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Happy Birthday Jesus Clip Art

Clip Art Saying "Happy Birthday Jesus"

One delightful way to celebrate Christmas through expressing appreciation concerning the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior, is through the use of clip art using the phrase "Happy Birthday Jesus."

Most of the clip art using those words are light but compelling, with bright colors that children appreciate and can relate to from having their own birthday parties.

That's not to say adults won't enjoy using the clip art, only that all ages will relate to them. The point is that in some cases a birthday element is included with the message.

Along with the words are nice design elements to complement them for those that don't include images of some sort. Those that do include images are those that have a nativity scene with the baby Jesus in a manger, and others with Joseph and Mary looking over baby Jesus.

One is included with a powerful image of Jesus which tells Him how much love there is for Him for what He did by coming into the world.

All of the clip art has the message "Happy Birthday Jesus" with it, no matter what else is part of the design.

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Happy Birthday Jesus Silhouettes

This is a simple but powerful piece of clip art declaring happy birthday to Jesus.

I like the white background and black fonts and silhouettes depicting the baby Jesus in the manger with Joseph and Mary looking on.

Clip art like this is terrific to use in all sorts of digital communications and blogs or websites, along with social networking sites.

For those that are a little shy they don't have to even say anything, as the clip art says it all.

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Colorful Clip Art of Baby Jesus

While a good piece of clip art for anyone who wants to be reminded of the reason behind the Christmas season, it's especially compelling for children who related to another child and the fact that Jesus at one time was indeed a baby as they had been.

It's a good opportunity to use clip art like this when accompanying something done at home in order to provide an chance to explain the roots of the Christmas season when they ask who this baby is.

The dark blue background surrounding baby Jesus and the makes the yellow stars stand out nicely.

Since it comes with the look of a frame, it can be used for different things if you want to use it as a printable and place it somewhere in the house or on a refrigerator or similar appliance.

happy birthday jesus

happy birthday jesus

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Happy Birthday Jesus in Cursive

Using a cursive font looks great with a birthday message to and about Jesus.

This nice dark blue lettering, along with the lighter blue hue on the lower part of the word "Jesus" looks very nice.

Including the star which guided the wise men to find Jesus was a nice touch; making it look a little more interesting than if the words were the only part of the clip art.

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Clip Art Reminding Readers to Keep Jesus Christ in Christmas

I like the different design used to make this clip art, which reminds us of the fact that Jesus Christ needs to be kept in Christmas.

Using several different fonts to create a message that is made to look like a sign is pretty cool. Also nice is including the traditional Christmas colors with the clip art.

It was pretty creative to make a banner on the bottom which adds to the feel of Christmas, along with the bell and poinsettia on top to complete the Christmas piece. Very nice way to express the message without having a lot of distractions while still looking great.

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"Happy Birthday Jesus" Printable

There aren't a lot of printable coloring pages out there with the message of "Happy Birthday Jesus" on them, so I thought I would include it in this group of clip art so you can use it to keep your children or grandchildren busy when they are looking for something to do, as well as explaining what all of it means.

Using a child version of an angel helps the little children relate to what is going on, which opens their hearts and minds up to the Christmas story that happened so long ago.

happy birthday jesus printable

happy birthday jesus printable

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Beautiful and Powerful "Happy Birthday Jesus" Clip Art

This is one of the more extraordinary clip art works I've ever seen; including all genres.

Not only is the art fantastic, but the message of "Happy Birthday Jesus" seems understated when He stands there with His pierced hands in which represents the suffering He went through in dying for our sins.

The way He is portrayed in how He is carrying Himself is very powerful. The downward tilt of His head implies He's very much aware of the cost of being born into this world.

All the bright designs emanating from and behind Him are outstanding, pointing the His divinity and perfect manhood. A truly amazing Christmas clip art of the Savior.

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Clip Art of "Happy Birthday Jesus"

There is a little bit of everything with this clip art expressing a happy birthday message to Jesus. It helps to eliminate the commercial clutter that now accompanies Christmas and point it to why there is such a thing as a Christmas in the first place.

No matter how much certain people attempt to take the focus off of Jesus, there is no way unless in ultimate denial or outright rejection of Jesus as the Christ, that Christmas can be separated from His person.

After all, what is Christmas if it isn't the celebration of the entry into this world of Jesus Christ? There is no Christmas without that focus, and of course that has been part of what has been being attempted for decades.

Using clip art saying happy birthday to Jesus is one way that reality can be maintained in our thoughts and minds, as well as the children and grandchildren who are part of our lives.


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