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Happy Stupid Guy Thing Day!

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22nd June is Stupid Guy Thing Day!

Why on earth is there Happy Stupid Guy Thing Day to celebrate the stupid things that guys do, you may ask. The same thing went through my mind. I don't understand it, but I kinda like it. It's funny and silly - and don't you think life's too short to be taken too seriously?

Guys can be tools, can't they? For all the stupid, silly and annoying things that guys do, there is now a date in the calendar to mark it. I'm sure it's not just guys though, girls do silly things don't they? Anywaaaaay...

You don't have to celebrate per se, but you can take the satisfaction, that the world recognises that guys do some pretty dumb stuff, so much so, that we take a day out of the year, to sit back and think "Guys really can be stupid, can't they?"


What is a Stupid Guy Thing, and why does it have a holiday?


Stupid Guys being Stupid with animals...

I know some really stupidly dumb things that some guys have done - for instance, my friend wanted to whiten his he decided to use Cillit Bang. For those that don't know, Cillit Bang is a bleach based toilet cleaner, thus it is full of chemicals, used to remove limescale, germs and keep your toilet clean. Now, you might be excused for thinking "Ok, well I can see the logic, but it's very VERY stupid". You may also think, well perhaps he experimented by putting a small amount into a cup, and use a cue-tip (cotton bud) to gentle rub the solution on the tooth? Well, that would be too easy. Instead, he decided to squirt the bleachy, chemically, toxic liquid direct into his mouth. I promise you, I have not made up this story. Needless to say, he ended up in the Emergency Room with a mouth full of searing blisters, that meant he couldn't eat for 2 weeks. Don't do it kids! Now, THAT is a stupid guy thing!

Stupid Guy thing day

Stupid Guy thing day

So, you get the idea - of course the stupid guy things don't have to be as crazy as what my friend did - they can be the silly things that guys do, or foibles they have that make them seem slightly odd. For instance some guys have an obsession with bacon, and toilet humour. to answer "hwy does it have a holiday", well the answer is really, why not? It's just a bit of fun at the end of the day. So, why not buy a silly gift for a guy you know...or indeed a girl...and put a smile on your face as we get closer to 22nd June.

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Stupid Guy Video Things...

It can't just be Stupid Guy Thing day on June 22nd, can it?

Did you know, it's also Chocolate Eclair Day and V-Mail Delivery anniversary Day. So why not celebrate by giving YOURSELF a big chocolate eclair, as a reward for putting up with the Stupid Guys!

In 1942, on June 22nd, the first piece of Victory Mail was sent from New York on v-mail microfilm. These were special encoded mail, that were only able to read once transferred onto microfilm. It was especially good because it was coded, and very, very small, so saved space and weight with transportation. See it here at the Library of Congress.

Girlfriends getting their own back on their Stupid Guys, by doing their own Stupid Guy Thing

This advert is awesome! Soooo funny!

Do you know a Stupid Guy? Do you have a great Stupid Guy story? Are you a Stupid Guy? Do you know a Stupid Girl story?

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kburns421 lm on July 02, 2012:

What a funny holiday!

Angela F from Seattle, WA on June 22, 2012:

Fun lens - had no idea this holiday existed. Love your gift selection

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