pearson

How To Make Holiday Aprons by Jo Pearson, Michaels' Creative Expert. Jo demonstrates an easy way to make a holiday apron featuring a gingerbread man. She also shows numerous easy-to-do variations. "Run, run as fast as you can...you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"

Will you be wearing a holiday apron this Christmas?

Godsgraciousgift on December 01, 2011:

Beautiful aprons

anonymous on May 08, 2011:

Beautiful lens, Brenda. I've lensrolled this to Vintage Style Aprons and Flirty Aprons!

squid-pinkchic18 on March 21, 2011:

I received a Christmas apron last year from my mother in law, it's red with buttons and fur, very festive and cute! But i LOVE the aprons you featured here, I'm thinking I may need another one now :)

religions7 on December 16, 2009:

- for a moment I thought there would be a tie ON the apron, you know for dad in the Kitchen :)

anonymous on December 14, 2009:

These all have great Christmas Cheer! Merry Christmas Brenda! :)

religions7 on November 19, 2009:

Great lens, blessed by a squidangel :)

julieannbrady on November 04, 2009:

Brenda, my dear! You have convinced me that I now want an apron DRESS! These holiday aprons should be made into dresses because they are so stylish.

tandemonimom lm on October 04, 2009:

These are adorable! Certainly this would get me into the holiday spirit! Lensrolled to Jolly Christmas Eating Do's!

anonymous on October 04, 2009:

Oh Brenda these Christmas Aprons are just wonderful! Love this lens!

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on October 04, 2009:

Love the apron ideas!

seashell2 on October 04, 2009:

I don't usually use one, but these are so cute, I think I may have to get one after seeing all of these! Great choices you found! :-)

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on October 03, 2009:

These are fabulous! I definitely need an apron for Christmas!

Dianne Loomos on October 03, 2009:

I don't have a Christmas apron but now I want one after seeing the gorgeous aprons on this lens!

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