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Hat Party Ideas


Crazy Hats are Just an Excuse to Party

Having a hat party is simple and fun. It is an excuse to have a party and your guests can get as wild and crazy as they want to by wearing offbeat hats. The crazy hat party is just as fun as the ugly sweater party. Follow these tips for great decorating ideas, games, food and fun.

You can have a crazy hat party as a Halloween party. It lets people easily find a costume with out all of the fuss. There is no limit as to what your guests can wear on their head. Mardi Gras hats, large sun hats with flowers, baseball caps with fake ponytails attached, themed hats, top hats, derbies, baseball caps, baby bonnets and more! This is an easy theme for an office party or a party planned on the fly.

This is also a great theme for a child's birthday party. Instead of the child bringing a hat, you can set up a table where the kids will make their crazy hats. they can make hats from newspaper, balloons, craft paper, paper plates and old shoe boxes.

Hat Cupcakes - Clever Cupcakes

Hat Cupcakes - Clever Cupcakes

The Crazier the Better

Host a Party In 5 Steps

1. Send out invitations. You can easily cut out hats from construction paper or craft paper. Be creative and send the date and time. Let guests know that there will be a prize for the craziest hat.

2. Let guests know that if they do not have a crazy hat that you will have one that they can borrow. Stock up on crazy hats or pull out old ones from your closet to have on hand.

3. Theme your decorations to match the hats. Use old hats as centerpieces. Create hats from twist balloons (see video below) to decorate and combine the balloons with streamers. Party hats can be bought inexpensively at party stores. Or check out your thrift stores for old cowboy hats and sombreros.

4. Match your food to the theme. Cupcakes with hat toppers go well. Use party hats and fill them with popcorn or caramel corn. Guests can drink from hat glasses or through crazy straws. A top hat can be made from two round cake layers.

5. Have some entertaining games. Print pictures of celebrities wearing crazy hats. Block out the celeb's face and have party goers guess who is wearing the hat. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Hat Day - WhitA

Hat Day - WhitA

For the Kids

A Great Birthday Party Theme

The crazy hat party is an easy theme for kids and they will love it. Set up a table with supplies for the children to make their hats. Provide newspaper, craft paper, old boxes, markers, crayons, feathers, glue, safety scissors, glitter, balloons and yarn. The crazier the better.

After the kids create their masterpieces they can have a parade. Provide fun musical instruments from the dollar store or party store. Mini drums, horns and noise makers will get them marching in tune! While the kids march in their parade, the parents can judge the best hat. Make sure all kids win a prize so no one gets upset. There can be a prize for the most colorful hat, funniest hat, hat with the most feathers, most glamorous, largest hat, hat most likely to fly on its own, etc. You get the idea. There is no limit to the ideas or the fun the children will have at a crazy hat themed party.

Take pictures of all of the children in their hats. Use the photos to send in thank you cards so the children can remember their fun day.

The best part is that they have their hat to take home and cherish. It is a fun party favor without the expense. This is a party they will remember and talk about at school the next day!

Party Décor - Essential Products

The Cat in the Hat is the quintessential crazy hat party icon. Here are great decorations and invites for your hat party.

Make a Balloon Hat - Easy Steps

Easy steps to make a balloon hat that the kids will love!

More Crazy Ideas - Beyond the Hat to...?

Do you like the crazy hat theme? Then these books will inspire you to have more fun at your parties. Something as simple as a crazy hat or an ugly sweater can add the spice you need for party time fun.

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