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Heart Photo Frames and Plaques


Valentine's Day and Any Special Day Photo Heart Gifts

Give a heart photo frame or plaque for a valentine, wedding or anniversary gift to that special someone and show your gift of love.

A photo can always be changed to suite which husband or wife you are married to at the present time with picture frames. But your love is "Forever" when displaying it on a very special a plaque.

There are so many different heart frames for the newlyweds, sweethearts, silver weddings, mom, dad, child, your special Valentine. From adults to children, these are my favorite photo frames.

Zazzle has plaques to add your photos too. Heart shaped frames on these plaques make wonderful gifts for Valentine's Day and weddings. After all, Valentine's Day is the number one day for a wedding.

Photo Credit: Amazon (This is my favorite frame. Presently it isn't available on Amazon.

Pewter Heart Photo Frames - Special Person Gifts

Pewter Heart Photo Frames

Pewter Heart Photo Frames

The Pewter Look is So Delicate

Pewter Heart Photo Frames Available with one click on Amazon

Love the delicate charm of these frames. Amazing photo frames for any special day.

All these heart photo frame vary from the one you would give to you significant other, or a special and cute one with animals in the frame showcasing your children or grandchildren.

Addison Ross Heart Frames - For Your Sweetheart

Addison Ross Heart Frames

Addison Ross Heart Frames

Addison Ross, Diamante Bling Photo Frame

Addison Ross, Message Photo Frame

Love Hearts in Frames by Addison Ross

Addison Ross Heart frames are available on Amazon. Addison Ross frames offer a touch of elegance with these silver heart frames. My favorite is the Diamante Bling Photo Frame, giving a stunning look of diamonds outlining the heart.

Silver Plate 4 Hearts Frame

Silver Plate Heart with Photo Frame

Silver, Group and Fancy Heart Frames - Wonderful Gifts to Give

Silver Heart Photo Frames

Silver Heart Photo Frames

Beautiful Silver Heart Frames for that Special Day

Silver Heart Photo Frames Available on Amazon When Clicking Here

These beautiful silver frames are unique and wonderful for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, first prom and many other romantic times.

Fun Heart Frames - Tell Your Family How Special They Are

Fun Heart Photo Frames

Fun Heart Photo Frames

My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Fun Hearts Photo Frames Anytime

These are just a small example of the fun photo heart frames that you can buy to add your sweet child in the frame. A photo frame to give to your child, spouse, family members and friends.

Several pages to skim through to find the right photo frame that is made from of several different materials and fun when telling your dad, mom and children how much you love them. Fun photo frames to give to grandparents and cute ones for your child to love.

Happy Valentines in Words

Cat Heart Frame


Cat Picture Frame

Dog Heart Frame


Dog Photo Frame

Sizes of these Plaques on Zazzle

8x10 with Easel

5x7 with Easel

5.25 x 5.25 with Easel

Contact me if you would like to see this on the other size styles provided that they ones made do not work. I will also make a custom frame just for you. sandy@sandyspider.com

Heart Frame Plaques for Valentines and Special Occasions - Great Gift Idea


Custom Made Just for You

Red and pink roses, teddy bear holding the picture frame heart, autumn, winter scene and Valentine's Day heart frame. Golden heart frames with fancy background of red decorative fabric or roses makes these “Add Your Photo” plaques so spectacular.

Upload your own photo to replace the sample photos. Resize it to fit. Make sure the photo is to the back of the heart frame image. This would make a wonderful gift for your sweetheart. A long distance gift is always appreciated with a personal photo of you.

Note that these are images and not actual frames that are on the plaques.

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Wow, you found some great Heart Frames and Plaques

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