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Happy Birthday Wishes for Aunt: Cool Messages and Cards

Happy Birthday Aunt Card

Happy Birthday Aunt Card

Birthday Wishes and Messages for Auntie

A family is not complete without its extended members, including uncles and aunts. Many of us has a dear aunt who was very dear to us when we were small children.

What have you planned for your special aunt's birthday? Something special? If you bought a cool gift for your aunt—a nice dress or some simple jewelry—then you need a card to accompany the gift. Here are some birthday wish messages and sayings specifically for the special aunt in your life.

Five Birthday Wishes for Aunt

  • My dear aunt, I am wishing you a great birthday. You are the greatest aunt ever.
  • You are unique because there is no one like you. You are like the rarest pearl, too valuable to evaluate. Happy birthday to you auntie!
  • After my mom, the woman I respect the most is you, my dear auntie. I wish you a very happy birthday!
  • You are a part of so many happy moments and pleasant memories, that words are inadequate to express my feelings for you. I can only say that I hope your birthday will be a great one. Have a nice birthday and a great year ahead!
  • You are one of the most wonderful women I have ever met. I love you dearly. Happy birthday to you, my dear aunt!

Four More Birthday Wishes for Auntie

  • May God bless you on your birthday and fill your life with happiness. I want to say that I appreciate and love you. Have a great birthday!
  • I am so happy that I have an aunt as wonderful as you. You are so helpful that I can only say, "You are the best auntie ever! Happy Birthday!"
  • You are special to our family and always will be. I hope you have a grand birthday!
  • Sometimes words are not sufficient to convey feelings. I simply cannot show you how much I love and honor you. I wish you a very happy birthday, full of color and grandeur!

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Four Birthday Poems for Aunt

Poem I

Oh my auntie dear

I gonna make it clear,

You may not live near

But always my dear

Aunt you are.

How happily today I say:

Have a happy birthday!

Poem II

To my dear Aunt today

A lovely gift I brought

For your birthday.

I wrapped it in a new

Glossy packet and a card

Which says I love you.

To God I’m going to pray

To give you a happy, happy birthday!

Poem III

Once upon a time,

There was a little girl,

A girl who always shined in glee

When she got to see

Her dear aunt come to her.

She ran to her with a smile,

And then kisses and hugs.

Poem IV

(Submitted by Jean from Sydney)

My aunt is so cool,

I know it, I'm not a fool;

My aunt is simply great,

Whom I can't forget.

Today I'll say loud and clear,

Happy birthday aunt dear!

Happy Birthday Messages to Auntie

  • We all love being around you auntie, happy birthday to you!
  • This birthday card is a prayer to the almighty for happiness and peace of mind. Happy birthday aunt!
  • I pray for more and more joyous happy birthdays for you dear aunt! May each and every year to come fill you with God’s blessings.

A Great Birthday Card for Aunt

Aunt's birthday card

Aunt's birthday card

Birthday Sayings for Aunt

  • I hope that your life will be full of the fragrance of roses. May the colors of the rainbow enrich your life and the crystal-clear dew drops soften your ways. Happy birthday auntie!
  • Today we are going to celebrate the birthday of a person who is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy the day and give us your love, dear aunt!
  • My aunt, you are dearest to me after my mom. That is why I am sending these lines of love to you on this very special day.
  • This special day is important to me because my aunt came to the world. I love you aunt.

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Share Your Own Birthday Messages

If you liked my birthday messages, then add one or two of your own to your card. Share your creations below.

The fourth poem (Poem IV) is written by Jean from Sydney, Australia. She shared it in the Comments section. Thank you very much, Jean from Australia!


Chesca on October 14, 2015:

Dearest my best auntie,

I wish you are all the best and I hope your heart is full of love❤️❤️❤️

pinappu (author) from India on December 06, 2012:

Give my regards to your Aunt @peachpurple. A lot of thanks to you for reading my content and dropping a comment.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on December 05, 2012:

I have one aunt but she lives too far from where I lived. Anyway, I love yr poem 2. Wish my aunt a Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.