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Southern Belle Halloween Costumes

Dressing Up as a Southern Belle

Just out of curiosity I started to look around at what a costume of a Southern Belle would look like and if there even was such a thing. To my surprise and delight, I found a whole bunch of them and they looked gorgeous on the ladies and young ladies.

I had no idea they were still so popular. The reminder of simpler times when femininity was celebrated and wholesome beauty appreciated, it was a fantastic experience to just look at these stunning outfits worn by these southern ladies.

One thing that never changes though is the absolute necessity of accessories by ladies, and with the Southern Belle costume, there were almost always hats, usually an umbrella, and occasionally a fan.

Another accessory enjoyed by the ladies were many times a pair of gloves on the hands. Interestingly, there were very few purses seen with Southern Belle costumes. I'm not sure if that was a modern development of representative of the period.

Either way, these costumes are a great choice for Halloween or other appropriate functions where these beautiful dress costumes could be worn to the inspiration and delight of others.

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Civil War Southern Belle

Most of us think of a Southern Belle living during the period of the Civil War, which would be true. But they of course were representative of that region for far longer than that period of time. Here is a dress that would have been worn by a Southern Belle in the Civil War era.

Southern Belle Dress Civil War Period


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Green Southern Belle Costume Dress

This dress a Southern Belle would wear is a bit more ornate than the Civil War period dress above, and has more width and exposure on the shoulders. That's what's fascinating about these dresses. Even though they look similar, when you start looking at detail, there are enormous differences between them, as you'll see as we go on.

Green Southern Belle Costume Dress


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Southern Belle Costume and Hat

Here's a look at a Southern Belle costume with a stylish hat. Being a fan of hats, I really enjoy those from all across history. But those from the South look great with the dresses of those times.

Southern Belle Costume with Hat


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Blue and White Southern Belle Costume with Hat

The Southern Belle costume below has everything going for it. You have the beautiful dress and gorgeous hat, along with the frilly vest and wonderful gloves. That blue and white combination really works great.

How about those ringlets with the hair? Nice additional touch to add the authentic look.

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Fantastic Southern Belle Costume


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Pink Southern Belle Dress or Costume for Little Girl

What a pretty little Southern Belle dress for this little girl. She even has a little bag along with the hat and cute umbrella. A mother and daughter Southern Belle combo would look great, and it would even be better if dad had the southern gentleman look to go along with it.

Child as Southern Belle


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Dark Blue and White Southern Belle Dress

Obviously made up for this vanity shoot, the Southern Belle dress is stunning, and that additional glove sleeve and corsage are magnificent. That dark blue

Stunning Southern Belle Costume


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Southern Belle Costume with Plumed Hat

Here again we have a little of everything. With this costume style you can see the wide hoop near the bottom. That plume out of the side of the pretty hat is great, and those ringlets in the hair, gloves and umbrella make a great look. What fun to put a Southern Belle outfit and costume like this together.

Purple Southern Belle Costume


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Southern Belle and Her Man

Finally we have this wonderful picture of a Southern Belle and her escort, a great couple costume for Halloween or any party. Add to that a beautiful young Southern Belle as pictured above, and you have a great family theme to work with.

Southern Belle and Her Escort


Southern Belle Costumes and Dresses

I really enjoyed these great Southern Belle costumes and/or dresses. The ladies look great in them, and you can see what a hit they would be when out costuming or participating in related cosplay.

There is always a sense fo elegance, poise and beauty when dressing up as a Southern Belle, and it generates a respectful response from those viewing the stunning look.


Raianna on February 23, 2014:

Where did the picture of the green dress come from?

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