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Halloween Poetry for Children

We Love Halloween

Halloween is another one of my favorite times of the year. Our house has always been a fun- filled spooky, decorated, hilarious, big party during this season.

With such a big family from newborn to adult, each Halloween corner of the house and yard always held a great surprise.

We'd play lots of games, tell stories, play scary jokes on each other, have costume contests, eat holloween decorated goodies and sooooooooooooo much more...

Here are a handful of Halloween poems for children, to share and enjoy:


Hallowe'en is a happy hour,

A time for sport and fun,

When witches show their mystic power

And fairy faith is begun;

A time for merry ringing of bells,

For joyous, carefree shout,

When every sign a future tells

And GOOBLINS, too, come out!

The old black cat is then on hand,--

She runs with all the rest,

A wierd and fearsome, queer old band

To frighten every guest;

O join the merry, merry throng

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And seek new terror's thrill,--

The fairy folk will do no harm,

The witches work no ill.

Hallowe'en will pass away--

It leaves at break of dawn,

And as the sun brings in the day

The fairy folk are gone!

No witch will then your future speak,

With waiting treasures told;

O come away, their presence seek

And future joys be behold!

O come away; 'tis Hallowe'en

With queer things all about;

Such thrilling things may now be seen,

O come with merry shout!


Tonight is the night

When dead leaves fly

Like witches on switches

Across the sky,

When elf and sprite

Flit through the night

On a moony sheen.

Tonight is the night

When leaves make a sound

Like a gnome in his home

Under the ground,

When spooks and trolls

Creep out of holes

Mossy green.

Tonight is the night

When pumpkins stare

Throught sheaves and leaves


When ghoul and ghost

And goblin host

Dance round their queen.

It's Hallowe'en!

Harry Behn (1898 - 1973)

This Is Halloween

Goblins on the doorstep,

Phantoms in the air,

Owls on witches' gateposts,

Giving stare for stare.

Cats on flying broomsticks,

Bats against the moon,

Stirring round of fate-cakes

With a solemn spoon.

Whirling apple parings,

Figures draped in sheets,

Dodging, disappearing,

Up and down the streets.

Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,

Shadows on a screen,

Shrieks and starts of laughter -

This is Halloween!

Dorothy Brown Thompson


I'm not afraid on Halloween

Because my Mother said

I should not fear those funny things

But laugh at them instead.

For orange faces in the night

That stare with eyes so wide,

Are only pumpkins on a porch

With candlelight inside.

And there are no such things as ghosts...

Those figures shining white,

Are only children just like me

Wrapped up in sheets so tight.

I do not fear a single thing

On Halloween you see,

Because I know they really are

Not what they seem to be.

For ghosts and goblins, witches, spooks,

And other scary folks

We hear about on Halloween

Are really only jokes.

Cora May Preble (1893 - 1976)

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any fun Halloween poems you would like to share please do so here.

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